Estimated Shipping Cost

Estimated Shipping Cost

by Sweet Ecom

Show delivery cost by users ip and your store shipping rates

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Nice , i am yet to use the app mkhkubjgjdvfdcv zbxzhvXVFBJSXvn HXFvbvFc zvdhxbhvkjdnhfiugnifgsdvgnsdngfvidgnvksndvksdf,k

Grafica minimale e funzionale. Fa il suo dovere egregiamente. Unica pecca la lentezza di caricamento.

Slagerij Soffiati


French Antique Collections

Being a little older than many of your users, it took a few minutes to get my head around how it worked. I had previously set up the shipping rates and then changed them once I installed the app in order to fine tune the shipping. At first it took a while for the app to up-date, to the point where I sent an email asking what to do. Sod's law is that it then up-dated perfectly and has been very responsive since.

I love the fact that clients can see up front what their potential shipping cost is going to be determined by where they are. Of course if the client happens to be in Hong Kong at the time they search but actually live around the corner from me then it will give a false reading but, otherwise, it is brilliant.

I have been buying and selling online for many years and my very very largest pet hate is that so often I have to wade through the whole buying process before the shop lets me know how much I am going to have to pay to have it shipped. It is by far the biggest reason for me abandoning the cart, as so many shipping charges are outrageous, and so I know it must be the same for everybody else.

I would far rather that the client can see this up front and then decide whether to put the item in their cart or not. If they then abandon the cart, at least I know it was not the shipping cost that put them off.

Toko Miss Cuan

good thank you for making it free. good apps.



actually am just started using this app. its nice looking in my store i hope this app can help a lot to gather more sales

Millennial Tech Lovers

This app is great! Added a free shipping area on my product page.
This app is great! Added a free shipping area on my product page.

Go sportify

awesome app, great work, keep it up to date and there shall be no problems, and these free apps help a lot


It's a best app to use to improve shipping in my web site; so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.

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