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Facebook Countdown Retargeting by TopVid

Facebook Countdown Retargeting by TopVid

Developed by TopVid

Price: $19.00 – $299.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • World's 1st countdown retargeting solution for Facebook
  • Create urgency, boost engagement, and encourage sales
  • Simple and fast configuration

What is retargeting?

Retargeting, is a form of online advertising. that can help you keep your products in front of visitors after they leave your store.
On average only 2% of visitors convert into buyers on their first visit.

What is countdown retargeting?

Instead of displaying regular image or carousel ads to people who visited and didn't complete a purchase, our app will display an interactive countdown time inside a video ad.

What happens when the user clicks on the ad?

The user will be redirected to your store as with any other Facebook ad, the only difference is that a customizable countdown timer will be displayed inside your store.
The timer displayed in your store will be in sync with the timer in the video ad, creating a seamless and native experience.

72 hour countdown

The app will retarget visitors to your store who didn't complete a purchase with a 72 hour countdown campaign, during the campaign the visitor will be targeted with multiple ads.

Example scenario:

1) A visitor visited your store but didn't buy anything

2) After 12 hours the visitor will see a countdown ad, the timer will show that less than 60 hours are left to enjoy the discount

3) After 28 hours the visitor will see a countdown ad, the timer will show that less than 44 hours are left to enjoy the discount

4) After 70 hours the visitor will see a countdown ad, the timer will show that less than two hours are left to enjoy the discount

100% Transparency

The app will use your Facebook pixel and your Facebook ad account, so you can stay in control.
Facebook will charge you for the actual ad spend.

Why do countdown ads work?

The obvious reason: a sense of urgency

Countdown ads are displaying a unique offer that is about to expire.
Frequently, users seeing your offer are not ready to buy yet.
A countdown is a perfect way to “push” buyers into making a purchase decision.

The not so obvious reason: multi-touch sales funnel

Data shows most prospects will decide to make a purchase after being exposed to a service or product 6–8 times.
(Source: Business Insider)
However, most marketers are still running their ad campaigns, hoping a potential buyer will see their fancy ad and make an immediate purchase.

Imagine you see a TV commercial just once. Will it have a strong effect compared to seeing it multiple times over a few days or even weeks?

Our data shows most buyers will not purchase after seeing the ad the first time, but seeing the ad up to 6 times during 72 hours dramatically increases the chances of conversion.

To learn more about the concept and how it works, check out this article:

Facebook Countdown Retargeting by TopVid reviews

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At first it was working great, but after creating my second campaign the bugs started occurring. Ads would be disapproved and then reapproved later, which really hurt my ad account's score (Facebook keeps track of this and raises the cost of all your campaigns if you get disapproved).

The support was good but as more issues came up, the response was much slower to where a week would pass by with no reply albeit multiple follow ups.

One issue is that after the disapproved ads was that you can't reset your campaigns without contacting him first.

The next bug after the disapproval ads was that it would show the campaign was running even after I deleted it, and so I couldn't create a new campaign.

The bug after that was that, once it was reset manually on his end, was that publishing the campaign didn't actually publish it - reclicking the app would show that it is reset, and even after waiting for over a day the campaign doesn't populate with adsets.

The response to this from support was that the campaign wasn't approved. But submitting more campaigns kept resulting in the same disapproved status.

The item I was selling through this was a regular hoodie, and the sales copy provided was very standard, so it did not violate any Facebook Ads Policies.


I installed all app from topvid and seriously, it simple, powerful and helped me take more money. (Facebook Carousel Retargeting, Video Ads Builder)

I started use this app before it was live on shopify app store and I really grateful to be the one of person who test that <3

This countdown campaign is running right now and I see how it made so great. Every people who visit my site see the countdown change. I just unbelievable to imagine have the app made.

Thank you for your great work Topvid (and Take you Alex for you service) <3

PS : Sorry for the next, I'm french who try to learn english and I will
improve myself

$19.00 – $299.00 / month

Pricing is determined according to your Shopify subscription plan:

Shopify Lite / Basic Shopify Plan - $19 /month

Shopify Plan - $49 /month

Advanced Shopify- $149 /month

Shopify Plus - $299 /month

14 days


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