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  • 1. Sell Smart. Automatically sync inventory levels across sales channels.
  • 2. Sell More. Easily add and list your Shopify store products on other marketplaces.
  • 3. Sell Faster. Automatically send and receive data from suppliers, warehouses and fulfillment centers.

Inventory Control – quickly manage orders, shipping, listing & more.

Try it FREE for 15 days. Easy setup & free support. No transaction fees!

Ecomdash works hard to simplify and automate your business for you. With our web-based inventory, order, purchase order, shipping, dropshipping and listing management software, you can rest assured that your order status and inventory levels will be updated across all sales channels with accuracy, and fast. When you sell an item on Shopify, ecomdash will automatically reduce inventory quantities across your other sales channels to reflect that purchase.

Inventory Management

Everything begins and ends with inventory. The more accurate your product data, the more successful you can be. We make inventory management easy. Say goodbye to manual updating and overselling! If a sale is made on one website, ecomdash will automatically update inventory levels across all of your sales channels. We track product quantities 24/7, and sync across marketplaces in near real-time. Ecomdash keeps track of all incoming and outgoing inventory, throughout the supply chain. Get visibility into it all, from an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

  • Get setup fast with automated Inventory Import functionality for other channels – no spreadsheets!
  • Easily sync products that have multiple SKUs with our unique ID system
  • Central dashboard monitors and syncs incoming orders and restocked products
  • Track inventory uniquely by SKU, UPC, ASIN, etc. and define each product as needed
  • Create custom kits and bundles plus accurately track items sold as a package or individually
  • Enjoy a unique mapping system that automatically tracks a product that may be assigned different SKU’s across multiple marketplaces

Purchase Order Management

Easily manage incoming and outgoing sales and purchase orders in one location. Our purchase order management system gives you real-time visibility into stock levels across multiple sales channels, suppliers and warehouses. As soon as a product is sold or received, we automatically tell the marketplace what’s available. You can set low quantity thresholds and ecomdash will tell you when it’s time to order more! No matter how many suppliers you work with, our automated inventory system will manage the logistics of your supply chain so you will know when an order has been processed, when it’s time to order more, and when that new stock will arrive.

  • Auto-sync inventory data across marketplaces and supply chains

  • Low inventory alerts make sure you never run out of product

  • Figure true cost per item to help you optimize product pricing and profit margin

  • Know your best selling items to determine what to buy more of and when

  • Easily restock with purchase orders sent directly from ecomdash

  • Options to view, select, purchase and list supplier catalog data from one tool

Sales Order Management

Ecomdash ends this time-consuming nonsense by putting all of your sales channels in one central system, with one login, and one manageable and efficient workflow process. We’ll check for sales order status in near real-time on all your marketplaces and shopping carts, and pull that sales order information into ecomdash for you to manage the fulfillment process all from one place. You can stop spending valuable time manually checking for sales orders in every place you sell, because ecomdash will handle it for you.

  • Import and process sales orders in near real-time

  • Sell on one channel, we’ll update all the others to protect you from overselling

  • Consolidates workflow by processing shipping activities right from within ecomdash

  • Pending payments are recognized and inventory quantities are adjusted across channels

  • Optional manual sales orders for other non-POS sales offline (i.e. Trade Shows)

Shipping and Dropshipping

Create pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels, all from within ecomdash. We automatically verify address authenticity, so you can ship with peace of mind. Dropshippers can manage multiple warehouses and suppliers in one central location. Categorize warehouses separately with unlimited custom data formats, and quickly export sales orders in whatever format you need. Submit your orders to suppliers, straight from ecomdash. We’ll do the rest.

If you have your own warehouses…

  • We currently support US Postal Service shipping and postage options within ecomdash

  • Generate pick lists for identifying and locating items

  • Create customized packing slips

  • Create shipping labels using Endicia, Stamps.com, UPS, FedEx, DHL Express, and Aftership, all within the ecomdash site

  • Ecomdash marks items as shipped on your marketplace, then sends tracking info to your customer

  • Manage and categorize needs separately for multiple warehouses

  • Use your favorite shipping app seamlessly with ecomdash for additional shipping carriers like COSGO, Japan Post, Royal Mail, etc.
  • If you use dropshipping services…

    • Manage and categorize needs separately for multiple warehouses, fulfillment centers and suppliers

    • Quickly export sales orders in whatever format your 3rd party warehouse requires

    • Options to automate the send/receive of sales orders and shipping information from any warehouse

    • Shipping and tracking information is automatically updated across sales channels


    You can quickly manage your current listings to make changes such as Title, Description or Price. Save listing templates, and get your products out to sell faster. Don’t spend valuable time listing items one by one, and ditch the spreadsheets for good.

    • Quickly list new products on Shopify and more

    • Quickly manage current listings to make common changes such as Title, Description or Price

    • Try out a new marketplace using our List-For-Sale functionality – now included in the base price!


    Enjoy basic reporting functions that involve your past and current activity. Generate inventory reports to assist in monthly physical counts, sales order reports to determine the most effective channels, view how many sales orders are processed each month at the product level – and more!

    • View current activity in your business on the dashboard

    • Generate Inventory reports to assist in monthly physical counts

    • Generate Sales Order reports to determine which sales channels are more effective than others

    • View how many sales orders are processed each month at the product level

    • Use reporting to predict trends, know exactly when to restock, and improve sales
    • Email Marketing

      Create email templates and auto-send emails to your customers immediately after purchase, or schedule them later as a marketing campaign. You can create multiple templates based on the exact product you sold automatically by SKU.

      Assign Roles to Unlimited Users

      • Unlimited user setup within ecomdash

      • Managers and Employee roles have different access and visibility levels

      • Track activity and ownership of order processing by user

      • Quickly setup and remove users as needed to control access
      • Low Inventory Email Alerts

        • Never undersell or oversell - receive email alerts when stock is low

        • Email notifications are based on your custom target inventory and reorder levels

        • View low inventory levels from the dashboard and create new purchase orders on queue

        • Auto-sync updates inventory levels across marketplaces continuously
        • Save time, add a new sales channel or product. 25% of our customers do!

          Has this happened to you?

          • Have you struggled keeping inventory and order information organized and under control?

          • Problems with overselling product?

          • Have you decided to hold off on adding a new product line into the mix until you do ______?

          • Want to test or start selling on a new or different marketplace or website?

          • Spend more time than you should manipulating sales order data to prepare and send to your warehouse or dropshipping services company?

          • Do you have to manually update shipping and tracking information?

          • Need more positive feedback and reviews to improve sales?

          • Have a ton of SKUs or do you regularly add products to your sales channels?

          • Paying transaction fees or a percentage of your sales revenue now to an inventory or order management software company?

          • Have complex inventory identification needs? Does one product have a different name, SKU, ASIN, UPC, or other that is causing problems on different marketplaces?

          • Work with multiple suppliers, multiple warehouses or multiple storefronts per marketplace?

          • Need to get everything in one place to quickly find what you need or provide better customer service?
          • If you answered “yes” to any question above – you can benefit from using ecomdash.

            Try it FREE for 15 days. Easy setup & free support. No transaction fees!

From $50.00 / month

Enjoy all of the same features and functions, regardless of your pricing tier. Call, email or chat with us anytime, from anywhere, for free. We also offer an extensive knowledge center, videos, and guides that are added daily. We know you’re a genius, but we’re here if you need us.

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