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September 5, 2023

We have been extremely pleased with both the product and support that we received. The customer support has been phenomenal with prompt communication.
We requested several custom programming requests and all were completed without
any issues at all. I would highly recommend this product. We couldn't survive without

Angela Woods Interiors
United States
11 days using the app
Edited August 7, 2023

Good at finding duplicate sku, and manually go to the shopify and delete them

does not delete data, only removes the sku, crashes when deleting

United States
About 2 months using the app
webTecheasy FZCO replied August 8, 2023

Dear Andyanand,
I have sent you a guideline email also to you on 4th Aug. Perhaps you have not received that guideline email.
Actually deleting a duplicate SKU can be done in three ways.
1) Just replace the SKU value with null value. This is as if you go to the product edit page from admin and remove the SKU value from there and then save the product. Obviously after that in your store the duplicate SKUs will not remain because you have made duplicates with null values. In such case your variant as well as product will still remain there in store, because you have only made SKU value as null.
2) Delete the related variant, in such case your variant having that SKU will get deleted, but your product will still remain there in your store.
3) Delete the product itself.

When you try to remove a duplicate SKU one by one by clicking on individual buttons then the app will not delete variant or product but this will only replace the SKU value with null value. On the same SKU duplicates page you will see another button, "Delete all in bulk" button. If you click on that button then a popup window will open. On that popup window you will find more instructions and alternative ways to delete duplicates. Try to select an appropriate option from that popup window and then hit the "Start delete" button given on that popup.
If you want to delete duplicate products then my recommendation is you should use the "Duplicate titles" page instead of the duplicate SKU page of the app. After delete all duplicates from duplicate titles then check it from the duplicate SKU page.
Sometimes merchants may find a difficulty in understanding the way how app works, but I am always ready to help merchants. If you are getting any difficulty then you can reach me on my support email. I will help you personally to remove duplicates from your store.
Best wishes

August 25, 2023

The UX is hard and time consuming to navigate otherwise the app does the job. It'd be great to have options to filter products or remove duplicate products based on rules.

United States
12 minutes using the app
Edited June 30, 2020

Great app, does what it needs to do and customer service was very helpful with updating the app to make it more convenient for me and everyone else

United States
Over 2 years using the app
October 21, 2021

I want to start off with saying this company is hands down one of the best that I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Here comes the lengthy version now, well worth the read.
I have been stuck in the ICU with Covid Pneumonia for several weeks now. Sadly as a small business owner I have been working 12-15hr days still with a ventilator in my lungs. Our website had a lot of duplicate issues, and where causing account level problems with Adwords and Google Merchant Center. Raman from Webappslive and his amazing team not only was able to help fix our issues, but he really took the reins and was able to help while I couldnt. My oxygen level is low, and I am on so much meds that half the day I am out of my mind literally. The 4-5hrs I get of 100% I focus and push hard but the other hours I waste a lot of time right now. Honestly without this team and the amazing work I would be stuck weeks behind still. If there was a 10 star option here I would leave it. A++++ AMAZING THANK YOU GUYS as I owe all of our success here to you and your team of skilled workers!

United States
Over 2 years using the app
September 19, 2021

Great app - does what it says it does perfectly. Most imptly, Raman is always available to help! 5 stars!

Over 2 years using the app
Edited October 26, 2021

Incredible support service. And the app is absolutely perfect for my needs and help me to save LOT of time. Thank you so much Raman for helping!

Gingerlily Perles
Over 1 year using the app
Edited September 4, 2021

**EDIT: within 24 hours of posting a review of this app complaining about the new "customer information" permission, I received an email from support politely explaining the process that had happened to cause this addition, and reassuring me that my customers' privacy was safe and that I could reinstall the app. The text of that email is as follows: "Hello Jacki's Boutique Admin,
Thanks for posting a comment.
I apologize for it. Actually a few weeks ago few of our clients requested us to provide a tool to find duplicate customers based on duplicate phone numbers and duplicate billing addresses in their store. So due to such clients we changed the request permissions to access customers also. Since they needed the customer based tool very very urgently, we changed the default scope to access customers also in hurry. I agree that it should not be done for everyone, but since it was required by them urgently so instead of wasting time in changing it through our core code files we changed it immediately through settings (just by ticking the checkbox in our admin panel). But now we have removed that customer's access permissions. You can use it again without any worry. We are always ready to resolve and fulfil the needs of merchants, you can reach me any time by using the contact information given on the app. I also want to inform you that we do not keep the data of stores on our servers. If you open the sync page of the app then you will find an erase button on that page. If you click on that button then immediately any synced data of the store gets erased from our backend. This also helps us in cleaning/ freeing the space of our server. For the UI, actually we are busy in providing the core functionality based tools. We believe that the needs of merchants should be fulfilled as early as possible by providing them core functional tools. Design of web-pages are not so necessary & required. Merchants are not coming to the app to see fancy parts on our app's pages, they need to do their tasks on a daily basis by using the app. But I agree with you and respect your feedback that UI and flow should be improved. We are working here in our office to improve the UI & flow of the app and will update it continuously.
At last I would like to invite you again on the app, You can use it without any worry." I'm quite impressed with their logical explanation and good customer service, for a FREE app nonetheless, and I'll go ahead and reinstall after updating this review.** ORIGINAL REVIEW (now inaccurate): Summary: Functional but now it wants my customers' personal information. Basic functionality was good for a while - not the best UI or procedural flow, but it was free, so that was fine. However, a recent update now has it requesting the following access:
"Edit customers
This includes: customer data.
Duplicate Finder will be able to access personally identifiable information about your customers, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses." This app has NO NEED to access this information, and it is absolutely a security breach for shop owners to provide it to the developers. I will be uninstalling the app entirely unless guarantees are made that my customers' information will NOT be viewed, edited, or accessed in ANY way by this app.

Jacki's Boutique
United States
11 months using the app
October 5, 2021

An incredible time saver - just make sure you have only the specific options you want so you don't delete things by mistake. Probably wise to export everything as a back up first.

Doggylips.Com LLC
United States
11 months using the app
February 9, 2022

This app is a life saver. You wont be disappointed to use it. The app will save you a lot of time by simpifying your task. Before I use the app, I would take me a long time to sort thru my duplicated title and SKU. With this app, it takes second to find them and the app will also delete the duplicated one for you. I highly recommend this app.

10 months using the app