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Fishbowl - Email Capture, Prize Giveaways, and Marketing Tool

Fishbowl - Email Capture, Prize Giveaways, and Marketing Tool

Developed by Fishbowl Prizes

70 reviews
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  • NOW WITH FACEBOOK INTEGRATION - Offer great prize giveaways on your Shopify Home-page and your Facebook Page!
  • Capture email addresses from your website visitors and Facebook Fans!
  • Take Advantage of that Huge Facebook Traffic to Capture Valuable Email Addresses!

Put a Fishbowl on your Website...and Now, Put a Fishbowl on Your Facebook Page Too!

With Fishbowl Prizes, you put a Fishbowl on your website and build your email list big, gain new customers, and increase your sales by running online giveaways. Same as brick and mortar stores have had on their counters for centuries, your website visitors "drop their card" (enter their email address) for a chance to win a great prize you offer. Fishbowl Prizes is FREE! LEARN MORE

Turn Every Visitor into a Customer

  • Offer Great Prize Giveaways on Your Site

  • Capture Email Addresses from Your Website Visitors

  • Turn those Visitors into returning and paying customers

  • Gain Even More Customers...put your Fishbowl on your Facebook Page!


Who is Fishbowl For?

Everyone! Prize Giveaways are one of the best ways to get new customers. The average website spends $3-$5 per click to get customer leads to their site. But what happens when those visitors leave? Can you ever contact them again? Prize Giveaways are the most effective way to capture customer email addresses that you can market to immediately. 


Start Collecting Email Addresses in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Install the Fishbowl Shopify App

Click the Install Button above and start Fishbowl for free!

Step 2: Create a Prize Giveaway

Fill out your prize form with the value, description, start/end dates, and upload a picture. Customize your Fishbowl widget to fit your website's style.

Step 3: Make the Giveaway Live

Click ‘Create Fishbowl’ and that's it! The Giveaway will automatically display on your site when it goes live.



Easy Mailchimp Integration

Quickly connect your Fishbowl Prizes Giveaway to your Mailchimp account. Automatically import new subscribers as customers signup for your giveaway. WATCH HOW-TO VIDEO HERE


New "FACEBOOK" Integration!

Put your Fishbowl Prizes Giveaway on your Facebook Page. Schedule Automatic posts to your Facebook News-Feed. Collect Email Addresses from that Huge Facebook Audience!


  • Advanced Dashboard Analytics.

  • Quality Ranked Marketplace Email Addresses and Filters

  • Location Checking for Giveaway Entries

  • Replicate Previous Giveaways


*** FEATURES ***

1) Put a Fishbowl on your Site: 

Simply use our Shopify APP which lets you effortlessly embeds your Fishbowl Prizes Widget right into your website theme, without ever touching the code. 

2) Unlimited Prize Giveaways: 

Run an unlimited amount of Prize Giveaways on Fishbowl Prizes. We’ll never say it’s too much.

3) Capture Customer Email Addresses

Capture unlimited email addresses from your store visitors and turn them into new customers.

4) Verified Email Addresses

Every email address that you receive is a verified, opt-in address trust is from a real person who’s interested in your products. Because giving prizes to bots is silly.

5) Social Sharing - Go Viral

Make your giveaway go viral with incentives for social sharing.

6) Custom Giveaway Widget

Choose a style that suits your website. Customize your colors and text to match your store’s style and branding.

7) Automated Prize Draws

Every aspect of your draw is automated and easy to handle - Email notifications, choosing a winner, and even the official rules are automatically generated from your giveaway details, so you know your draw is legit!

8) The Fishbowl Marketplace

Every store that’s running a Giveaway with Fishbowl Prizes will also have their draw featured in the Fishbowl Marketplace so that everyone can benefit from each other’s prize giveaways

9) Single Click Entry

After a customer enters their email address one time, they can come back and enter your next draw with just a single click. No need to keep typing their email address every time for every draw they want to enter


Fishbowl - Email Capture, Prize Giveaways, and Marketing Tool reviews

70 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (6 reviews)
  5. 1 star (12 reviews)

Very misleading when you say your app is free. It isn't free to display the Giveaway on my website homepage - you charge $50 for doing this. Your price bracket in the app store should therefore be FROM FREE, not just FREE.


Can't get any images to upload. Not even under the correct size. There support however is very prompt. I think it may have been my browser. Fishbowl Called me to let me know everything is all fixed:) Super nice of them:)


It was working fine until this week. I submitted 2 requests for my latest list and haven't heard back. It's been 4 days. I also submitted a ticket to support. No response. I have the paid version! Looking into other options.


We have been using this service for a year now and it is a great option to collect relevant email addresses!



The app works smoothly, and I have collected 99 email addresses from my first giveaway. However, I have followed up with the email list 2 times with an offer for the freebie item at 50% off to those who did not win, and I didn't get any responses. These are just people looking for freebies, and aren't interested in my products. It's a great concept, but doesn't seem to drive any sales on my Shopify store. Also, people don't read. I keep having out of country winners, even though my ad clearly states only US and its territories.


Need to change the image options so you can actually see the giveaway you are promoting...


UPDATE, 8/15/2017
JUST ASK FOR HELP DEAN WILL FIX YOUR PROBLEM! THERE SERVICE IS GOOD AND GETTING EVEN BETTER. No one else collects emails for you in this way and it's awesome to put on contests like this!

I have the same issue i can't get there email list to upload to my shopify, maybe they will help me too? I have tried for months with no luck.

I need a compatible file so i can get my email address.

Helping me fix issue :)


I was having some issues to unlock my list last week but Dean was able to respond quickly and help me to resolve the issues. Great job! Thanks again.


Update- sorry for the negative review, overeacted out of thrustration. the support staff had stated that their files are note designed to be compatible with shopify but they provided me a compatible csv file instead.
i had setup a free giveaway, at the end i found it impossible to import all 250 emails to my shopify email list as the csv file isnt compatible with shopify. but the support staff are willing to prepare and email a custom csv file that is compatible. there is a free plan with a limit of 250 emails a month but i prefer this way as i can run other weekly events with other apps.


This app has been great so far!! I'm just running my first giveaway as I have just launched my store. I pinned a post about it to the top of my facebook business page and then I've been promoting it! It's only been a few days since I stopped it over Easter weekend and I have 183 likes and loves, 23 shares, lots of likes and follows (from them) on my page and 102 have signed up for my giveaway so far. Not bad for 2.5 days!

I read some reviews saying the emails were bad and tons of people unsubscribed but so far I have only had 3 out of about 100. I only promote in the USA so the emails look legit to me and I'm sending each one automatically a Welcome to my Newsletter email a day after they sign up. So far so good! I'm Thrilled!!

I wanted to add that I have Mailchimp connected and that's awesome too!

Here is my website and facebook page if you want to see it!




All the features of Fishbowl Prizes are available for Free.



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