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Facebook Ads by Admonks

Facebook Ads by Admonks

Developed by Admonks

Price: From $49.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Facebook ads on autopilot with three pre-defined strategies: Find New Customers, Bring People Back and Build Loyalty.
  • Show ads without any effort. All the heavy lifting is done: Pixel, Product Catalog, Lookalike LTV, Retargeting Audiences & much, much more...
  • By using AdMonks you'll save a huge amount of time and money! It's one of the easiest apps in the market with multiple features.

Facebook ads on autopilot.

It will be a long description and rather unexpected free knowledge about Facebook advertising.

We hope it will be useful to you.

Hopefully, you'll enjoy it more than other marketing slogans about how great an app is.

We are giving you this information because we want to prove how good our app is, not show off.

So, all advertisers admit a few things.

Facebook ads are complicated.

But they're also super effective and really worth making.

First, you need to focus on the strategy and just a little psychology.

Not the web tools.

Think of yourself as a Napoleon Bonaparte or Jan III Sobieski.
(I guess you are googling, who that second guy is right now.)

This part is the hardest.

Step into your buyer's shoes and think as he/she thinks.

Find the niches he/she is really into.

Follow his/her likes, interests, life events, demography, etc.

And now hold on.

Really HOLD ON.

Don't show your products yet.

Before this: simply get to know each other.

People are more likely to purchase from businesses that they feel connected to.

Give value.

    Tell interesting stories people may like.

    There is a great rule in marketing.

I admit I use this all the time and I admire the person who invented it because of its simplicity.

"Know me, Like me, Trust me, Pay me."

It works just like that on Facebook.

People don't come to Facebook or Instagram to look at products all the time. They wanna socialize.

That's why you should think over your Facebook strategy from the beginning to make it 100x better than your competitor.

Also, what requires a lot of time is learning how to set everything properly.

Technical issues.

It takes time and money, of course.

Controlling all the stats, ad spends, ad frequency and tons of other metrics will also consume time and much, much more money.

And you have to learn all those names and shortcuts that sound strange at first.


As well as finding new customers, there is this hard job of retargeting them after they left without making a purchase.


On top of that, there is another hard job of retargeting those who have already purchased.

They TRUSTED YOU, so they are your favorite customers.

Should you retarget everyone from the last 6 months or just a few days?

Should you use a retargeting campaign that appears on Facebook or Instagram on exactly the Xth day after a visit?

Or after a purchase only?

Questions, questions, questions.

Please, try to answer the last ones.

Is it really possible to put it all on autopilot?

What exactly can be automated?

What heavy lifting does AdMonks app do for Shopify stores thanks to its deep integration?

❱ The AdMonks app is a Shopify add-on that helps entrepreneurs find new customers, bring people back and build loyalty. All in one app.


You don't have to find different tools for all of that.

We're still improving our features.

Not every feature is ready yet.

But most of the heavy lifting is done.

❱ In AdMonks we make Facebook ads easy. You set up your account with a few clicks and get your ads on the web.

And at the end of this short story, we wanna be completely honest with you.
We're based in Poland, in the center of Europe.
(The country of Jan III Sobieski who I mentioned before.)
Our team is a great pack of friends, who have been involved in IT development and marketing for years.
We're still expanding and improving our business.

PS. If you want to check out the options that we have in this app just click 'install'. We work hard to give you the best solution on the market. But don't take our word for it. We have a free 14-days free trial to prove it.

PPS. We'd love to hear what you think of this kind of app description.

Happy advertising,

Mario from AdMonks team

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the app is still developing, but their support is one of a kind.
Mario is such an amazing person, helping everywhere anytime.
their app have really nice options and even a bigger potential.

From $49.00 / month

The Admonks application is for only 49$/mo instead of 99$/mo, but remember that Facebook ads are paid. You will be charged directly by Facebook for all your ad costs.
In the Admonks panel, set the maximum budget that you want to spend.

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