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Free Plus Shipping

Free Plus Shipping

Developed by Swank Apps, LLC

15 reviews
Price: $9.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Easily set Free + Shipping rates (without messing with weights or other hacks)
  • Set unique Free plus Shipping rates for different products
  • No-Hassle combination of Free + Shipping rates with Price and Weight based rates

What is Free + Shipping?

Offering customers a free product (just pay shipping) is one of the most enticing offers possible when selling physical products.

With this app, easily make a product free, and just charge shipping based on the number of products they purchase.

How does it work?

Easily set the shipping based on the number of products sold (eg $5 shipping for 1 product, $9 shipping for 2 products, etc).

The Free Plus Shipping App also includes a "5+" feature, where you can set the per-pricing shipping for as many items as a customer wants to buy (no limits).

Not only that, but you can create multiple Free + Shipping rates, so that each product can have unique shipping costs.

What about other shipping options?

With this app, you will also be able to set price-based and weight-based rates, just like in the standard Shopify setup. Easily integrate these weights with your Free + Shipping products.

You will be able to manage all of your rates (across all regions) from within the app, greatly simplifying the Free + Shipping product setup.

Should I be using Free + Shipping?

Free Plus Shipping is perfect for anyone who:

  • Needs to quickly and easily set up Free + Shipping products

  • Wants tiered shipping prices for each product

  • Wants to change Free + Shipping rates based on location

  • Wants to easily integrate price-based and weight-based rates

  • Is drop-shipping or wanting to test many products quickly

  • Wants the flexibility to control shipping rates quickly and easily
  • Sounds complicated...

    It was to program - but for you it's easy! Just install and you are just a few clicks away from having a fully functional free + shipping product on your store. There isn't a better shipping app available on the market when it comes to setting up Free Plus Shipping products.

    ***Note: Free + Shipping requires real-time carrier shipping. To discuss adding this to your existing plan, contact Shopify on 1-888-746-7439 or sales@shopify.com

Free Plus Shipping reviews

15 reviews
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  5. 1 star (5 reviews)

Really love this app and the developer is always available to answer all my questions. The Pro features are a must have!


It doesn't support free + shipping order rates limit..


Not for begginers or new stores.
Customers cannot check out, app does not display correct pricing, does not change product prices to account for "FREE + SHIPPING" therefore it IS NOT free it is product prices plus shipping.
Useless app. Do not waste your time. Not for beginners. Would not recommend.


I think this would be a great ap if you didn't need "carrier" services to run it. Maybe I missed it but i'd love to have been told that before I got it all set up and realized because I didn't have the most expensive shopify payment plan that I don't have carrier services, which in turn means I cannot use this app.


At first I thought the app was corrupt, but after enabling the CCS feature, it worked perfectly fine.

You also need to import your predefined shipping settings to the App, then delete these settings from Shopify.

The only missing feature I would say is the Search or Filter by Tags in the main menu, all of my "Free Plus Shipping" items have the tag "free", so having the ability to search products by their tags would be a huge benefit.

Other than that, works perfectly fine.

BTW, you don't have to upgrade your plan to enable the CCS feature, you can ask Shopify to enable it and they'll add $20 to your bill.


how do i stop my trial without being charged, i downloaded and it wont load. I figured out my free shipping system without needing the app as well.


i just tried to install it and it sits hanging for twenty minutes and not working


I’ve used this app for a few months. Over this time, I’ve found my check out process broken twice because of bugs in this APP. Note that if the shipping service doesn’t return a proper response, the customer just can’t checkout. The first time they pushed out an update that broke my store. Then they fixed it but broke the admin view for the app. The third update got it right. Now I discover my check out is broken again, because the shipping records are corrupted. Note that other reviews are reporting the same problem as far back as mid 2016. I’m uninstalling this app before they ruin me.


Nice try, I really wanted to like and use it, but it's full of bugs and I don't want to be paying for an app while trying to work out the bugs with developer. I have loads to do already like trying to build my online store.
Woke up one Saturday to orders totaling $0.00. Long story short, the app dropped a couple of my rates and does the same when trying to set up rates to the products in the first place. So had to cancel some orders, can you image if it was a few hundred orders??? So I am uninstalling after 1.5 months of use.


First off, I haven't written any reviews for any of the apps I have installed as I have found that nearly all of them had something about them that were either going to force me to spend more money to make them work (intentionally, I'm sure) or cause me a ton of headaches trying to figure them out with little to no support documentation. If you're new to this Shopify game then I am CONFIDENT that you know exactly what I'm talking about. Now onto the review..... After struggling with trying to create free plus shipping rules and trying to get rid of the additional Shopify default shipping options showing up in checkout that would confuse my customers for the better part of my Shopify trial, I came across this app today. Man it's a life saver! No more dealing with drawn out youtube videos explaining how to set up a million decimal based shipping rules and then not even being able to allow my customers to order more than one item without losing money on the deal. Within (literally) 3 minutes of installing this app I had 10 products ready to go. When I tested out adding multiple free items to the cart guess what I saw? Each item rang up up a shipping charge of it's own just like I set it up to do and there were no unneeded additional shipping options showing up to confuse my customers. Seriously, if you are trying to get a free plus shipping option going THIS IS THE APP TO GRAB. Thank you SO much Swank Apps....You're a business saver! I love the price too. A lot of the app developers on here are clearly out for a money grab, but these guys offer a great product at an incredible price for it's potential. This probably sounds like I work for them or something but if you have been pulling your hair out trying to accomplish something that should be seemingly so simple then you can imagine how you would feel if you discovered a truly easy and properly functioning solution for 10 bucks a month. For me, Free Plus Shipping feels like meeting the new love of my life after the week and half of burnt time I've spent dealing with just trying to get into the competition much less get ahead of it. Now, I have read a review saying the app wasn't working properly. I had this issue for about ten seconds too. All you have to do is head to the Shopify shipping area and delete EVERYTHING...all of it...everything! Then head to Free Plus Shipping and set up your rate, choose the products for that rate and move onto the next one. To make product sorting easier I personally included indicators in the titles like "Stainless Steel Ring-Under A Buck". This allowed me to easily know which products were at the proper price point for the shipping rate I was setting up. Then when you're done, simply search your products in Shopify by the indicator ("under a buck" for example) and remove the additional wording from each. Seems time consuming but it's not nearly as time consuming as trying to teach yourself how to accomplish what this app accomplishes in seconds. I am stoked!

$9.99 / month
7 days


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