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Feedback Rebates

Feedback Rebates

Developed by virthium

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  • Easily setup Feedback Rebates for your products to improve sales and get more reviews.
  • Automatically send an email with the Feedback Rebate to your customers and get reviews 10X faster.
  • Instantly display your rebates, reviews, and the team in your Shopify store to improve conversion and SEO.

By simply switching from an “On Sale” to a “Feedback Rebate” you will not only increase sales but also get reviews from most customers.

What is a Feedback Rebate?

A rebate customers can redeem by leaving an honest review. (learn more)

Why should I offer Feedback Rebates?

According to the recent UC Berkeley study, feedback rebates...

  • increase sales by 30% above regular discounts

  • generate unbiased reviews after each sale

  • signal high-quality to potential customers

Click here to read the full study.

What does this app do?

  • It provides an easy way to configure feedback rebates for your products and display them in your store.

  • It adds a widget to show customer reviews on your product pages and collections.

  • It automatically sends your customers a special review link and creates a refund if they leave a review.

  • It gives you and your team an ability to share your personal contributions with customers.

How does it work?

Suppose you're selling a $40 product and offering $4 feedback rebate.

  1. More people buy your product for the full price of $40 because they expect to receive $4 refund once they leave a review.

  2. Several days later they get an email that contains a special review link and an expiration date.

  3. Customer clicks the link, writes a review and automatically gets their $4 refund. We charge you a 25% transaction fee, which in this case is $1.

How much does it actually cost?

Although we charge a transaction fee (25% of the rebate) per review, you get to keep 100% of the rebate every time your customer doesn’t leave a review. In other words, unless you get more than 80% response rate (8 out of 10 customers leave reviews), you are guaranteed to save more money than you spend.

There is no magic here, just math. Check it for yourself or click here to see an example.

It’s our mission to provide a program where quality, not the budget size, earns the best reputation. That’s why, if you install today, we will refund any and all fees on reviews above the 80% response rate threshold for the entire year of 2018. This means that switching from an “On Sale” to a “Feedback Rebate” will not cost you a penny.

How big my Feedback Rebates should be to achieve the best result?

Offering bigger rebates will generate more sales, but it will have almost no effect on reviews. For example, you can set a small $2 rebate or a much larger $20 rebate and most customers will still leave a review either way. We recommend starting with a small rebate on most products to get the most reviews and run bigger promotions occasionally to increase sales.

Why should I use this app?

  • Offering Feedback Rebates can greatly improve sales and increase trust.

  • Feedback Rebates can help you get more reviews very quickly and in the most honest and transparent way.

  • Each review is a true “backlink” from the customer’s personal profile, not just a piece of text you'd get with other apps.

  • Having more reviews can significantly improve your SEO (search engine optimization), new customer acquisition, conversion, and retention.

  • Your feedback rebates will be listed on our Virthium network for free to drive more traffic to your store.

  • You and your team will be able to connect with customers on a more personal level beyond labels and brands.

  • You can install and keep this app for as long as you'd like. There are no subscription fees.

  • If we add any new features, such as in-mail forms, review replies, image reviews, or time-travel, you will always get it for free, if you install today.

Check out our Demo Store and FAQs page for more information.

This Feedback Rebates program is provided by Virthium - The Reputation Network. We are a 100% ad-free, independent community of people dedicated to making online reputation fair and accessible.

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Transaction Fee: 25% of the feedback rebate per review.



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