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Fraud Filter

Fraud Filter

Developed by Shopify

109 reviews
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  • Create custom filters on orders or checkouts to fight fraudulent orders
  • Create filters based on existing order data
  • Analyze fraudulent orders that were flagged by the app

Fraud Filter gives you greater control over your checkout and help you prevent fraudulent transactions from happening in your store. You can set up a warning for fraudulent orders, or block orders completely using a simple rule-based setup.

Avoid charge backs and fight fraud in your store with an easy layer of protection.

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  • Set rules to flag potentially fraudulent

  • Set rules to block orders entirely

  • Direct integration with the Admin

  • Get more control over your checkout

Fraud Filter reviews

109 reviews
  1. 5 stars (54 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (12 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (10 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (9 reviews)
  5. 1 star (24 reviews)

It's a pretty average app. I can't tell if its protecting me much.
With some work it could be great.

Geeky apparel store:



This app is worthless. After talking to customer support and finding out that this app allowed you to create a series of filters for it to decide when to flag a purchase, I gave it the expectation that is was basically a blacklist.

Simple enough. I set one filter of let me know when an order over $500 is made.
It flagged every single $30 order as possibly fraudulent.

Delete. I'll stick with the regular shopify fraud analysis.


This app works great, highly recommend


We just recently launched, so we haven't had many orders yet. But I find the functionality works fine for us so far and I like that it supplements the already existing fraud analysis in shopify that shows up in the admin side when viewing each order.


This app does not work, and we mean at all! The app was designed with all the right elements in place, but somehow it was not plugged to shopify stores to actually do the job.


I use this app to add suspected fraudulent buyers. Thankfully it had never had to flag one for me yet, but it’s a piece of mind


If the fraud analysis can tell us an order was placed from Turkey but the billing address was entered as SIngapore, we should be able to have a function that says "if the billing address entered is different from where the order is being placed, cancel"


The biggest fraud happens when billing addresses are different than shipping addresses and when they use expedited shipping. Both of those functions are missing!


It is useful, but there is no way to block a country except by the country code which doesn't normally get added by the customer.


You can always trust native Shopify apps!!!



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