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Facebook Dynamic Product Ads by AdMonks

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads by AdMonks

Developed by Admonks

7 reviews
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  • Sell more! AdMonks users get 5x Return On Ad Spend with this app.
  • Recover those 70% abandoned carts! Use smart automation and save time & money.
  • Retarget site visitors on Facebook & Instagram directly with personalized ads.

AI-Driven Dynamic Product Ads by AdMonks

Simple, user-friendly app designed for flexible remarketing and recovery of abandoned carts on Facebook & Instagram! Your site visitors get ads of the exact products they were viewing and the cart abandoners can see the products they left behind. Save money and avoid ad fatigue with AdMonks’ Frequency Management and other Exclusive features.

FREE app until your ad spend >$150/month

With AdMonks Autopilot your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is steady, reaching up to 5x and more! Stop digging into overwhelming Fb features. Run successful dynamic campaigns like a PRO with just a few clicks! It’s the only solution of that kind, letting you create multiple flexible campaigns on Autopilot.

How it works:

* connect your Shopify account to AdMonks and it automatically transfers products to Facebook and keeps it up-to-date on a daily basis;

* with just a click you set up the first and the last day of your campaign and your ad frequency. No more burning money!

* we automatically create remarketing audiences and choose relevant products to show them in dynamic ads, to target customers with laser-personalized ads;

* our one-click automation lets you reach out to cart abandoners, fight the crazy 70% cart abandonment rate and complete the sale!

Exclusive AdMonks Features:

* automatically exclude bouncing visitors and save your money on remarketing; due to 20%-40% bounce rate in e-Comm you must exclude accidental visitors right away;

* keep the ad frequency level just right, so you’re not suffering from banner blindness of your customers;

* update your stock every day, so don't worry you’re advertising products you’ve just run out of;

* bring you FREE conversions, not just likes and comments. The Product Catalog lets you tag items in your Fb posts, leading directly to conversions;

* send you Messenger notification when your ROAS is below expected.


Is AdMonks app FREE?

* AdMonks' product catalog is free. If you want to set up a DPA campaign, we charge a monthly fee of 5% of your monthly ad spend in the app.

Who charges me for the ad spend?

* Facebook charges you directly according to your payment method choice.

My dynamic campaign hasn’t started yet. Why?

* Your ad starts as soon as your audience > 20 visitors to your product pages in the set time frame. E.g., if you target people who left your site 30-40 days ago, there must be > 20 site visitors within this time frame (10 days) for the ad to start running.

What should I start with?

* The best time frame is from Day 1 to Day 7. If you’re a newbie, a bigger time frame (e.g. Day 1 to Day 30) should work. We automatically shorten it due to your actual traffic.

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Facebook Dynamic Product Ads by AdMonks reviews

7 reviews
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The way I see it, E-Commerce is a 5 minutes world today.
You watch a Youtube movie, and suddenly you're a Shopify Legend.
You read a guide, and you make your own store in 5-10 minutes.
You can't spend more time on it - you don't have much time, and it's very hard to focus. Know that feeling?

So many people open their E-Commerce stores, and they look ok or better, but they miss the other element which is sending traffic to these stores, and then keeping this traffic in, and monetized.

So you see many small and big apps that try to add the marketing dimensions into the blend, so essentially you can build your own store without any expertise, just choose the right theme, marketing apps, conversion apps, retention apps - analyze, optimize, rinse and repeat.

Kids play with Lego bricks, and adults will build projects and e-commerce using Lego too - adding all kinds of ready apps/codes to their store without having the knowledge. Here's where Admonks comes in to the picture.

I've been using this app for the past month and a half. I have no idea how this app has so few reviews, it's one of the best marketing apps that I'm using, in terms of ROI and Results. In my honest opinion this app deserves a 5 stars rating.
- The interface: Quite modern, extremely easy to create campaigns (literally 2 clicks) and you don't have to know anything about marketing. It's a plug and play. A click and launch. AdMonks knows what they are doing, so you don't have to.
- Reporting interface - very easy to understand, clear and reliable. I compare it with the FB Pixel data and with Google Analytics and get the same results.
- ROAC - Return on advertising cost is at least 10x on our store. A point of note though is in place: every store will have different results. I think the best setup for AdMonks are stores that have more than 20-30 products in them (the more the better actually) and that have a lot of traffic. Than Admonks does better than other apps I've tried is chasing them on FB and get them to purchase.

Help is very efficient, only had to ask one question, I doubt if you'd have to.
Flexibility is available and I've tried different settings of the ads too - found that the best settings are the default ones.
I tried different setups, all were profitable. Some more and some less.


You guys should get this app!!! It saves a lot of time and very easy to use. Awesome useful features, you can even control the ad frequency and exclude bouncing visitors with just a few clicks. First I used Admonks for the free product catalog, but now I set up all my dynamic ads with it. I used to do it all by myself in business manager, but it’s much easier with this app. The customer service is on point too, I always get good tips from Mario!!!


It sky-rocked my ROAS. Easy to install & fast configuration and helpfull help-desk.

If you are looking for an app to help you utilize your website visitors and make DPA ads better - just get it.


Really buggy, despite several emails to support, they were not able to resolve this.


I like the app because of so many options for retargeting. If you are looking for the app where you can choose from many options such as excluding visitors who spend less than x second or your site, Ad Frequency, choosing time frame when the ad stops, etc, then this is for you. Everything is very very easy.


Great integration with Shopify and Facebook. Super-easy to use. You just set the time frame (e.g. 1-7 days after abandoning the cart), set up the budget and run remarketing dynamic product ads like those big companies. It is a must-have app for all eComm. It has features unavailable when using Facebook Ads Manager like pixel delay to avoid retargeting bouncing-accidental visitors. Good job Monks!


the app is still developing, but their support is one of a kind.
Mario is such an amazing person, helping everywhere anytime.
their app have really nice options and even a bigger potential.


FREE Product Catalog updated on a daily basis for your Facebook and Instagram ads.
If you set up a Dynamic Product Ad campaign with AdMonks, we charge a monthly fee of 5% of your monthly ad spend in the AdMonks app.



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