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Facebook Carousel Retargeting

Facebook Carousel Retargeting

Developed by TopVid

12 reviews
Price: Free More info
  • Fully automated, and takes just few clicks to setup
  • Facebook Dynamic Ads - Visitors will see ads of products they visited in your store
  • Full transparency - The campaign is created using your Facebook Ads account

What will the app do?

The app will create and configure dynamic retargeting campaign on Facebook.

Once a visitor leaves your website without a purchase, he will be retargeted with a Facebook carousel ad showcasing the products he viewed during his visit.

How will the app do it?

In order to make such dynamic ads work the app will generate a catalog of all your inventory and send it to Facebook, once every 24 hours.
With the help of the Facebook pixel, which tracks the products every visitor viewed, Facebook will use the catalog to display the most relevant ad for each visitor.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting, is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your products in front of visitors after they leave your store.
On average only 2% of visitors convert into buyers on their first visit.

Why retargeting works?

The ROI of retargeting campaigns is much higher compared to "cold" ads, because retargeting campaigns are targeting a highly relevant audience that already visited your website and is probably interested in your products.

What is a Facebook pixel?

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code embedded in your store.
Using the Facebook pixel, you can leverage the behavior of your visitors to create effective Facebook advertising campaigns.

What are dynamic product ads?

When the Facebook pixel is installed in your store, Facebook can track which specific products has the visitor viewed and display those products in the ad that will be shown to this visitor.
For example: If a visitor viewed several men shirts, he will see ads for those shirts. However, dresses will not be included.

What are carousel Facebook ads?

Unlike regular image ads that can only show a single image or product, the new carousel ads are capable of showing different images all together allowing the user to navigate between them.

100% Transperancy

The app will use your Facebook pixel and your Facebook ad account, so you can stay in control.
Facebook will charge you for the actual ad spend.

100% FREE? How is it possible?

This app is completely free to use. No limits or upgrades.
However, we do have other paid app, feel free to check the out:
Facebook Countdown Retargeting Ads ,
Facebook Video Ads Builder

Facebook Carousel Retargeting reviews

12 reviews
  1. 5 stars (6 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (1 review)
  3. 3 stars (2 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

App not working. No answer from support after contacting them twice.


it looks awesome, but if you uninstall it and than re-install it won't work anymore. Support is not working
it's a pity, because it could be the best app of 2018


Never starts a campaign - It is still trying to make the campaign since yesterday.


Superb app, couple of clicks and then wait for it to do its stuff and retargeting was running perfectly. Thank you.


I had the next issue with this app:

How it happened:

-Install the app and have no connection with Business Manager
-Uninstall and re install the app two times
-Did click on refresh to get the connection between the app and facebook
-Finally get the connection, but the connection attempts created many ads in my Ad Manager

Facebook banned my Ad Account for the multiple ads created

How fix it (in our personal experience):

1. Uninstall the app in shopify
2. No worry, take the necessary screen shots of the problem in facebook
And click the options to contact facebook to appeal the expulsion of facebook ads
3. Explain the situation to facebook support with details about your campaign and the app that created the ads (I have even included links)
4. Facebook check your situation in less than a day you have everything back to normal

As any app is under your own risk use that, everything has the potential to fail, probably in this time we were the error in the matrix.

The support of TopVid contact me immediately but the solution was unfortunately already out of their hands, despite everything they were kind.


Very functional and simple! Does exactly what it promises and the support was great. Thanks!


support from the owner was amazing and he made sure the app works for my store. thank you!


A few teething problems as I am new at this but Alex has been great and wonderfully helpful and so responsive. He must never sleep as he responds any time. Hopefully soon have correct stats and purchases happening!


I installed this bad boy, and it started working right away. There were some issues with attribution, but once their devs addressed them (in the wee hours of the morning, mind you) it worked just as it should. I would say it does everything it does and nothing that it shouldn't. A real good snag for your store.


Update: they proactively fixed the FB connection problem discussed below. Good support. I'm not using the app actively at this time so I can't give a totally informed review so I will up the stars from one to three based on the proactive response and fix. Original review below:


Sounds like a great app on paper, but during the Facebook linkage process, about 10 minutes in, it didn't complete and failed. Now it's back at the beginning saying I still need to link my FB account :(

Update: Developer wrote back the following:

It looks like you did the authorization from mobile, sometimes the Android Facebook mobile app can cause some issues. Is there a chance you could try from desktop?

>>>My response: this is 2018 almost, not 2009. I ditched desktops and laptops 2 years ago forever.


100% FREE ! No Limits


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