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Droparoo Flash Sale

Droparoo Flash Sale

Developed by Droparoo by BNS

7 reviews
Price: $2.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Easy to run
  • Rotate products every 60 minutes or less
  • Never keep an offer available longer than you need to

Droparoo Flash Sale is an easy way to create a dedicated sale page and rotate products for sale every 60 minutes or less.

It's simple. Add products to a hidden collection. Set the price you want to use. When the product goes live, the deal is set. When time is up, the price is reverted to the original price and the next product is up for sale.

Check out our demo site here! https://droparoo-flash-sale-demo.myshopify.com/pages/deals

Easy to run. Easy to win customers.

Foreign currency supported.

Please do not use more than one Droparoo app in your store.

Droparoo Flash Sale reviews

7 reviews
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This is a great app and will feature prominently on my site. This app is highly recommended if you are considering flash or time limited sales.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jeff Chen and Colin Soleim. They both have been brilliant and their help and support has been top notch.

Well done guys and thank you.


Perfect app easy to install and easy to use thank you Jeff Chen.


Might be worth going with the 4.99 / month, more complete version as this one isn't as flexible.


Tried to use the app for flash sales over my black friday weekend sale. I set a queue, told it to rotate every hour, then added items to the queue and told it to rotate every 30 mins, after 3 hours the same first queued item was still the only item that every showed being on sale. Unfortunately I need an add on that works and I need it now so I am removing it but hope to try it again soon. Support is welcome to contact me.


The app is not working properly.
For example, i have an item that has full price of $100 and sale price is $80. And i want to run a flash sale and drop the price to $60.

The program would actually show that flash price is $60, comparing to $80 (so customers don't see what the full price used to be so they are not impressed with the sale).

What's even worse - after the sale is over, the full price changes to my previous sale price, so my item's full price became $80...i had to go in and manually change it back.

Also, there was no Daily deal option when i opened the app...Only Flash sale.

Great idea... But too many bugs...


Great App. Highly Recommended!


A great app highly recommended!

$2.99 / month
14 days

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