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Knowband - Exit Popup

Knowband - Exit Popup

Developed by Knowband

9 reviews
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  • Build your subscribers list using integration with Mailchimp & Constant Contact
  • Give a second chance to your customers
  • Shoot up your conversion rate

Shopify Exit Pop up App

Shopify Exit Pop up App provides the Shopify stores with the functionality to show a pop up window whenever the user tries to exit the website. The look and feel of the pop up are fully customizable and can include message from the admin, Email field for getting coupons and so on.
The Shopify Exit pop up App is based on the exit intent technology. When a user tries to exit the store he/she would take the cursor outside the main window. The App recognizes the exit-intention and shows a pop up with some predefined message from the admin and an option to grab a discount (if enabled) by providing the email id. You have a total control over what offer you want to show in the pop up.

Which functionalities are controlled by Website admin?

  1. Admin can enable or disable the app anytime when he wish to

  2. Admin can edit and personalize the pop up title

  3. Admin can choose to register the user using the provided email id

  4. Admin can provide both detailed and s short description of the discount being offered in the pop up

  5. Admin can edit and personalize the color and text of the button

  6. Admin can configure cookies expiry time after which a user will again see the pop if he tries to exit

  7. Admin can enable the Aggressive mode which will expire the cookies each time the page is refreshed.

  8. Admin can change the look and feel of the pop up using different color schemes

  9. Admin can customize the look and feel using custom CSS and Custom JavaScript interface of the App

  10. Admin can set any background image to the exit pop-up

  11. Admin can view a graphical statistics report showing how many users stayed using the app

What benefits does it provide to the store owners?

An exit pop up is the best way to convert even those customers who were otherwise abandoning the site. The store admin can use the pop up to showcase the financial encouragements in form of discount coupons which will encourage the user to complete a purchase by redeeming the showcased offer.

Moreover, it is the best way to build a more relevant email list generated in the process of unblocking a coupon code by the user. The user has to provide his/her email id to unlock a coupon code for his purchase.

The automatic customer account registration can help store admin eliminate the account registration process by using the provided email address of the customer to create a user account.

How can you tell if the app is really working for you?

The effective reporting system is capable of generating a graphical report of how the coupon performed and how many users stayed on the site by redeeming the coupons from the app.

Why is exit pop up not a risky decision?

The exit pop-up uses the exit intent technology to track the user activities. It shows the pop up only when a user tries to exit your website. So, it's totally a risk-free solution that instead is a better tool to fight shopping cart abandonments on your eCommerce site.

How is it different from the Abandoned cart apps?

An abandoned cart app works by capturing the email ids of those customers who leave the site without purchasing, after adding the products to their cart. The email addresses of such customers are used by the site admin to contact them using offers and coupons at later part by sending serial reminders. So, the are basically abandoned cart recovery apps.

While the exit pop up app acts instantly to encourage the shopper for staying on the site by redeeming the offered coupons. So, it’s basically an abandoned cart prevention app.

Knowband - Exit Popup reviews

9 reviews
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  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

module is not working properly. it's not showing pop ups.


I am going to have to give it 1 star because it doesn't seem to be working.
I have gotten it to work once and that's it.

It's also a bit frustrating that you cannot change the colour the the grey text, so you are VERY limited to what kind of background you can use. Which isnt much for grey text.

I will reach out to their support now.


Nice app. Good developer helped me in understanding when I was confused.


Perfect. Fits into your website. Nice options and features.


Idea is good, but app simply doesn't work


I added that app to my shop and i really like the functionality of the app. I could set it up without no problems and also could customize it to suit my needs. What makes me even more excited is the ability to track the usage statistics. Hope this app will stay free (or hope early adopters will get some discount :))

The only thing I didn't like is that when you choose to send coupon via email, it sends the code to my customers from some 3rd-party email, not mine. I want to believe that the developers do not collect store's emails for their needs.


Guys this is just a buggy nightmare. No way.


Awesome app..!

Simple pop-up and Easy getting email by mailchimp !

Thank you...



Really great app with amazing features and easy to use and many customization options


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