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Customer Gender

Customer Gender

Developed by ScreenStaring

Price: From $6.00 / month Free Trial: 1 days More info
  • Automatically detect the gender of your customers in minutes without having to change your signup/login page
  • Configure your site's navigation to change based on the customer's gender
  • Increase your ability to target your site's content by knowing your customer's gender

Lots of sales, but do you know your customers' genders? The Customer Gender app gives you the ability to make this happen.

Gender is one of the most basic components you can use to understand who your customers are and how they use your products. It is a key component in developing a solid marketing strategy, and a good marketing strategy can lead to an increase in sales.

Customer Gender can detect the gender of current and future customers. All you have to do is import your customers and select the ones whose gender you'd like to detect. You can attempt to detect genders individually, in a batch, or for your entire store!

You can also configure your site's navigation to change based on the signed in customer's gender.

Once a customer's gender is detected it is added to the customer's record in Shopify as a tag and a metafield. These give you the ability to better tailor your site's content.

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From $6.00 / month

For $6 USD a month you'll receive 1,000 gender identification requests each month. Additional requests are only $0.01 USD each.

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