Feedback Rebates

Feedback Rebates

by virthium

Automate Reviews. Boost Sales. Connect with Customers.

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Get More Reviews Faster

Automate Reviews with Feedback Rebates: Customers get a discount, you get a review, everyone wins! It's honest, easy, and practically free.

Increase Sales and Trust

Feedback Rebate is a powerful signal of High Quality; therefore, it can give you a much greater chance of a sale than a regular discount.

Share Your Story

Invite your team and let your customers know the real story of your product and the people behind it. You are much more than just a brand!

About Feedback Rebates

Instead of an "On Sale," what if you offered this to your customers:

  1. Buy my product.
  2. Leave a Review.
  3. Get a partial Refund.

Your customers save money; you increase sales and get more reviews, everyone wins!

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What is a Feedback Rebate?

Rebate customers can redeem by leaving an honest review.

Why should I offer Feedback Rebates?

  • to boost sales
  • to generate unbiased reviews
  • to signal high-quality to potential customers

What does this app do?

  • It provides an easy way to configure feedback rebates for your products and display them in your store.
  • It adds a widget to show customer reviews on your product pages and collections.
  • It automatically sends your customers a unique review link and creates a refund if they leave a review.
  • It gives you and your team an ability to share your contributions with customers.

How does it work?

Suppose you're selling a $40 product and offering $4 feedback rebate. 1. Customer buys your product for the full price of $40 expecting to receive $4 back later for their honest review. 2. A few days later they get an email that contains the review link and an expiration date. 3. Customer clicks this link, writes a review, and automatically gets their $4 refund. We charge a 25% transaction fee, which in this case is $1.

How much does it actually cost?

Unlike discounts, not all customers will redeem their rebates. This extra money will not only cover the transaction costs but also directly increase your profits. We guarantee that this app will pay for itself, or it’s free. None of our clients have ever spent a penny above their rebate offers, even with the transaction fees.

Why should I use this app?

  • Offering Feedback Rebates can greatly improve sales and increase trust.
  • Feedback Rebates can help you get more reviews very quickly and in the most honest and transparent way.
  • You automatically get Unlimited reviews and Unlimited Email and SMS messages.
  • Each review is a true backlink from the customer’s profile page.
  • Having more reviews and backlinks can significantly improve your SEO (search engine optimization), new customer acquisition, conversion, and retention.
  • Works with all major currencies.
  • Your products will be automatically listed on Virthium network for free to drive more traffic to your store.
  • You can install and keep this app for as long as you'd like. There are no subscription fees.
  • If we add any new features, such as in-mail forms, review replies, image reviews, or time-travel, you will always get it for free, if you install today.

This Feedback Rebates program is provided by Virthium - 100% ad-free, independent reputation network.

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Free to install

No subscription. Transaction fee: 25% of Feedback Rebate per review. 30-day FREE trial.

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