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EasyMobile - iOS Mobile App

EasyMobile - iOS Mobile App

Developed by NexusMedia

10 reviews
Price: $20.00 / month Free Trial: 180 days More info
  • Build a native Shopify iOS app fully integrated with your Shopify online store in minutes with zero coding
  • Reach your customers with instant push notifications whenever you want
  • Allow offline access to your store and its full range of products for your customers

In the rapidly changing e-commerce world, when a greater half of users surfs the web on their smartphones, a mobile app is a crucial element of your online business. A mobile app allows you to significantly increase conversion and customer engagement, build the loyal customer base, reducing customer retention, and, as a result, boost your sales considerably.

It would be unreasonable to think that once a customer has made a purchase in your Shopify store, they would not lose you next time among your competition and would intentionally come to visit your site to shop again on a weekly or even daily basis.

It`s unlikely that this will happen until you build your presence on their smartphones to stay connected with your customers 24/7.

✔ Why the Shopify mobile app is a vital part of your business

Building a mobile app for your Shopify store will allow you easy access to a wide range of advantages on your way to a successful online business:

  • Stay connected with your customers 24/7;

  • Use all the benefits of a fully native iOS app - an excellent user experience, design and app performance;

  • Reach your customers whenever you want to engage with them by means of instant push notifications;

  • Keep the customers posted on your news, special offers, discounts and new arrivals;

  • Increase the store conversion and reduce customer retention by means of personalized communication.

✔ How your customers benefit from a mobile app for your Shopify store

With a mobile app installed on their smartphones your customers will have instant and convenient access to your Shopify store wherever they are and whenever they want it. The customers will enjoy:

  • Offline access to your store and its full range of products;

  • Absolutely gorgeous and intuitively clear design of a native iOS app;

  • Convenient store search and navigation;

  • Well-designed product catalog and comprehensive product page layout;

  • Product photo zoom-in and zoom-out;

  • Easy mobile app check-out via shopping cart;

  • And many more.

Your customers will be able to navigate your store and products cached in their previous sessions, and continue shopping once they go online.

✔ How you benefit from your Shopify iOS app

Not your customers only, but you will also benefit from the EasyMobile app that will enable you to do the following on the special app settings page in Shopify admin panel:

  • Add any content to the app dynamically, such as “About you”, “Shipping conditions” information, etc.;

  • Have the full control over the mobile app;

  • Manage the mobile app еasily changing the app layout and color schemes;

  • Send instant and pre-scheduled push notifications to your customers;

  • View the push notifications history and the statistics on it (number of users reached, read, reacted, etc.);

  • Add content and up to 3 beautiful banners to the Home screen;

  • And many more.

✔ Additional advantages

  • The app is integrated with the Mobile App Sales Channel, so you can see the complete statistics on the store visits and sales via the mobile app in your Shopify admin panel, and on top of that configure visibility of your collections for each sales channel that you use

  • It uses the native Shopify Mobile SDK so you’ll have the full integration with your Shopify web store;

  • The directory tree can be structured in accordance with your store collections;

  • Furthermore, you get an absolutely white label app for m-commerce - no mention of NexusMedia as a developer;

  • The 6-month trial period gives you plenty of time to have your iOS mobile app submitted to Apple App Store and verified in order to start using all the benefits of the app and m-commerce. If you need assistance with the app submission to the App Store, we are happy to do it for you for one-time fee of $100.


EasyMobile Preview App

To preview the mobile app of your store, simply click on “GET APP” to add it to your Shopify backend and configure. Then go to Apple AppStore to install the EasyMobile Preview application and upon launch paste the URL of your web store - the app gets your store data and displays it nicely as your mobile app preview.


✔ Live Examples

You can check the examples of our customers` mobile apps designed with EasyMobile app:


Don’t waste your time and start your free 6-month trial with EasyMobile to design a mobile app for your Shopify store and grow your business! ➚



❓❓ Common Questions ❓❓

➜ I’m interested, but would like to try first. Is that possible?

Sure! We propose 6 months (!!!) of FREE trial. So you may install our app, build your iOS application, submit it to Apple AppStore, have it approved by Apple and continue using the app completely free of charge for as long as 6 months.
In case you change your idea and decide not to go ahead with EasyMobile app, just remove it from your store before the trial expires, and you will not be charged any cent. Once you remove the app from your store, your iOS app in AppStore will stop working either.

PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to use our app submission service, so that we submit the app to Apple AppStore for you, you’ll be charged for this service ($100 one-time fee) separately regardless your trial period.

➜ Do I need to have any specific skills to set up an app?

No, absolutely! The app setup is very simple, requires zero coding and no technical skills at all.

In order to help you with the app submission processes to Apple AppStore and handle this for you, we offer the paid submission service for just as low as $100 one-time fee.

All you need to do is configure the app layout and colors using our Layout editor, select Products, Collections and content to display in your app.

The paid app submission service is optional, you can submit your app to Apple AppStore independently, and we are happy to share with you the detailed guidance and answer any questions associated with the submission process.

➜ I want a custom feature added to my app. Is it possible to customize the app?

Actually there are two ways:

  • We're constantly working on our app improvement and happy to hear from you any suggestions on how to make the app even better. In case you have a specific feature or improvement in mind, please, get in touch with us and share your thoughts. In case your suggestion is in demand, we`ll gladly add it to the app roadmap and release the feature in the next app versions.

  • If the feature or customization you require is not generic, but very specific to your store only, or you may not have time to wait for the next app releases and would like to handle the customization on your side, you may purchase our Developer package, which includes the whole app source code, and add the features you need on your own. Please contact our staff if you're interested to purchase the Developer packager.

➜ If I purchase the app, do I get all the future updates for free?

Yes, all updates are free. You can always download the latest app version in your Shopify admin section. If you paid for our submission service in the past, we’ll submit the updated app versions for you on request. You don`t have to pay for the app submission service again.

➜ Do I need to enroll to the paid Apple Development Program?

Well, it depends. If you use our paid submission service ($100 one-time fee), we use our Developer Account to submit your app. In this case you don`t need to pay for your own Developer Program Membership. Obviously, we can use your Developer Account also if you want us to do so.

If you’re going to submit the app by yourself and/or would like to have the full control over your app, you’ll need to have your own Apple Developer Account and enroll to Apple Developer Program for $99 annually.

If you are new to m-commerce, we recommend getting started with our Developer Account to save you some time and budget on the launch. You can register and switch to your Apple Developer Account any time later, we`ll transfer the app to your account on request.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us by email support@nexusmedia-ua.com, we're always around to help.

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EasyMobile - iOS Mobile App reviews

10 reviews
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Fantastic app that allows you in a fast and super easy way to get your own iOS app for your Shopify Store. And in this mobile world an iOS app is a must.
It took us just a few steps to get the app ready and with great online tutorial it is fast and easy to get the app in the App Store and live.
Would recommend to anyone who is serious about taking his online store to the next level. And if you have questions their support is fast and spot on.


One of the best experience I've ever had, the iOS app is nice and the best of all the very helpful and professional support team even during trial period. Very highly recommended.


Amazing app, I recommend this to anyone who wants a mobile app.


Easy to use and supported by great customer service. Eager to get some monetary results now!!!


Fantastic App and even better Support would highly recommend to everyone!


Literally the best easiest mobile app developer plus, with the BETA testing right now, I got my entire app developed and submitted for free while also having an additional 180 day trial. Definitely worth a try with the trial right now though. I set my whole store up in about an hour!


I am so pleased with my App now available in the Apple Store. The support getting this app done has been fantastic. All my questions were answered very quickly and they completed my setup for me so I knew it would get done right the first time. I highly recommend this if you want an app in the Apple Store.

Take a look at my app in the app store: Dawns Doggy Duds


The follow up from the support is wonderful. I get response from them very quickly. When I had a little trouble, they worked me through solutions right away and I can see they care about the customers a lot.

The application is very intuitive, and with very few configurations I had my app up and running which is truly amazing.


Great App, Great support and service, had my app up and running within a few days live on the app store, it had a bug which caused it to crash when checking out and they had it sorted and updated within an hour and updated on the app store within 1 day ! amazing! Thanks again will recommend to everyone i know with online stores.


Just amazing - Very kind people, so happy to work with EasyMobile - iOS Mobile App.
Super application - le support est vraiment top, tres content de travailler avec
EasyMobile - iOS Mobile App.
Application pour mobile vraiment intéressante avec de grande perspective d'évolution..!

$20.00 / month
180 days

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