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E-Commerce Affiliate Network

E-Commerce Affiliate Network

Developed by E-Commerce Affiliates

15 reviews
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  • Connect with leading bloggers and social influencers in your industry...
  • Tap into the leading e-commerce affiliate network...
  • Boost traffic and sales with a commission-only sales team!

Meet Great Affiliates in Our Network

We'll feature your product(s) and your affiliate program in our directory. Add this app to get signed up and receive your complimentary listing in our affiliate directory.

It's Free to Join

As a Shopify customer, you are pre-approved to join our network as a qualified merchant. You'll sign up, select your product category and receive your listing in our affiliate program directory.

Get Featured in Our Newsletters...

We engage with our affiliates via email and social media to keep them motivated in their search for additional products to promote. Here's an example of a recent newsletter we sent out to our list promoting three health products from our network.

... and on Our Facebook Page

We promote these features to our E-Commerce Affiliate Facebook following as well as others interested in your industry (we pay to boost the posts).

Product Categories We're Looking For

We have affiliates actively promoting products and stores in the following niches. If your products fit one of the following categories, please add this app to setup your complimentary feature in our affiliate directory:

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Beauty

  • Clothing

  • Education

  • Financial

  • Fitness

  • Hair

  • Health

  • Jewelry

  • Paleo

  • Pets

  • Products

  • Services

  • Adult

Here’s How to Get Started…

Add this app to apply here for membership to E-CommerceAffiliates.com.

When accepted, we’ll feature your website and product(s) to the top influencers in your industry. You’ll receive publishers/blog coverage and social media buzz from the influencers who join your affiliate program.

For each sale they refer, you’ll pay them a commission (ie. a percentage) of the final sale price. You determine the rate that you pay them.

E-Commerce Affiliate Network reviews

15 reviews
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I upgrade my membership to Marquee where i can invide 45 affiliates. I observe that if you send accidentally twice to the same affiliate then instead to remain 44 affiliates they remain you 43. Second, i invited 44 affiliates and NOBODY join my program. Third, i have seen my plan was active at Boss plan without to activate it by myself.Fourth, i send emails using my email provider from my web hosting service (Because you can see the emails from affiliates) and i have seen few were not exist, affiliates with not existed emails.When i changed plan from MArquee to Free instead to have 5 available invitation after 11 days , the app changed it to -40. I use all my invitation so i have zero and after 11 days i should have 5 invitations which the free plan offers. AWAY from this app.

I find other ways to recruit affiliates and most effectively. I can not understand why the application developer does not allow me to delete my card details so to not have any billing relation with them. If they will change the billing plan without to touch anything i will contact the cyber crime. Just to know this. I will be active at the free plan for a time just to see how many months affiliates will join my program.


Honestly... this has been the worst experience to date with any Shopify app.
When money is involved and exchanging hands terms and conditions would be your best friend. The fact that no templates are available and I now had to go and write a due diligence on terms and compensation to cover me and any marketer in the event of any dispute has made me sick to the core. I pretty much wasted my whole afternoon where I should have uninstalled. Then when I submitted a request ticket I was informed it would take up to 48 hours for a response. 2 days to wait in the 21st century is a lifetime.
All I wanted was to plug in and play. This app does not offer that.


This is a great app. Very helpful in getting affiliates and promoting your products. Their customer service is also amazing. Thank you guys.


The app itself is great - and the support is first class. Not just for problem support - but to actually get your business up and running.
Really appreciate it.


While signing up for the program, I didn't think I was able to be completely signed up unless I also signed up for an affiliate tracker. However the staff at ECA was quick to contact me and were VERY helpful in assuring I was completely signed up made sure I was listed for all affiliates to see. Very impressed with customer service.


The program and platform is very innovative and truly has potential to become elite! Easy to use, and I'm thankful for Brett and his support! Any platform that can help businesses grow, I think is great :) He makes it easy for the average business owner, who is usually busy 24/7, to help make networking and referrals much easier. Looking forward to seeing success from this app!

-James Doyle,
Owner, FREEZINda™


What is not to love about E-commerce Affiliate Network? Honestly.... Its free, the network is massive, the customer service is spot-on, it was incredibly easy to setup and run, you can couple this with any affiliate tracker you would like, but go with LeadDyno (tracker) as it sync's very well with this app.


E-Commerce Affiliates and Leaddyno have really helped us to hit the ground running with our affiliate programme. Our top affiliates are really driving conversions and they are an extremely effective marketing strategy.


Almost pointless. It just gets you registered on their database. You need to pay for add-ons to actually get any affiliates physically signed up to your site


Even after un-installation, this glorified traffic exchange refused to die. When I discovered what this piece of software really does, I promptly uninstalled. Little did I know, this app did not completely uninstall. Despite scouring the 404 liquid and countless other theme related files, this software continues its existence, like a cockroach. Cliche as it may be, if I could leave 0 stars I would.


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