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Fraud Filter

Fraud Filter

Developed by Shopify

62 reviews
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  • Create custom filters on orders or checkouts to fight fraudulent orders
  • Create filters based on existing order data
  • Analyze fraudulent orders that were flagged by the app

Fraud Filter gives you greater control over your checkout and help you prevent fraudulent transactions from happening in your store. You can set up a warning for fraudulent orders, or block orders completely using a simple rule-based setup.

Avoid charge backs and fight fraud in your store with an easy layer of protection.

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  • Set rules to flag potentially fraudulent

  • Set rules to block orders entirely

  • Direct integration with the Admin

  • Get more control over your checkout

Fraud Filter reviews

62 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (6 reviews)
  5. 1 star (11 reviews)

it works the way it should, but too bad it doesn't allow IP address blocking.


Best app available. Let's you customize your fraud settings and block ip's.


Using this App with my other store www.101.watch - and I am absolutely satisfied.
Cheers! K


Thank you so much for this great addition to our luxury home good store!


As @Sinimabeats put, this App is great until it comes to sites selling digital downloads. The App indeed does flag, cancel and refund these orders, but it cannot do anything to stop the payment being made altogether.

On a digital downloads store, once the payment has been made, the digital item is automatically sent, regardless of if the order is cancelled or refunded.

The controls in the App are nice and simple. If they created a function to block the payment being made if the rules are met, then this would be an nearly ideal App for users looking to block fraudsters on a digital downloads store.


its very easy to setup and usGreat app


It's a great concept and I had high hopes but it doesn't work when put to the test. I installed Fraud Filter last November and this past week, a repeat offender placed an order -- this app identified the parameters I had set. However, it ended up completing the order anyways while delivering the digital downloads and then marked the order as "cancelled" a moment later. Hoping this can one day be fixed as it will be very useful if it actually works.


This app isn't efficient at all! We have added several emails to the BLOCK list and they STILL are able to order.


Would love to give it a positive review, but it hasn't stopped any fraudulent orders dispute setting it up to block certain emails, it's let them all through costing me money in charge backs. Useless.


Provided us with a short term solution whilst we got our store up and running. We can't complain too much because it's free but there are much better apps out there that deal with fraud, even if you have to pay for them.



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