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12 reviews
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  • Quickly upload & sync your Supplier’s product data including new products and keeping up with pricing & inventory changes.
  • Save Time & Automate for Accurate Pricing and Availability – no more canceling sales.
  • Optimize Product Content for SEO, list new products quicker than your competition, and more advanced features to help you focus on sales instead of details.

Plug-in-Go™ Supplier Product Datafeed Sync

e-ProductPlug seamlessly connects your Shopify store to any vendor, dropshipper, fulfillment center, wholesale distributor, or even your own warehouse. With e-ProductPlug your product data will get sent to your website up to 3x/day, keeping you ahead of your competition with the newest products and reducing backorders by ensuring the product stock quantities are always up-to-date. Now you can easily expand your Shopify store with wholesale dropship product automation.

Simplify & Automate Your Product Import Process

Just “plug-in” e-ProductPlug to your Shopify store for automatic updates of product catalogs from your wholesale network including changes to prices, inventory stock quantities, and new product additions. Easy and intuitive field mapping engine lets you easily overcome the divergent data formats of suppliers and synchronize only the pertinent data fields to your shopping cart using one simple interface.

Save time and frustration -- no more manipulating spreadsheets or hiring IT developers, e-ProductPlug eliminates manual data entry errors, so you can spend your time filling orders instead of cancelling them due to inventory issues. You’re in control of the fields to import and how often to update data that makes sense for your business.

More than just a data-dump:

  • Automatically load Dropship or Virtual Inventory product data, up to 3x/day

  • Fully control which products to import with advanced product filters

  • Optimize Product Content – perfect for SEO & datafeeds

  • Powerful product pricing tool to increase or decrease by $ or %

  • Create custom category rules to match vendor’s product categories to yours

  • Compatible with any distributor that provides product inventory data in .csv, .txt, or Excel formats (other formats possible, just ask!)

  • Simple interface with video tutorials, Phone Support, and Full Onboarding Assistance

Try e-ProductPlug for FREE...all Shopify store owners can experience e-ProductPlug’s power for 10 days, no credit card required.

e-ProductPlug reviews

12 reviews
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Whenever we come to EPP with an issue they always find a solution. The world is full of problem identifiers but this company and staff truly are problem solvers. We are constantly adding new products and its good to know that when we encounter hurdles they can find/create a solution. Also, we are not software experts and they take the time to answer any questions we have. I highly recommend them to any company looking for a solution for inventory management and/or uploading new products. Thank you to the entire team at EPP!


from the beginning we had problems, the drop ship integration was not accurate, we would had sales and the inventory was over sold, we decide to not use them for drop ship , and we used them for Jet and Walmart integration , what a mistake, at the beginning we had "minor" mistakes that they didn't acknowledged orders on Jet, and few other issues listing other products that do not belong to us , but the big blow was on 1.6.17 , we found out that for over a month all our returns was going to a wrong address , we contact jet, they told us that the API company (e-productplug) override my return address and put a wrong address
once this happen due to the API integration , nothing can be changed since its encoded on jet, we contact Jet , they tried to doe thire best , but they said not all product will come back, and you need to talk to your API company, i spoke to Michelle through skype , that apparently was the owner, and she claimed that she is a small business owner and she cant compensate me for this lose since she is not charging me alot of money ?????? after talking to her lawyer she blocked me from her skype, canceled my jet account , logged in to my shopify account deleting the app, and did not respond to none of my emails
after treating her to take her to court , she replied that she is willing to give me $90 back , we lost over $4000 worth of products , the mistake was mine that i didnt see the signs since i was paying $60 a month and they increased it while we had all this problem, what a price to pay using a cheap and un professional "company" i sent a complain to shopify , and i hired a lawyer to go after them, this woman should not have a business, p.s jet told me that they are not authorized, an dafter the issue we had i dont think jet would allow them to be authorized API partner , due to these issues and the fact we called the buyers on jet to get our products back, jet suspended our account, beside the $4000 worth of product we are suspended over a month losing so much sales


very complicated to use and very slow support


I have used this company now for more than 6 months. They are exceptional at what they do and their customer service is excellent! I have been working with Michelle, and she always gets the job taken care of in a very timely manner. She also just recently modified my plan and I saved a lot of money per month. I highly recommend them!


Excellent App, very clean way to display products.
Fantastic support team
Customization available
Highly recommended to shopify users


By far the most important app in my store. Absolutely fantastic. Well thought out, very flexible and superb support. If you run a large store or even remotely considering drop shipping, you simply have to use this app.


Superb App, very clean way to display products.
Fantastic support
Customization available
Highly recommended to shopify users


Using e-ProductPlug has made things so much easier! No more manual product uploads, Yay! Everyone with e-ProductPlug has been absolutely AMAZING above and beyond! Thanks Guys! :-)


This is just a preliminary review after 2 days.

I never ever write reviews unless I believe in a product. If I don't like a product, I still do not give a review I just stay away from the product.

This is from my heart. I installed e-ProductPlug on 4/24/2016 and scheduled a demo on 4/25/2016 - I was almost in tears but did not tell Denison who was showing me the demo. Being online/drop-shipping biz since 2013, manually configuring .csv files with formulas, etc. this is a miracle for me.

Today, 4/26/2015, I had my on-boarding with Niki and I was even more excited. I told her this app is a 'Miracle'. I am over joyed! Keep in mind, I do not know all I need to know, but just the fact that my back will not be hurting from hours sitting configuring vendors .csv files - is a load off my shoulders. My shoulders have dropped inches :)

Thank you thank you thank you e-ProductPlug support staff and creators. I believe the best is yet to come.


This app and the people behind it are top notch. They helped us connect with one of our major suppliers and bring in thousands of products to our website. They can also push your products to Jet.com. It takes some time to get things setup and polished but the support is very good as well. I would highly recommend this app and this company.

From $55.00 / month


10 days

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