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Facebook Messenger Remarketing by CartBack

Facebook Messenger Remarketing by CartBack

Developed by CartBack

44 reviews
Price: Free – $89.00 / month More info
  • Recover abandoned carts through a Facebook Messenger chatbot
  • Get higher open and click rates than email
  • Customize your message - offer a discount code, for example

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How it works

Once you install the app, your product pages will have a "Send to Messenger" checkbox below the Add to Cart button.

If your visitor is already logged into Facebook, the checkbox will already be pre-populated with his name.

Once he adds the product to his cart, he automatically gets opted in to get Facebook messages from your store. Your Facebook page then sends him 2 follow-up messages only if he didn't purchase.


Pricing is based on the # of messages sent per month:

  • 250+ messages -> $11.99/month

  • 1000+ messages -> $25/month

  • 3000+ messages -> $49/month

  • 6000+ messages -> $69/month

  • 10000+ messages -> $89/month

Data across thousands of stores using our app shows an average ROI of 20x-100x with the above pricing. We count one abandoned cart as a single message, even though you can send up to 2 messages per abandoned cart.


Who is the sender of the Facebook message?
Your Facebook page automatically sends the message. During install, you'll be prompted to connect your Facebook page

How many messages get sent?
We send two Facebook messages on your behalf. One will be 30 minutes after the cart gets abandoned, and the other will be 24 hours after. In both cases, we check to make sure the visitor did not make a purchase before we message them!

Can I customize the Facebook message?
Yes, you can customize the body of the message as well as the call-to-action button

Is this within Facebook's terms-of-service
Yes, when your visitor opts-in through the checkbox, you are allowed to message him within a 24 hour period.

I already have an abandoned checkout app. Would I still use this?
Yes, you can use your current app to send emails to shoppers who left their email address. And this app will complement it by handling the visitors who did NOT leave an email address

Why is this better than the typical abandoned cart app?
Abandoned cart apps all take the same approach of emailing your visitors. But they all have very low open rates and even lower click-thru rates. With FB Messenger, you'll see open rates in the 70-80% range.

If I keep my abandoned cart email app, won't my abandoners see 2 messages (one on email and one on Facebook) if they leave their email address?
Yes. Folks like Ezra Firestone advocate for messaging potential customers on multiple channels. With email open rates in the 35% range, those abandoned cart messages from your abandoned cart email app are more likely to not get read. Facebook Messenger is getting 2-3x better open rates than email

Also keep in mind that the scenario you're asking about is a minority of abandoned carts. Email can only be done on abandoned checkouts (where the visitor leaves her email address). FB Messenger Remarketing works on abandoned carts (where the checkout process hasn't started). Abandoned carts far exceed the number of abandoned checkouts.

I'm seeing a lot more Facebook messages being sent than my abandoned checkout email app. Why?
Most abandoned cart apps are really abandoned checkout apps. They go after shoppers at the bottom of the funnel who already gave you their email address.

This app gets a larger number of people who just added to cart but didn't start checking out. Being slightly higher up in the funnel means there is a much larger pie to go after.

Can my visitors opt-out of the abandoned cart messages?
Yes on the 1st message that gets sent, there's also a "No thanks" button they can tap which will opt them out from receiving any more abandoned cart messages

Can I move the position of the "Send to Messenger" checkbox?
Yes, just email us and we'll send you some code to reposition it

I'm not seeing the messages being sent within the Sent folder of my Facebook business page's Inbox You'll only see the message threads when your visitor replies. Most folks just see your automated message and take action without replying. So you won't see them in your Sent folder. But rest assured, messages are being sent for your abandons!

Is the "Send to Messenger" box checked by default?
As long as your visitor is logged into Facebook on his browser or phone, the checkbox will be checked by default. So they're automatically opted-in as soon as they click Add to Cart.

Can I change the "Thanks" and "No thanks" button replies
Yes, email us with what you want, and we'll set that up for you

Do you count two messages to the same customer as 2 messages or 1?
Just one :)

How do I get support?
You can email us at help@getcartback.com. You'll find that we're very responsive. We're also very happy to talk over the phone or Skype (just email us your contact details)

How do you track recoveries?
We were previously tracking based on a combination of name, ip address, and cookies to see if the purchase was made. If so, we take credit for that recovery. But this approach was too generous - we took credit for some sales that weren't directly attributable to the app.

(updated on Aug 29th 2017)
We now put a UTM tracking link inside the buttons of the FB message. If (and only if!) a visitor uses that link to make the purchase, then we take attribution for it.

Why are conversion rates so low? We expect conversion rates to be in the 5-10% range. This may not be as high as you'd hope, but it's 3-5x better than a visitor from a Facebook or Google ad.

Also keep in mind we are being very conservative with attribution. Perhaps the opened message caused the shopper to directly open your store by re-typing your URL and buying. The app will not take credit for this sale since they didn't click on the link within the FB message.

Does the app do click-through conversion or view-through?
Only click-through. And it's only if the sale was made during the session that started from a click within FB Messenger.

So we're being very conservative with attribution. Your last-click conversion may come from somewhere else (ex retargeting ad). And in this case, your customer may have been influenced by the direct messages he received from the app. But the app will not take credit for the view-through.

Can I see an example store that has this setup?



Supreme Gift Shop

Quilters Mart


Hammock Up!


Facebook Messenger Remarketing by CartBack reviews

44 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (0 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (1 review)

Fantastic app and dev team. App works as intended and has already recovered a huge number of orders. Definitely recommend giving it a go. You won't regret it!


Works flawlessly and best of all, Joe is absolutely brilliant! :-)


I installed this app 2 days ago. Already made a sale. Works like a charm. Very easy to use. Responsive support. This is another conversion booster for my store. It nicely fills the gap of retargeting visitors who add to cart but do not leave their email address. Nicely done!


It seems like a cool concept but this app needs help. It continues to send my customers links to other peoples websites and products through my Facebook page. Not cool at all. We sell car electronics but customers keep getting messages about stretch mark removal cream and other various products unrelated to mine from another companies websites from my Facebook page, which seems very unethical and sketchy. Hopefully, it is just a software issue that they can fix but for now, stay away!


Installed 3 days ago and got my first purchase today! It works!


Great app! Very easy to install and manage.
Highly recommended!


Amazing! In 10 days, the FB Messenger Remarketing app has recovered five abandoned carts ! The open rate on the Facebook message is 86%...and has allowed us to engage more customers. It's been great! Highly recommend.


Great app and great support! This is a must have!


Great app and great support! We got much more sales from messenger remarketing than from emails! Nice interface and easy to use. Thank You!


Amazing little app. Support is exceptional, very responsive and informative. This is a marketing avenue everyone should look at. Great job guys!

Free – $89.00 / month

Free up to 250 Facebook messages, $11.99 - $89 per month afterwards depending on the # of messages sent (see Pricing section for details)

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