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Discount Campaign

Discount Campaign

Developed by Omega

3 reviews
Price: $4.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Discount Campaign app can affect your customers’ decision with the countdown timer
  • Discount Campaign app can create a sale of not only single product, but also a whole product collection.
  • Discount Campaign app have all powers to enhance visual of your discount promotion

Powerful Shopify app to make your discount really work!

Product discount promotion is one of the most popular methods to boost your sales. It can be beneficial to small and big brands. Sales promotions can provide immediate hikes in sales in a short time. But how does a brand create a successful discount campaign in a Shopify store? Discount Campaign app is the answer.

2 biggest reasons for you to choose Discount Campaign app:

  • You can save a lot of time on setting up the campaign due to the intuitive admin panel. You only need click, no coding required and you can start the campaign in a few minutes.

  • You can boost your sales and earn more money quickly. With high customizable Discount Campaign app, your discount promotion campaign will become attractive.

How Discount Campaign app can help you boost your sale?

Discount Campaign app can affect your customers’ decision with the countdown timer

Discount Campaign app not only allows you to create a discount campaign. This app also offers you a big tool to grab visitor attention: a countdown timer.

The countdown timer can be use as an effective call to action and high recommended for the flash sales. When visitors understand that they only have a few hours to get the discount before it’s gone. You can avoid risking the option they will delay the sale. Beside, limited availabe offers can create a sense of scarcity in your customers that get them to act.

You can have a full customizable live countdown timer on every item in your store.

Discount Campaign app can create a sale for single product or a whole product collection.

You can quickly display the countdown timer in a single sale product or in the collection page with simple shortcodes. So you can create sales by any category you want or even STORE WIDE in winks.

Discount Campaign app have all powers to enhance visual of your discount promotion

You have options to show featured sale event not only customize the countdown clock. This app can pin your discount campaign at chosen position of every page. It bring the highest impressions to your website visitors. You can style this area direct from the backend without writing any code line. All you need to do are clicks and inputting necessary information.

Discount Campaign app can attract customers through any mobile device

Discount Campaign app full supports mobile responsive design. It means your countdown and your sale will look perfect on any computer, laptop or mobile devices. Your customer can have the best experience on a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone.

Change log:

Update version 2.0 (Apr 16,2018):

  • Remake app, change admin JS Framework.

  • Change shortcode, fix bug in frontend.

  • Add 2 clock type: Flip clock and Circular clock.

Update version 1.1 (Feb 18,2016):

  • Fixed issue discount in large collection (50+ items).

  • Made event title editable, you can go to COUNTDOWN SETTING to change it.

About Omega:

Developers of Omega Team are very passionate to develop Shopify's solutions for integration. We are trying to develop amazing Shopify's apps for merchants.

Discount Campaign reviews

3 reviews
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Insanely horrible app with non existent support. Three times now I've ran sales using the app and each time the prices failed to switch back to normal. Great in theory, lacks execution. Would not recommended.


Works ok but it's not perfect - often misses discounting some items if the collection is somewhat large (20+ items) and has to be paused, undone, deleted and redone. There were a fair number of items not on sale, but the collection that was set to be on sale was running in %Discount.

The default sale countdown messages can be edited to be more coherent (and should be because they are a bit ungrammatical). But the issue with inconsistently applying discounts to all items in a collection is a big negative for me.

It is faster than similar apps in applying/undoing discounts. Needs work, but I'd use it in the future if it gets improved some.


Worst app! Ruined the layout of my store and during a sale had a horrible count down timer in terrible English: "Discount End at"!!

Would not recommend this app.

$4.99 / month
14 days

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