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  • Import products to your store with only a few simple clicks. Save time, money and effort!
  • Easily place order with suppliers with 3 simple steps making your life a whole lot easier!
  • Orders are shipped to your customers automatically and you make your money!

*For Windows Users Only*

Mac and Mobile Versions Coming Soon!

Easy to navigate and use, DropWorx puts the Worx into dropshipping. Unlike similar solutions, DropWorx puts full control in the users hands, giving you the option to manually check every step in the process, saving you time and effort!

You simply select the products you would like to sell on your store from the AliExpress website, and DropWorx will import the images and descriptions, allowing you to edit and set a price mark-up. Prices can be marked up individually or in bulk by setting a standard markup to be applied across your store... Because why do things manually?

When you receive orders on your store, DropWorx will place the order on AliExpress with just a few clicks of a button. Customer details will be automatically fulfilled onto the AliExpress order taking the hassle out the process!

With our unique technology around automation of tracking numbers sent to customers, you will save yourself a lot of time by using DropWorx, especially as your store grows. There is also a dashboard with alerts and reports to ensure you run a highly optimized store.

With DropWorx you can add multiple stores and create multiple user accounts allowing your team to collaborate on any project!

You can also easily find and connect any products your current store is selling to your DropWorx app!

Need to change product suppliers? Another supplier offering a better price? Our app can handle that in no time!

Everything is done in the background, so your customers will never know that you are dropshipping.

Features coming soon:

  • Mobile app integration – Run your store on the go! Advanced analytics and retail learning – make the best business decisions based on up to date information.

  • Social media bot integration – automatically alert your audience of new products, promotions or even a discount for their birthday!

DropWorx reviews

10 reviews
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Seems...good...but never received the email. Used the application to reset the password, and still never received the email. No response from support. Lost opportunity :(


Not working at all, I installed it and tried creating the users as requested but I didn't get the confirmation email to go ahead and complete the account creation. I used 4 different emails to create a user, same result. Although I am receiving their marketing emails.
Wrote to support, No answer.


** Feels Very Early in Development, Not as refined as "Cough" O**rlo
There is no Built in Tutorial so i was lost and had to figure it out.

*******STILL CANT ********
- Edit Vendor,
- Edit Product Type,
- Manually edit Inventory QTY, *unconfirmed
- WRITE YOUR OWN Creative DESCRIPTION in details with basic word editing tools, ""Please get rid of the specification tickbox -> excel sheet im product page""
- Choose Manual Collection
- NO " Import List " and no " Published List "
- Can't Batch Import and edit before Publishing

- Import, Edit and Publish ONE aliexpress Product at a time.
- Edit shopify name and add tags
- Choose variant Prices
- Choose Image but cant import your own images
- Only tickbox select Specifications from aliexpress which creates an excel chart in the product page. NO DESCRIPTION EDITOR

I had to Download their own separate app ( NOT IN SHOPIFY ) which is like their own Browser that open only the shopify admin page and aliexpress.
On the Left Menu theres your Myshopify account (already linked ) and the Aliexpress button. I didnt feel comfortable with as I need to log into Aliexpress and Separate Shopify accounts within their app = This does not feel secure !!! as your login and password seems to be saved within the app .... you can open the Dropworx app and open the aliexpress browser and shopify Overview without login in again .

Second problem is the layout and features feels limited and lacking,
SO after going to the product page in aliexpress and adding the product, Editing the Details "didnt feel refined need more developent". and After publishing, THERE is NO "Import List" so i CANT batch import and edit multiple products before publishing instead i have to do it One by One. There i NO "Published List" So i CAT see a list of imports and open pages aliexpress and shopify product editor directly from the list INSTEAD I Frustratingly have to go to my shopify admin > products and do a manual search (have 250+ products) " if i remember what i named the title " > open it and the layout looks bad and amateurish and messed up the layout in the website's product page.

*******STILL CANT ********

- Edit Tags,
- Edit Vendor,
- Edit Product Type,
- Add Compare at Price,
- Manually edit Inventory QTY,
- Edit Description with basic word editing tools, Please get rid of the Excell
- Choose Collection
- NO " Import List " and no " Published List "
- Can't Batch edit in the "Import List"

YOU HAVE TO PUBLISH then find the product in shopify admin then edit these.

In conclusion...
This app is looks it its still in development and missing quite alot of Much needed BASIC features. and im worried the app may not be well built from being hacked or if it already has malicious coding built in.

But one advantage i found is to be able to link multiple Shopify accounts but not sure you can choose which website to publish the product on?

.....Will be changing my passwords after this :"-(


DropWorx provide an excellent support in software installation. Unable to use in 32bit windows machine but in 64bit windows machine. Finally completed the installation and when use on the import of goods is easy.
Great Job !!!.


Been using dropworx for a few months now as an alfa tester. We are a customer centric orgainsation and dropworx is just that. Find a Shopify Order via an AliExpress tracking number is what we wanted and what we got.
If AliExpress cancels an order, dropworx will inform you… amazing!

Everything is shown in shopify, great support, even better app.

Highly recommended!!!


Nice app and waiting for my 1st sale. I had some issues but the support contacted me and explain the whole setup and future updates in few months. This app is great and perfect for a drop shipping store. I love it


Have started using this to set up my store.
Really straight forward.
Simple and allows great control.
Also customer support have been helpful in making sure I know what to do each step of the way.


As a start-up store, we needed to get it up and running quickly! In a matter of days, our store was operational and DropWorx had helped our team easily upload thousands of products! We now use it daily to place orders, upload new products, manage our old products and help with customer service. DropWorx is a lifesaver and I wouldn’t recommend anything else.


With our fast expansion we needed a solution to keep up with our operations. DropWorx has added immense value to our business by saving us from performing unnecessary manual tasks. We can now focus most of our effort on driving sales and scaling our business. Thanks Dropworx. 10/10 support reply within 24 hours.


Awesome app. It has helped me to streamline the whole process. User friendly. Support is incredible as well. 10/10


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