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Fraud Filter

Fraud Filter

Developed by Shopify

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  • Create custom filters on orders or checkouts to fight fraudulent orders
  • Create filters based on existing order data
  • Analyze fraudulent orders that were flagged by the app

Fraud Filter gives you greater control over your checkout and help you prevent fraudulent transactions from happening in your store. You can set up a warning for fraudulent orders, or block orders completely using a simple rule-based setup.

Avoid charge backs and fight fraud in your store with an easy layer of protection.

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  • Set rules to flag potentially fraudulent

  • Set rules to block orders entirely

  • Direct integration with the Admin

  • Get more control over your checkout

Fraud Filter reviews

103 reviews
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  5. 1 star (22 reviews)

If the fraud analysis can tell us an order was placed from Turkey but the billing address was entered as SIngapore, we should be able to have a function that says "if the billing address entered is different from where the order is being placed, cancel"


The biggest fraud happens when billing addresses are different than shipping addresses and when they use expedited shipping. Both of those functions are missing!


It is useful, but there is no way to block a country except by the country code which doesn't normally get added by the customer.


You can always trust native Shopify apps!!!



I don't see how this helps stop fraudulent orders. 99.9% of our attempted fraudulent orders are first-time customers, so we don't already know the email, address, or phone. This app only lets you create filters for criteria you know an exact match for. Why not let us create filters like flag if the order amount > $$$ and used expedited shipping. Or if billing and shipping addresses are different. THAT would help.


Great App!



Good to have option for extra layer of protection against fraud.


Simple app - does what it says. Helpful for detecting 'risky' transactions so they can be further investigated. For a free app it works well and does what is says on the box!


This app is terrible. The filters it allows you to stop orders are completely unhelpful - unless you happen to know the exact email address, IP address or other specific information that the criminal will use, it doesn't help. I'm not sure why it's designed this way because its a Shopify app and Shopify is actually very good at flagging fraud orders. But it doesn't allow you to automatically block or cancel orders that it believes are fraudulent.


Great way to detect fraud at the customer level before you fulfill the order.


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