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Customer Segment Builder

Customer Segment Builder

Developed by RareLogic Inc.

4 reviews
Price: Free – $14.99 / month More info
  • Dramatically increase your email marketing engagement and conversion rates
  • Create advanced customer segments based on gender, demographics, behavior and purchases
  • Export your data to MailChimp, Rare.io, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and more!

Segmented Email Campaigns Increase Clicks by 2-3x

Customer Segment Builder lets you drill down into your shop data and create advanced and highly targeted segments. Build precise segments of customers based on demographics, behavior, product purchases, location etc. Then import these lists into other marketing tools for email marketing, Facebook Ads, and Google AdWords.

Marketers already know if you want to drive more traffic and increase email marketing engagement, you need to segment your email list.

A recent study shows that shops who segment their customer lists get:

  • 14.31% more opens

  • 10.64% more unique opens

  • 100.95% more clicks

  • 4.65% fewer bounces

  • 3.9% fewer abuse reports

  • 9.37% fewer unsubscribes

Build Segments with Advanced Conditions

Group your customers using advanced condition filters:

  • Email Address

  • Name

  • Gender

  • Address

  • Orders Count / Total Spent

  • Last Order Date

  • Purchased Product by Name / Collection / Tag / Vendor

  • Customer Tag

  • Single Line Item Price / Order Total Price

  • Order Date

  • Referring Site / Landing Site

Marketing Opportunities

  • You have a new product - Select everyone who has purchased a product from that brand in the last month and use that for your launch email list. Target them with ads using Facebook Custom Audiences, Twitter Tailored Audiences, or Google adWords. Also select everyone who has purchased from the same Collection and use that with a cross-sell launch email and more social ads.

  • You are running a sale - Create a segment of customers who have not purchased since the sale started. Import into your email marketing provider this list of inactive customers and target them specifically.

  • Re-engage idle Customers - Create a segment of customers whose last purchase was over 6 months ago. A customer who purchased something several months ago could easily be tempted to purchase a new product with a coupon code or promotion.

Export Data to your Marketing Tools

Email Marketing MailChimp, Rare.io - Send email marketing to customer segment lists with specific targeted content and promotions.

Facebook Custom Audiences - Target Facebook Adverts to people such as your best customers - and optionally reach a wider audience by targeting other people similar to them.

Twitter Tailored Audiences - Target Twitter Adverts to people such as churned customers.

Google Customer Match AdWords, YouTube and Gmail - AdWords Customer Match lets you show ads to people such as idle and churned customers.

Going the extra mile!

Our support team and ecommerce Email Marketing Experts are here to help your store grow!

We're quickest to respond Monday-Friday, from 9am-5pm EST.

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Customer Segment Builder reviews

4 reviews
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wow! This app has a great potential! You can measure repurchase rate and lifetime value per customer segmentation. I was paying 200/mo for another app to do that job.


Great App! Allows us to export specific customer groups for targeted emails and ad campaigns. Really slick!


Looks like nice app, good analytics, it's importing my Shopify store data right now.


Fantastic tool that I use to build custom segmented marketing lists and import them to my email marketing tools. Support team is great. A+++

Free – $14.99 / month

FREE - create an unlimited number of customer segments.

To export your segment data sign up for a subscription: $14.99 for unlimited contacts.

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