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Facebook Ads by Admonks

Facebook Ads by Admonks

Developed by Admonks

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  • Boost your sales by reaching recent viewers with Automated Remarketing option.
  • Turn shoppers into buyers using personalised adverts without manual work.
  • Show relevant Dynamic Product Ads. It's very simple: you just set up a budget, we do the rest.

Making things easy is a fantastic job and in Admonks we do it with Facebook Ads.

Admonks app is a Shopify add-on that helps manage retargeting super easy.

❱ Setting up successful Facebook campaign requires a lot of time and skills. In Admonks we make it easy. No more trying to figure out what all the technical and marketing terms mean. No such knowledge needed! You set up your account with a few clicks and get your ads on Facebook.

❱Admonks deliver solution for retargeting on Facebook: relevant dynamic product ads. Why it is so important to run it in your store? It's simple:

Users who are retargeted to are 70% more likely to convert

- you can read about it for example here.

❱ What Admonks do for your business:

  • turns shoppers into buyers
  • connect your Shopify products directly to Facebook - with one clicka and no limits

  • create accurate campaigns based on dynamic rules, which is really awesome!

  • show viewers on Facebook exact those products they have seen in your store a while before

  • app learns everything about your products, collections, tags, prices, even bestsellers & new added products to give you extra tips

  • let you advertise directly from Shopify panel

  • create also static ads with products choosen in Shopify's panel, for example your bestsellers

  • implement Pixel tracking code on your website - if neccesary

  • create Fb Ad & Fb Business account - if neccesary

Install Admonks to boost your sales!

You can automatically create dynamic ads campaigns using our clever "automate" function in a few minutes.
Thanks to that you save a lot of time.

First functions we already put into use work fantastic with Shopify thanks to the integration! Before we launch other features we simply want to show all merchants what kind of super powers Admonks offers for FREE! And we promise there is no catch.


Is Admonks app really FREE?

Yes, it is totally free app, for now, so do not hesitate to try it.

Do I need an ad account on Facebook?

Yes, you should have your own Facebook ad account, it is simple to create, but if you don’t have it then Admonks will create account for you, with one click. Just sing up. Facebook will ask you for payment information and charge you directly.

What is Facebook pixel and will you set it on my website?

It’s a piece of code that helps to track website users on any device they use. And yes - we connect app to existing pixel or install new one automatically if you don't have it yet.

How long it takes to start dynamic retargeting on Facebook?

Less than 2 minutes to set up, and several minutes to check and accept by Facebook. Note that your ad will only start when your audience exceeds 20 people who visited your site in the last 14 days.

How much should I spend on retargeting?

It totally depends on your business, but let's start with something like $5 per day. Schedule demo to talk about it

What happens if I include more products/collections after creation or change some photos?

It’s not a problem. We are keeping your products, collections, pictures and descriptions up to date. No limits.

Give it a try with our limited offer: use it for FREE now and boost your sales from day one

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The Admonks application is free, temporarily, but remember that Facebook ads are paid.
You will be charged directly by Facebook only for what you choose: clicks on your ad or impressions.
In the Admonks panel, set the maximum budget that you want to spend on each ad.



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