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All Star Reviews

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Gain trust of shoppers with easy-to-obtain store reviews

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Customize your review badge and proudly show it on your storefront.

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By showing shoppers your review scores, you are instantly building trust with them, which helps lead to conversions.

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See exactly what your customers are thinking about your shopping and ordering experiences.

About All Star Reviews

Collect Valuable Reviews at Checkout

When most merchants think of order reviews, they think of the email they send a few days after they customers receive their order. Those after-order emails typically ask how the customer liked the product they received, the quality of the product, delivery speed, etc. After-order emails are a great way to gauge how your store is doing, but there is so much more you can learn!

All Star Reviews allows you to send after-order emails, but it has something that most review apps don't have. With Ecom Reviews, you show a popup immediately after a customer completes an order and asks them to provide a "non-comment" (stars only) review based on the actual shopping and ordering processing. This is where you will gain valuable insight into how your shoppers like your store's shopping experience. These questions include ones such as: "How easy was it to find the item you were looking for?", "How do you rate the shipping charges for your order?", etc.

Many merchants believe that if a customer or customers are buying from their store, they obviously must have enjoyed the shopping experience. That's not necessarily true. A shopper may have finally found the item they were looking for but they spent a long time looking for it and simply do not want to spend any more time searching anywhere else. While that shopper may have purchased the item, many others will not be as patient; and it's likely that shopper will not return to purchase from you again.


  • Create Your Own Review Questions
  • Overview Dashboard Showing Results of Each Individual Question
  • Show A Customized Review Badge

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