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Facebook Likes Popup

Facebook Likes Popup

Developed by Company Tools

11 reviews
Price: Free – $2.99 / month Free Trial: 3 days More info
  • Easy Coupons – offer a discount code for more likes
  • Mobile Friendly – works great on mobile devices
  • Easy to Install – no developer needed

The Best Way to Grow Your Facebook Audience.

This isn’t rocket science – we built a popup to add a Like button to your store.

You can edit the text, incentivize Likes with a discount code, or change how the popup looks.

Simple, right? I guess we’re simple folk.

Facebook Likes? In 2017?

Yep, you bet. Here’s why.

  • "Likes" are now "follows" - our popup uses the latest plugin from Facebook, which lets users follow your business in one tap.
  • Easier than entering an email address - for mobile convenience, users tap once instead of typing.
  • Extend the reach of your Facebook updates - your content will appear in your followers’ news feeds, where they can share with friends.
  • Get social proof - businesses with followers are more trustworthy. Trustworthy businesses make more sales.
  • Start a great ad campaign - you can target, or exclude, followers when advertising on Facebook. Handy for reaching new customers or encouraging repeat purchases.
  • Mobile-friendly - works great on mobile devices.

It’s Super Expensive, Right? (Or: Hey, buy us a beer first!)

First off – most stores won't need to upgrade. Our popup is designed to grow your Facebook audience right out of the box.

But if you want to offer a discount code, customize the text, or push our social drinking into "problem territory," upgrades are cheap – only $2.99 / mo.

Try It Already!

A stranger on the internet says so. What more do you need?

You can even upgrade for a few days free and see if the extra features are worth it, no obligation.


Bleep Bloop.

Whoops, I meant to say we’re human. So reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

Email day or night companytools2016@gmail.com

Facebook Likes Popup reviews

11 reviews
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  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

Easy install. Hopefully this app will boost our likes. The start is promising. Keep up the good work!


EXCELLENT APP! Easy to set up!! Thank you!


Not a good app... actually. It just sticks on the right bottom side of the page, and there is a rolling sentence saying" Get this pop-up box for your Shopify store.) This is not something I want my customers to see when they visit my page. :( I know it is a free version, but I feel it is not user-friendly.


This App Works Greate when it comes to Likes for your website on Facebook. The popups would do the job perfectly whenever someone visits your website. It is always good to gain many likes to the website and this would certainly improve it. My new online store got 20 likes in the first day!
I'll definitely continue if I get Likes to my website (Facebook Page) in this manner!


I subscribed for premium about a month ago, most features worked at the beginning. For the past three weeks the app has degraded to a completely BROKEN app.

- Popup no longer displays at all
- When the popup used to work, the "like" button would be missing
- On the odd occasion the like button shows but the follower count is always 0.
- Turning off follower count has never worked
- Delay has never worked

You can't customise the thank you message or change the layout, colour or size of anything.

Support is absolutely hopeless, I had to beg them to reply with four emails and when they finally reply it's not helpful at all. They still haven't addressed anything I've asked for or about. Just pretend there's no support, it's easier then wasting a month trying to e-mail them.

UPDATE: Support has responded after another email, they are trying to get the popup working again.


I installed it, but it is not working. The popup shows, but it is no Like button in the popup. I upgraded to the premium version, but when I try to downgrade to the free version it only shows a error. I have tried to contact the developers multiple times, but no respond.


I just installed this app, but I do believe that it will get me more likes on my Facebook page to give my shop the credibility that people look at for a growing business


Easy to install, and works great. Have added 7 new likes in the first day.


All the best about your plugin. My advice.


Super easy to use and customize!

Free – $2.99 / month

An elegant, basic popup is free. Upgrade to offer followers a coupon code, and fully customize the popup. Details here.

3 days

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