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eComShipper - Take Full Control of Your Shipping

eComShipper - Take Full Control of Your Shipping

Developed by RippleApps

4 reviews
Price: From $9.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Great for creating FREE plus Shipping Offers
  • Great for Multi Purchase Discounts on Shipping
  • Except Feature for Controlling Products which do not apply to store rules

Top 9 reasons you want to use EcomShipperApp!

  1. Perfect for building FREE + Shipping Items

  2. Except Feature for Controlling Products that do not apply to store rules (Like F+S Offers)

  3. Express Shipping Feature gives users the option to increase shipping cost for express or expedited cost (Increases AOV and shows in the checkout page)

  4. Multiple Shipping Price Options (Give your customers a discount on buying more than one.

  5. Variant Pricing Feature allows you to control shipping price on select variants (Like Gold or Silver options)

  6. Store Shipping Rules set based on total price or weight

  7. Shipping Zones built to control shipping in select countries or Zip codes in the US

  8. Bulk editor feature so you can customize pricing on all products based on Collections or Vendors.

  9. Birds-eye view of shipping with images of your products for easy editing of products in your store

Most of us have a lot of needs when it comes to shipping controls on our Shopify Stores. Things like... Being able to do a FREE Plus Shipping Offers While at the same time being able to run a storewide special like spend $50 and get FREE Shipping all while being able to change each variants Shipping on any one product? 

Being able to change shipping cost in Zones, Countries, States, and Zip codes? 

Being able to have a Birdseye view of product images while working on the correct product

You are not alone. A lot of people end up frustrated when trying to Get Full Control of Your Shipping needs because they're using methods that just don't cut it.
You may have Set up all items based on weight while having to make up the weight of 0.01 and charging certain products.
Or maybe you have Tried adding a few Apps which helped but not quite as much to fit your needs

Unfortunately, these solutions haven't worked that well and ended up leaving you without a real and lasting solution.
Now, There's an Answer that can fix all of your shipping wants for your store.

Introducing eComShipper App for Shopify.
A Powerful new Shopify App that can help you to Get Full Control of All Your eCom Shipping needs without all the headaches.
Here are just a few things about eComShipper App that will help you.

Number 1: Products you choose can have an except rule to any Store Rules, which is good because Now you can offer a Store Rule that says "Spend $50.00 and Get FREE Shipping" and at the same time run a FREE + Shipping offer. It works for the full store as a store rule except for products you choose.

Number 2: A way to give a bulk discount to customers when buying more than 1-2-3 or more you choose, which is a big help because You now can set your shipping cost based on any number of multiple orders taken at once.

Number 3: Increase Average Order Value, which is powerful because You will be able to add an Order bump like feature to your checkout pages. Maybe it's only a few extra dollars for say "express shipping". That can go long ways when you have many orders coming in and could help pay for some of your ads cost. 

How cool is that?
And there's a whole lot more.

Stop the Frustration of solutions that don't fully work and click the button and install now and start your risk-free 7-day Trial.

Must Have Real-Time Carrier Shipping with Shopify to Use eComShipper

Requires real-time carrier shipping. To discuss adding this to your existing plan, contact Shopify on 1-888-746-7439 or sales@shopify.com

eComShipper - Take Full Control of Your Shipping reviews

4 reviews
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Great app for controlling shipping costs and in my opinion, better than 'Better Shipping' which doesn't provide any per variant shipping options.

I did run into a problem when downgrading my shopify account, as this removes Real Time Carrier Shipping automatically, so the app stopped working until I got this added on again by shopify support. eComShipper Support helped to identify this problem, although it took a little while. Support could be quicker / more responsive.

Being a new app, there is still some room for improvement, such as Shipping Zones - currently each country needs to be entered individually, instead of being able to enter, say "Europe" and then select which countries within Europe should be included. It would be great to see more user, time-saving friendly features.

All in all, well worth getting.


eComShipper has literally solved all my shipping problems. I tried a few others but this is the only one that comes through time after time!


I LOVE eComShipper App! I have had this app since it became available & it is so much better than Better Shipping App. I am able to set up individual shipping rates, Free+Shipping rates, tiered shipping rates & express shipping rates. It is great for offering Free Shipping over a certain $ amount & still not have my Free+Shipping products slip through without having customer pay shipping. It is very easy to use & set up shipping rates when adding new products to store. I have not had any problems with support when I've needed help. I highly recommend this app to anyone that wants better control over their shipping rates!


Have used the app since it first became available--overwhelming 5 thumbs up. Very easy to configure, handles all my variations without exception. Not a week goes by that some hack tries to outwit my shopping rules and get some product for free via loophole. Never happens, they've thought of everything!

From $9.99 / month

After Free Trial, You Will Begining Our Flat Month Pricing of $9.99 a month. Please make sure you have real-time carrier shipping or our app will not work.

7 days


A Shopify plan with real-time carrier shipping

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