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Discount Code Generator by Felix

Discount Code Generator by Felix

Developed by FelixD

10 reviews
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  • Prefixed random code generation
  • CSV imports
  • Seamless user experience

Generate discount codes easily!

This discount code generator app integrates seamlessly with Shopify and lets you easily generate random discount codes in bulk or import discount codes from a CSV file from any existing discount page in a user-friendly manner.

Configure your discount as you would normally do from the Shopify Discounts section and generate/import codes for it via the More actions menu.

What problem does the app solve?

Shopify allows you to create discounts natively from the admin panel, but there's no easy way to generate multiple codes for the same discount. This is where this application comes into play.

How does it solve the problem?

It integrates seamlessly with the discount section in the Shopify admin panel and let you generate or import discount codes for any existing discount in your shop.

This way, you don't need to recreate discounts by hand manually for each of your customers. You can simply configure your discount once and generate or import unique codes that you can then distribute. Note that it is also possible to specify a prefix for generated codes.

To generate or import codes, simply click on the Generate discount codes button from the More actions menu from any existing discount. See the screenshots to get a better idea of how the application is integrated with Shopify.

Will this application change the look of my store?

No! Not at all! This application simply lets you generate or import codes for any existing discount in the Shopify admin section. It is not a customer facing application.


The following features are currently supported:

  • Generate random codes and optionally specify a prefix for your discount codes.

  • Import codes from a CSV file.

  • Create up to 9999 discount codes at a time for a given discount.

  • Get realtime status updates of your discount code creation. Note that the creation runs in the background. You can leave the page and get back to it at any moment to get the status of a running creation.

Powered by Elixir & Phoenix

Discount Code Generator by Felix reviews

10 reviews
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Really nice application , fairly easy to use , has great features


The app works exactly as described creating multiple coupon groups quick and easily. Can't comment on the support that's because I haven't had a reason to contact them, it just works perfectly. Other alternative apps that offer these features charge you $$ this is FREE. I highly recommend trying it yourself.


This app is AMAZING! I needed to have 1 promo with multiple promo codes so each customer could only redeem each code once and this does exactly that! Very user friendly and if you have any questions Felix responds very quickly. I would highly recommend this app, thanks for creating it Felix!


Just amazing, many time I collab with some other companies and that time creating multiple coupon codes is a breeze with this app.


I needed this app to import from a csv file a list of discount codes so I could track which person was using their code - however it didn't work uploading them. I emailed Felix and not only did he then identify there was a small bug in my csv files, and also with the app uploading lists longer than 100 codes, he actually fixed all of my spreadsheets for me, split them into files less than 100 so I could upload them straight away whilst he fixed the app issue, all within a couple of hours. Really impressive customer service, and I appreciated it - thank you vey much!


Very good alternative to the official third party bulk discount app (which is no longer free)!


Really simple to use and works brilliantly. Great when you need a whole load of codes.


So far, so good!
I like that you generate the bulk codes from an existing one, so they inherit the properties of the parent.
And the price is unbeatable!
I ditched the one being promoted as the paid replacement by Shopify.

Thanks you! Thank you!


Works Great !! Highly Recommend


GREAT APP!!! and so much better than the Paid for version Shopify is promoting. You are awesome to put this out there for FREE! Thanks Felix :)


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