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DHL Express

DHL Express

Developed by DHL Express

9 reviews
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  • Real time rate quotes at checkout for international shipments.
  • Supports weights and dimensions for more accurate rate qoutes
  • Reach customers globally with support for more than 220 countries and territories worldwide.

DHL Express app

This app is best for merchants who already have a DHL Express account and are on the Shopify Advanced plan. For shippers that do not already have a DHL Express account, please click this link to request a account Open an Account.

  • Shipping, Commercial Invoice and label creation capability.

  • Paperless Trade available to most destinations, save money and paper by submitting your trade documents electronically

  • Real time rate quotes for international shipments.

  • Identifies inventory that has no weight that can cause inaccurate rate quotes.

  • Reach customers globally with support for more than 220 countries and territories worldwide.

DHL Express ships over 300 million packages each year to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. With over four decades of experience and an unparalleled global network, we are the world leader in international express shipping. Focusing solely on international deliveries, our state-of-the-art hubs keep your shipments moving at full speed no matter where they are in the world.

We are committed to using our global knowledge, service excellence and Customs expertise to ensure your success around the world. As the leading global express and delivery provider, we combine speed, passion and a “can-do” attitude to make sure we get things done right the first time, every time. DHL Express will not just help move your shipments around the globe – we will help move your business forward.

When you work with DHL Express, you and your customers will enjoy the reliability and expertise of the world’s largest and most experienced international shipping provider. Partnering with us means that your commitments are met, thereby increasing your customer loyalty and driving greater revenue.

DHL Express reviews

9 reviews
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First of all: If you are in the US and/or are selling to the US this app is probably fine. Use it.

For everybody else, a big caveat: This app works fine until you try to use accented letters in your addresses (e.g. ä, ö, ü, ß), then it will fail with a generic error message ("Failed to generate label"). This makes it unusable for me, as I am sending mostly to European countries where accented characters are very common.

On the plus side: Email support is responsive and helpful.


First of all it's free so thank you!, actually is working with our DHL account with no problems it feeds the discount rate from the account, the only situation it's that during installation app caused a conflict with another app called CONEKTA PAYMENTS, we had to change our payment gateway in México so DHL app can work.


I would give a zero start because it says an invalid account number whilst I for real have one.

Plus, no answers for our questions.


Needs more integration, should have a price calculator with POSTAL CODE right next to the listings price. Works fine, though.

Luxury Vintage, Pre-Loved Fashion


Almost perfect. I use this app to creates DHL shipping labels with my own discount rates. It grabs the customer's information and pre-fills the label. You can also schedule pickups and track shipments through the app. Paperless Trade is available with uploading your own documents.

Wish List:
- Automatically mark Shopify order as fulfilled with the tracking number
- Show the discounted shipping rate before creating the label
- Create commercial invoices based on the order and submit to PLT


Spot on, would like it to push the tracking number back up to the order and mark as fulfilled.


it works the way it should and its free too


I have now added carrier calculated shipping to our store to help with our new wholesale features. I have used mainly DHL for the past year for the the wholesale/stockist orders so it made sense for me to download this application.

Shopify does not have a native integration with DHL (They have it with UPS/FEDEX/USPS) so since this app came out recently it was really the only solution someone with DHL could use. (You could have created your own API bridge but that was out of my league and price range).

Company Background:
-Canadian Based (Vancouver)
-Cosmetic Brand with online store and stockists around the world
-Retail packages less than 2kg/4lbs and wholesale packages range 5-20kg
-In operation over 1 year and use Canada Post/USPS/DHL (looking at UPS at the moment)

The Positives:
-Easy to install (Always like this as I have used many apps on the app store and if they have issues on the install then a support email can sometimes goes into a black hole)
-Easy to Setup - Main page confirms if all items have weights attached to them and you can add this option to each shipping zone and either add an additional % or a flat fee on to each zone

The Negatives:
-Quantity limit of 100- The reason I setup Carrier calculated shipping was to allow my wholesale customers the ability to make quicker and more informed purchases and thus increasing sales. With costs of express shipping fairly high, any logical purchaser would try to maximize their order value versus shipping costs. Most of the times this means adding extra units of lighter items for basically no extra shipping costs (good thing for the customer, good for me!). But, I found out that once the cart hits 100 items ordered the rates will not pull through. Have confirmed that this is an actual limit that DHL tech support has in place for this app.

-Remote Delivery Pricing - For anyone that deals with a courier company knows that remote areas/special delivery areas, have extra surcharges. This is understandble and any end consumer will probably know this when you quote them for shipping as well. But (As of now), the DHL app does not add this remote fee on to the shipping quote. This is costly problem and makes it very difficult to be confident in this tool. Sure, for the most part we are only talking about an extra $25USD for remote delivery, but this adds up.

As of now I have rated it 4 stars:
-I have sent the support team feedback on my experience on the order quantity limit and the remote pricing. If these we included I would probably give it 5 stars.
-It doesn't seem to have multiple shipping options as offered by DHL - For example they have worldwide express (which is normally pretty darn fast) but I do not see the 10AM guaranteed delivery option. Not really a big deal, but people really like options and even though I may not want to pay $20 more for a guaranteed delivery time your customer may really need this.

General Comments:
-Even the best carrier calculated methods will produce errors as dimensional shipping is not 100% accurate with these more basic tools. You can also try more advanced apps that provide accurate shipping estimates with dimensional weighting if this is what you need.

I would love to hear more feedback from other users!


we hope for more integration with shopify , is the right way


There is no cost to install or use the DHL Express application to provide DHL Express international rate quotes to your customers.

You will need to have the Shopify Unlimited Plan or purchase the Shopify Carrier Service store add on.

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