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  • Note 1: The video above shows both FREE as well as PLUS Features
  • Note 2: "FREE" features are described in SECTION A below. BASIC CODING SKILLS ARE NEEDED!
  • Note 3: "PLUS" features are described in SECTION B below. NO CODING NEEDED! WE SET UP EVERYTHING FOR YOU!




Features included in this FREE App (click the green "Get" button to install):

You must have FULL Carrier-Calculated Shipping set to enabled, not just the standard USPS & CanadaPost rates that come free with all Shopify plans. This is what allows third party apps such as Decimal to calculate rates on Shopify's checkout page. If you don't have that feature enabled in your plan, contact Shopify via chat (they are open 24x7) to enable it for $20/month, or better yet at NO CHARGE if you pay your plan for a full year.

  • 1. REAL TIME RATES FOR THESE CARRIERS: USPS (including Media Mail), UPS, FedEx. Uses your contractual (negotiated) rates for each carrier.
  • 2. FLAT RATE & FREE SHIPPING OPTIONS: For example, “Free Ground Shipping if your order is $100 or more, else Flat $8 Ground Shipping”. Or replace the Flat Rate with the cheapest possible real time rate. Also offer additional (faster) delivery options such as Next Day Air for an appropriate charge.
  • 3. USE PRODUCT TAGS AND PRODUCT TYPES: Allows for simple product-based shipping rates and exceptions using Tags (for more complex needs, see section B. below for our custom solution.)
  • 4. SYNCHRONIZED WITH SHOPIFY: Syncs with your Shopify products in Real Time. Automatically updates itself when you add new products!
  • 5. FIGURES OUT THOSE PESKY “RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY SURCHARGES”: Dynamically figures out if an address is a Residence, so that any Residential delivery surcharge is automatically included in the rates charged to your buyers.

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    Features NOT included in the Free App (contact us for Installation, Pricing and Support details):

    * Put Shopify's "Shipping Settings" on Steroids! Manage your Shipping Rates, Rules, Margins, Carriers, Services and Delivery-Date Calendars & Datepickers with Decimal's Shipping Rate Algorithm. Never lose money on Shipping again!

    * Decimal PLUS is a no-UI, interface-less system! We are an "API first" technology, which means that our entire focus is on the algorithm that accurately calculates rates exactly the way you want. We set up everything for you in a manner that requires minimum effort on your part. Imagine, no confusing setup interfaces and export/import procedures to deal with! And whenever you do need to make changes, they get implemented right away via our unique ticketing-to-continuous-deployment system.

    * Decimal PLUS is for use by Shopify and Shopify Plus stores with complex shipping rules and requirements that cannot be solved by any other app. The system is an algorithm designed for solving some of the most vexing and challenging issues faced by ecommerce businesses related to shipping calculations.

    Boost your international sales by presenting buyers at checkout with FULLY LANDED SHIPPING COSTS! Include Customs Duties, Taxes, VAT, Brokerage Charges etc in the shipping rate charged to buyers. Works for USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL Express and DHL Ecommerce. Eliminate hesitation and nasty surprises for your international buyers. Use your HS Codes or let Decimal figure them out for you to facilitate smooth customs clearance of your merchandise.

  • 1. TOTAL CONTROL OVER SHIPPING COST SHOWN TO BUYERS: Ground breaking no-UI, interface-less system puts YOU in command, no matter how complex your shipping rules may be. Tame the shipping rates beast once and for all.
  • 2. ANY CARRIER AND ANY TYPE OF SHIPPING RATE: Use Flat rates, Table based rates, or Real Time Rates from USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Express, DHL Ecommerce, DHL Global Mail, IPA, E-Packet, etc. Use Standard rates or Contracted rates. (For USPS, use either Commercial Base, Commercial Plus or your own NSA rates. Works with Endicia, Stamps.com, Express One, etc.) We've even implemented driving distance mileage-based shipping rates for this Shopify store!
  • 3. RATE SHOPPING IN REAL TIME: We are aware that shipping costs are your 2nd largest expense line item, and our entire offering is centered around optimizing your shipping and leveraging shipping intelligence to not only minimize your shipping costs, but to INCREASE YOUR SALES. Our Dynamic Rate Shopping Engine seizes lowest cost shipping options from your carriers using your contractual rates. Why ship something via Next Day Air or Two Day Air if it can get definitely there via Ground, for a fraction of the shipping cost? Decimal PLUS system knows each service's stated vs. actual transit time performance, and uses that intelligence to arbitrage like nothing you've experienced before.
  • 4. INTERACTIVE CALENDARS AND DATE PICKERS: Want your buyers to choose when they want to RECEIVE their gift? Allow your site visitors to pick delivery by a certain date, or even delivery on an exact date / time of their choosing...GUARANTEED VIA GROUND! Include local delivery in your offering, using your own courier drivers or external services such as Postmates, Uber Rush, etc. One simple, powerful interactive calendar that automatically figures out Delivery-Date options with embedded least-cost Shipping Rates displayed for quick selection by buyers. Works equally well on Mobile phones, Tablets or Desktop computers. Even include a pickup-from-store option into the calendar - it will only show up when the buyer is within a drivable distance of your location! And Decimal PLUS doesn't stop there. When a buyer places an order, Decimal reverse-calculates the chosen delivery date and instructs your shipping system exactly which date and which service that order needs to be shipped out!
  • 5. CUSTOMIZED "FREE SHIPPING" RULES: Handles your 'Free Shipping' thresholds and exceptions. Don't just offer Free shipping...how about Free Ground shipping if order value is $100, but Free Next Day Air shipping if order is above $200! And what about your International buyers; why not incentivise them too with a customized Free shipping offer? We address all these issues.
  • 6. SHIPPING RATES BY PRODUCT, BY SKU, OR BY VENDOR: Allows for product-based or Vendor-based shipping rates and exceptions. Handles the simplest product specific shipping rules as well as the most complex ones. Here are some examples of the issues this app handles. Oh, and more here.
  • 7. "DIMENSIONAL WEIGHT" ISSUES RESOLVED: Automatically triggers and uses dimensional weights whenever relevant. To get a feel for how important this issue has become, check out all these requests, as well as these ones. Our app handles them all.
  • 8. ARBITRAGE ACROSS MULTIPLE WAREHOUSES, DOMESTIC OR GLOBALLY DISTRIBUTED: Employs Cheapest + Fastest methodologies to decide which warehouse will ship the order, or even whether it's best to split the order between warehouses. When certain items are available in certain warehouses and others are not, Decimal's algorithm determines the most efficient way to split the order and allocate what's to be shipped from which warehouse, when, and by which service.
  • 9. RECOGNIZES YOUR WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS: You are free to have a completely different way of charging your Wholesale customers for shipping. Never show retail customers the shipping rate deals that you give your Wholesale customers!
  • 10. DROP-SHIP CAPABLE: Can handle products that you drop ship using multiple vendors and partners.Different vendors have different sipping ru
  • 11. NO MORE 'SURPRISE' RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY SURCHARGES: Dynamically figures out if an address is a Residence, so that any Residential delivery surcharge is automatically included in the rate calculations. You no longer have to eat the difference!
  • 12. DEEP SYNCHRONIZATION WITH SHOPIFY: Syncs with your Shopify Orders in Real Time. No waiting period. Automatically updates itself when you add a new product. No manual file uploads.
  • 13. SENDS "MUST SHIP ON" DATE OR "MUST SHIP BY" DATE TO YOUR SHIPPING & FULFILLMENT SOFTWARE: Simplify your shipping process. Decimal can instruct your order fulfillment / shipping label printing system (e.g. ShipStation, ShippingEasy, etc) as to the exact date that an order needs to be shipped.
  • 14. INTEGRATES WITH YOUR ERP AND WMS SYSTEMS: Decimal can push shipping variables and fields information directly into your ERP or Warehouse Management System as soon as an order is placed in your Shopify store. This facilitates 100% automation of fulfillment, by allowing one-touch batch printing of shipping labels with no human intervention needed.
  • 15. AUTOMATIC SPLITTING INTO MULTIPLE BOXES: Knows if an order won't fit in your largest box, and automatically fits it into multiple boxes to calculate correct shipping charges.
  • 16. REAL-TIME ADDRESS VALIDATION: Automatically Validates every US address and corrects it in order details. Avoid address correction charges, or worse, sending your product into a black hole. Decimal can validate not only USA addresses, but also addresses in more than 200 countries globally.
  • 17. AUTOMATIC FALLBACK RATES: If a Carrier's real time rate server is busy, Shopify will display a "Sorry, no rates available" message, and you are almost guaranteed to lose the sale. Not so with Decimal. We intercept within seconds, and save the order by displaying backup fallback rates to the buyer.
  • 18. BOX PREDICTIONS: Figures out in advance (while the order is still in the shopping cart) which box your warehouse will use when shipping.
  • 19. LOVES YOUR SHIPPING DEPARTMENT: Injects detailed shipping instructions into Shopify's 'order details' pages, so your shipping personnel know exactly how to ship every order, down to the most minute details.
  • 20. UNRESTRICTED USAGE: Unlimited rate requests; let your buyers hit our servers as hard as they can, we will never tell you that you've overloaded us.
  • 21. PACKAGE INSURANCE: Don't pay for package insurance out of your own pocket. Adds the exact insurance cost of your high-value items (plus a margin, if you so wish) to the shipping rates charged to buyers.
  • 22. SHOW WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS DIFFERENT SHIPPING COSTS THAN RETAIL CUSTOMERS: Completely control how you want to charge Wholesale customers versus your retail customers. Doesn't stop there; you can have any number of customer categories and still be able to treat each category uniquely.
  • 23. ALLOW CERTAIN CUSTOMERS TO USE THEIR OWN CARRIER ACCOUNT NUMBERS: Larger customers often prefer that you use their carrier accounts when you are shipping their order. Decimal seamlessly creates and manages the capture and flow of the carrier account number. That way, at checkout, you don't charge them for shipping, yet offer them a choice of shipping speeds. And during fulfillment, you don't pay for shipping and instead use your customer's account number to fulfill the order via third-party shipping.
  • 24. NEW! POSTMATES SAME DAY DELIVERY AS A SCHEDULED SERVICE: Let your customers choose Postmates as the delivery method, EVEN DURING AFTER-HOURS! With Decimal powering your Shopify checkout, the Postmates driver will show up at the right time the next day, and you will receive an advance alert, giving you enough time to pick and pack the order.

  • Don't see your need listed here? DON'T WORRY, YOU'RE COVERED! Click here to let us know and will contact you within minutes!




    28 reviews
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    Good app can't complain at all. Does what it's suppose to do.
    Geeky apparel store:



    Had some technical issues that slipped through the cracks initially with the support team, but Roger got me taken care of. Thanks man.


    Good system to start with, I am still playing around. This is my first time using the program! it is not too difficult for a beginner, editing my review later when i find out more


    This app does what it claims. I find I very easy to use and would recommend it for all.



    Where to begin?! The Decimal team is one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I don't say that lightly either. I've been in I.T. for 10+ years, and they've exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds!

    As a merchant who utilizes multiple shipping methods, we rely on shipping companies who offer not only great, competitive rates but also provide reliable transportation and delivery of our products without damaging them. To that end, we were looking for a Shopify app that could integrate with Spee-Dee Delivery, a regional shipper in the Upper Midwest, along with UPS, etc.

    Not only did the Decimal team make that happen, but they went above and beyond by creating an entirely customized integration for our storefront. Everything we've asked for from Decimal was delivered. Even when it seemed nothing could be done, they found a way to make it work!

    Another extremely attractive solution provided is Decimal's "No-UI" platform. At first, I was a bit apprehensive about this. As the Director of Technology for my company, I'm very hands-on when it comes to the operation of our website and applications; however, in this case, I'm happy to step back and let the Decimal team take the wheel! The complexity in which their system operates to provide the EASIEST, and most RELIABLE shipping options to our customers is something Decimal does that would otherwise take too much of my already limited time. I love the fact that this is now one less app I have to manage since Decimal does the hard work for me.

    Decimal's algorithm is second to none in the Shopify Plus arena. If you're looking for a customized shipping application that doesn't seem to be available in the app store, you've just found it. If you think it can't be done, Decimal has done it. If you need to get your shipping options implemented yesterday, Decimal can do it. If you don't believe me, click on my store name below my 5-star rating, find the phone number for our store in our logo, and dial extension 235. You'll hear all of this repeated over the phone from me.

    The Decimal shipping app is the most advanced, reliable, and well-supported shipping app in the Shopify App Store, hands down.


    We are a Shopify Plus site and were having a tough time finding a system that could handle our complex shipping calculation needs. Delighted to have found Decimal!


    We were shocked when we found out that there was no existing app to solve our issues managing shipping from two warehouses.

    We fulfill from both the US and UK, with only a subset of our existing inventory located in the UK. We had been searching for a solution to offer our customers cheapest-cost shipping options for orders placed from each warehouse.

    Decimal's app does real time calculations, allowing us to provide lowest cost shipping rates to our customers, without us having to lose money on shipping.

    Decimal did for us what no other app could, and their consistent service since the launch has been a blessing.


    What a terrific app. Implemented quickly and works like magic.


    Decimal solved our 'wholesale shipping rates' problem with their quick, yet robust solution. The IBM of shipping rates!


    Two thumbs up for Decimal! A terrific solution.



      1. Your Shipping Settings MUST have enabled "FULL Carrier-Calculated Shipping" (not just the standard USPS & CanadaPost shipping rates)
      2. This installation gets you features described in SECTION A
      3. If you need SECTION B features, click here to contact us about Decimal PLUS

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