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Developed by Solvecore Inc.

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  • Easily manage your dropshipping suppliers and products.
  • Create bulk order exports instead of processing single orders one at a time.
  • Import tracking numbers and fulfill orders to keep customers informed and happy.

DropShop helps you save money and time by managing your dropshipping suppliers and orders; By allowing you to export orders in bulk, and then import tracking info, it streamlines your dropshipping workflow.

DropShop is fully compatible with existing single-order app systems like Oberlo or Dropified. Switch your winning high volume products to DropShop to save you time and money in your ordering and fulfillment process; and, keep your one-off low volume products in your single-order app of choice! We promise that this will greatly increase your store's efficiency, as well as the amount of available time that you and your staff have to do more important things.

What is DropShop?

DropShop is an embedded app built to look and feel like part of Shopify–minimizing the learning curve and startup time. It enables you to easily manage the suppliers that you have bulk-ordering relationships with, and gives you the information that you need to grow these relationships.

DropShop lets you export custom files in .xls, .xlsx, and .csv format with the fields that matter most to you and your suppliers. DropShop lets you import tracking information in bulk, and also lets you track your order expenses. We have also paid special attention to how your tracking information appears from a customer standpoint by creating a way for you to map mail carriers (and carrier tracking services) to countries of destination–this enables you to provide accurate tracking to your customers and boosts their sense of trust.

DropShop is a bulk order management tool specially designed for Shopify.


We are constantly working to increase the robustness of our feature offering, as we work with our users to craft the perfect dropshipping tool. It works for us, and it can work for you too!

Have an idea for an enhanced feature? Need something that DropShop doesn't have? Let us know, we are always listening

Manage suppliers and products

Use Shopify's custom fulfillment services as DropShop suppliers, allowing you to fulfill and group by service. Use Shopify's native interface to manage supplier to product relationships. DropShop will do the rest.

Bulk export orders by supplier

Export customer orders that contain related supplier SKUs in bulk by date range.

Manage orders and review order details

Track the progress of bulk orders through their life-cycle. Track communication status, payment status, and tracking status.

Track order expenses

Enter in your payment amount details to keep a historic record of bulk order cost.

Import tracking and fulfill orders

Upload the tracking information that you receive from suppliers, then fulfill orders and inform customers of the shipment status.

Custom export file configuration

Fully customizable file formats, including multi-header files enabling easy translation for suppliers with a language-barrier. Export custom file schemes in .xls, .xlsx, and .csv format.

Mail carrier mapping schemes

Map supported mail carrier services (like USPS) to order destination countries so that tracking URLs are trustworthy and more professional (for packages with tracking support, like ePacket). Unsupported countries and package types can be routed to custom carrier services like 17track.net.

Embedded app built for Shopify

DropShop was built from the ground up with great attention to detail and passion with the Shopify embedded app framework. This means it looks and feels familiar, and is very easy to use.

Why you should consider DropShop

  • Save time and money by reducing click per orders.

  • Get better visibility to bulk order status and tracking.

  • App consolidation–no need for separate export and import apps.

  • Increase trustworthiness through official carrier mapping.

  • Ever expanding feature offering.

  • Amazing support and support infrastructure.

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We have been using DropShop on our store for a few months now. We simply could not operate our business efficiently without it. Before DropShop we used to have to process hundreds of orders manually one at a time (taking upwards of 2-3 minutes per order)... now that we have DropShop (and made agreements with our suppliers) we are able to complete hundreds of orders AT ONCE in a minute tops. We love DropShop!

$10.99 / month

Special founder rate of $10.99 now in effect for a limited time only.

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