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Facebook Ad Guru

Facebook Ad Guru

Developed by Stunning

4 reviews
Price: From $4.99 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • Set up ads on Facebook and Instagram that cover the entire marketing journey: from expanding audience to driving traffic to generating sales
  • Use your lookalike audiences or our smart audience profile or deep customer insights (gender, age, income, education, interests, behaviors, etc.) for targeted Facebook campaigns
  • Monitor campaign health using simple and easy to use user interface with our campaign monitoring dashboard

Short Description

Facebook Ad Guru is the smart advertising app for Facebook & Instagram. Ideal for retargeting & product promotion campaigns for all stores. Just select the products to advertise, and the app does the rest.

The Problem

Facebook advertising is complicated. Bringing traffic to your store and converting visitors to customers in a cost effective way can be challenging, even for the most seasoned advertisers.

There are many many choices to make:

  • Type of ad: image ads, carousel, retargeting ad, etc.

  • Target audience: lookalike or profile based (age group, gender, marital status, interests, behaviors, etc.) and so on

  • Creative and messaging: product picture or a lifestyle photo; long description or brief

Facebook Ad Guru demystifies and vastly simplifies Facebook ads. You can launch a smart and effective Facebook ad campaign in few clicks.

The Solution

While most apps focus on retargeting alone, Facebook Ad Guru covers the entire marketing journey of a customers: from expanding audience to driving traffic to generating sales, and goes beyond.

Here are a few ways Facebook Ad Guru can help you with your marketing needs:

  1. Expand your relevant audience with pre-built Facebook Ad Guru audience profiles. Ideal for stores to build new audience reach.

  2. Drive traffic to your store using product promotion campaigns with lookalike audiences. Ideal for stores with few hundreds of visitors.

  3. Generate more sales by retargeting the website visitors. Ideal for all stores with retargeting audience size of 20 and more.

  4. Simply review, edit and start the recommended campaign in couple of clicks.

  5. Monitor campaign health with simple and easy to use campaign dashboard.

Setting up Ad Guru

Step 1: Download the app from Shopify App Store

Step 2: Connect with Facebook

Step 3: Connect your ad account and page

All done! You can start creating your campaigns.

Creating Product Promotion Ads

Step 1: Select products you'd like to advertise. The product list is ready as soon as you launch the app.

Step 2: Select your audience. Audience selection on Ad Guru is fun, and easy. Choose from lookalike audience or smart audience profiles or create your own targeting.

Step 3: Write the ad lines, select platform and launch the campaign.

Creating Retargeting Ads

Step 1: Select your retargeting audience: visitors or add to carts or both.

Step 2: Write the ad lines, select platform and launch the campaign.

Get Campaign Suggestions

Not sure what campaigns to create? We have got you covered. Our smart system learns and provides custom recommendations based on your products.

Choose from the recommended campaign list, review the details and start the campaign.

Monitor Campaigns

With our simple and informative campaign dashboard, you can track performance of your ad campaigns, and pause or activate them at the click of a button.

You can also edit the campaigns as per your liking.

Simplicity and Power

Ad Guru's calling card is simplicity. Selecting the product, the target audience, and launching the campaign are all easy, commonsense steps that demystify Facebook advertising.

Based on your customers and sales trends, it figures out the target audience, suggests smart audience profiles, the advertising schedule, and the budget.

All you need to do as the store owner, is pick the products you want to advertise and add the copy that goes with them.

Save Time and Money

Store owners and marketers spend thousands of hours optimizing Facebook advertising through trial and error. Ad Guru takes away that complexity and creates a simple, powerful, and smart workflow that saves you all wasted time and effort. Our smart audience profiles are suggested automatically based on the products you choose to market.

Get customer support 24x7

We also provide 24x7 customer support for all our customers. Our team of Facebook ad experts is available round-the-clock to answer your questions and share market-tested tips.

We let you focus on what you love: building a great online store!

Note: We offered a $100 free Facebook ads option for several weeks when we first introduced our app in 2017. We ended the offer after the beta period ended for our app.

Check out our sister app: Know Your Customer

Hundreds of Shopify stores love the simplicity and power of our apps, including the popular Know Your Customer app. We now bring that power and simplicity to the world of Facebook advertising.

Facebook Ad Guru reviews

4 reviews
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Do not install...it will use up your money with no positive results


Keeps freezing when trying to install


I have been doing ads with facebook my self on and off for over a year with no sales so i stop because is was waste of money! but few month ago i came across facebook Ad Guru app on my shopify dashboard and I took a advantage of the $100.00 credit for free ads and I don't now how they do it but i started making sales i guess i'm new at this and needed some one professional to do it for me! now i'm paying for my facebook ads again but with sales and put my company name out there,they do everything for me their customer service is excellent also the app is easy to use,I'm very happy with this app i wish i knew about this app a year ago i would have save lots of money. WWW.XIOMIE.COM


Just started a campaign. So far it's proven to be simple and intuitive to use whilst being a great time saver in creating Facebook ads. The support team is very responsive and helpful. With free $100 credit I don't think you have anything to lose but to give it a try. I'll update this review soon with feedback on how my campaign went.

From $4.99 / month

Facebook Ad Guru costs $4.99 per month after the 15-day free trial regardless of how much you spend on ads.

You can run an unlimited number of campaigns with the app. Facebook fees are separate, and they are paid directly from your Facebook ad account.

15 days


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Facebook Pagefree
Google Analytics Accountfree

Support & Sales

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