Gamified Up-Sell app with bundles and much more

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Purchase psychology

Purchase behavior is really important and it can be used to work miracles, just like Dealio does. We turn boring things into fun.

Lift your average order value

You can now lift your average order value on the product page, you dont need extra checkouts and other magic. We do it out of the box.

Amazing mobile experience

Imagine an app where people love to interact with it and even make them smile, while they spend more. It is all possible with Dealio.

About Dealio

You have not seen an upsell app like Dealio

Dealio has totally changed the up sell tactic. We took the buyer psychology and turned it against the buyers. The greatest feat we could ever do, was taking more money from a customer and making him feel better about it.

The whole point is in the perception of the up sell offer, which is now: "Yes, I WON a special deal/offer", instead of: "Ohh, they only want more money from me". The whole experience happens on the actual product page and what is really important is that it's done in a subtle, non disturbing way.

We had to overcome quite a few things

We had to make the app as easy and intuitive as possible. So when a user sees it, they know what to do and how to do it. One could imagine that scratching a card is a simple task, but it does not come natural on a mobile or desktop device, so we had to think outside the box.

What kind of discounts can you create with Dealio?

You can create quantity volume discounts, the typical "Buy 2 get 15% Off" style discounts or the more popular bundle deals.

Quantity up-sell deals

The Quantity up-sell feature or better known as BOGO offers (Buy one, get one %%%) enable you to sell multiple of the same item and give the customer a discount % in return. The more items they buy at once, the more % discount they receive.

Bundle deals

Bundle deals allow you to link different products together in a better deal for the customers. Imagine you are selling a toothbrush.

A toothbrush is not an expensive item normally, so you would like to increase your average order value and consequently your bottom profit line. Your first thoughts are, well, I need to sell more at once or combine them with toothpaste or something that goes well with toothbrushes.

Our bundle feature does just that. It lets you combine multiple products into a better deal for the customer and yourself.

Custom options

You can easily change colours and fonts to make the widget "pop" or fit into your brand image.

User flow for Dealio up-sells

When your visitor clicks on the "Get a better deal" button, a container will appear with the scratch surface. After the customer scratches the surface, a special offer will appear along with some nice confetti rain, making them feel like they won a prize. They can select one of the deals presented and click the button. This will add the products directly to the cart, where the products will be automatically discounted. No need for discount codes, the process is seamless and tailored to perfection. This works on desktop and all mobile devices.


We have in-app support via a chat bubble, where you can get all the help you need.

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  • Full Quantity and bundle Up-sell features

  • Full customization options and styling

  • The plan is usage based. See pricing link for more details

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Overall rating
4.3 of 5 stars
Based on 4 reviews

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Most recent reviews


I really wanted to like this app, as am a big fan of Wheelio...but it aint so. 1. It didn't work out of the box. I was an early user so perhaps that is why, but it simply didn't work. 2. It didn't convert. I did stay past the trial to give it a chance as the audience that saw it was low. 1200 views, 200 clicks, 150 scratches, 31 atc and just one purchase. Is always hard to tell how many sales I lost due to having it, but financially it just didn't make sense (even putting aside the monthly charge) 3. When I signed up, the functionality for one of the offer types wasn't yet working.


so far it's good, customer service is good and very responsive


Watches team

Really a great app, I highly recommend this to every shopify store owner. Very easy to use .