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Daily Deals

Daily Deals

Developed by Droparoo by BNS

7 reviews
Price: $2.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Easy to run
  • Pick from any number of products in your store
  • Watch our app rotate the product every day

Droparoo Daily Deals is the easiest way to run a daily deal on your Shopify store. It's simple.

Use your existing products and add them to a hidden collection. Organize the order you want the products to be merchandised and set the price you want to sell them.

That's it. Every single day, Droparoo will rotate a product out of the daily deal and replace it with another.

Super easy. Super effective.

Foreign currency supported.

Please do not use more than one Droparoo app in your store.

Daily Deals reviews

7 reviews
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I believe this is a good app and would help stores with lots of customer base and traffic. However, it didn't help my small online store make any sales during the 14 days trail so I'm letting it go. Maybe if there was a way to make it have its own presence in the homepage it would have worked well.

I think the best way to get a daily deal feature is just to upgrade my theme to a power horse type, but that would be in the future.


Already making sales off my daily deals.. Perfect. Thank you


EDIT: Jeff Chen was very friendly and helped me resolve the issue with the app I was facing. It turns out that I wasn’t using the app properly. Still, I’d advise his team to automatically update the number of listed products once someone upgrades their subscription.

For example, if someone originally has 5 products on discount, upgrades to have 10 products, and adds a 6th product, then the app should update to 6 products automatically rather than requiring the store owner to click the drop down menu and click “6”. Otherwise, I’m much happier with this app now!

This is one buggy app. I added a deal for one of my products, and I noticed I was getting a lot of site traffic that wasn't buying this product despite the praise on Facebook. I took a look, and sure enough, the product that I was running a deal for wasn't even showing up on the Deals page. I added it to the Merchandise Queue, but it doesn't display at all on Deals page. So, the original, non-sale prices were showing. As I can imagine, those people were probably confused as to where this big discount was. I imagine this app may have cost me several sales.

I've had issues with this app since I installed it (sale prices not showing up, products on sale not showing on the Deals page, etc). I'd manage to fix them, but this is the last straw. I'm going with another app that works properly so I can retarget those people.


One of my favorite apps! I love it! Easy to set up and you can customize it to your liking. Cant say enough about it


This app worked great for us. It automatically rotates out products to a predetermined sale price and and returns them to a list that can rotate out or be adjusted at any point. Very easy to use and manage.


This app is terrible, I had to delete it from my store, the support is non-existent, for an entire day I got a message that the server was overloaded and to try again later, and when I installed it to my store the module duplicated itself 4 times on the page. What sucks is there not really another app that does this Daily Deals thing!


Their support is quick and friendly, the app works well.

$2.99 / month
14 days

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