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Facebook Chat Box by Autoketing - Customer Chat Plugin

Facebook Chat Box by Autoketing - Customer Chat Plugin

Developed by Autoketing

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  • Allow you to communicate with customers on your store through Facebook Messenger app
  • Build an effective and convenient communication channel between customers and brands on Facebook Messenger platform
  • Improve customer satisfaction and establish a friendly relationship with customers

Provide fast customer support widgets via Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most convenient messaging platforms on the market today. Facebook Messenger supports communication between individuals and brands through direct messaging platform on the phone, computer or other electronic devices. Customers can receive and check messages on their Messenger inbox in any circumstance and time. Therefore, this application gives customers more satisfaction and convenience than ever before.

Taking advantage of the great idea of Facebook Messenger, Facebook Chat Box was born to improve communication efficiency between customers and brands. Through our intelligent application, customers can exchange information directly with brands with no interruption and switch messaging platform. In particular, context and history of the conversation won’t be lost, so the exchange between customers and brands will always be seamless.

Support online customers and establish a fast relationship between customers and brands

Good customer service is one of the important factors that help enterprises build trust and customer satisfaction. Therefore, Facebook Chat Box is a great application to help you improve and increase relationships with customers.

This application allows to save and load automatically chat history between you and your customer during conversation. You can answer and advise customers even when they leave your store. This helps you maintain a long conversation with your customers and allow them to learn more about your products and services.

This constant connection can help you build a good relationship and stimulate customer's shopping needs as well as avoid forgetting when customers exit your store.

Build a community of customers and become a close friend of every house

With Facebook Chat Box, you will communicate with real customers instead of anonymous customers. Therefore, you can see their profile and build a close relationship as friends.

This helps you understand your customers' preferences and shopping needs so that you can offer attractive offers or promotions to your customers through messages in Facebook Chat Box. From there, you can build customer groups and a community of customers with the same characteristics.

Creating a great marketing channel with a large number of registered memberships will help you stimulate your customers' shopping and boost your sales.

Why should you install Facebook Chat Box?

  • Take a few seconds to install, simple to use with no coding

  • Work effectively across multiple browsers and devices

  • Only take a small space on the screen and store a large amount of data

  • Free, long usage time and fast performance

Demo store: https://facebook-chat-box-autoketing.myshopify.com/

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