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Gather - Coupon Email Exit Popup

Gather - Coupon Email Exit Popup

Developed by Sourcecraft

14 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Save time and effort growing your subscriber list, get more for your advertising dollar and reduce wasted traffic with Exit Intent Technology (see below for details).
  • Track the revenue effectiveness of your campaign (see below for details).
  • Prevent coupon code abuse with automatic unique discount code distribution (see below for details).... and more!

Read about how Nina added 2300 email leads to her mailing list, and generated $100,000 in orders from customers who signed up through Gather

Dear Shopify Store Owner,

What sets Gather apart is it's ability to deliver coupon codes directly to customers in the same email signup popup.

Customers become more incentivised to make a purchase during their browsing session when they receive a coupon code directly after signing up.

I built Gather for a client who runs a successful Shopify Store.

The results speak for themselves:

In the last 7 months, Nina from BeautifulBecause.com.au, generated over $100,000 in sales from customers captured by Gather.

They wanted a unique solution that increases the likelihood of a customer signing up to the newsletter and making a purchase with a coupon code.

By working closely with my client, I built an app that:

    Helps boost the number of your store’s email subscribers

Using both exit intent technology and in-browsing triggers, Gather is proven to boost your email signups.

    Seeds the first step in your sales funnel

Usually only a small number of visitors convert to customers.

Turn otherwise lost customers to subscribers by offering an incentive to enter your sales funnel. Once you have permission to email them, you have a higher chance of converting them to customers in the future.

    Incentivises customers to take action

Because customers are not redirected to a new page when they sign up, and they receive their coupon code instantly, there is a higher chance they will convert during the same session on your website. If they are on a product page, and are triggered with a discount, this may well be the purchase decider for them!

    Creates the first step in your sales funnel

The beauty of ecommerce comes when you have the ability to segment your customers according to where they are in the funnel.

The first step in the sales funnel is usually the “contact” stage.
Don’t lose your customer if they don’t make a purchase, keep in contact with them through a mailing list signup. Gather provides you with the tool to best capture your customer’s contact email.

    Prevents coupon code abuse

There are a number of websites that list available coupon codes to be used. If you want your code to become exclusive to those nice customers who sign up, then we have the answer for you!

Gather allows you to upload many unique Shopify coupon codes and it allocates one code to each signup automatically. Once a customer uses the code to make a purchase, the code cannot be reused.

Gather also checks for emails that have been previously entered through the popup, and prompts the customer that they have already signed up if they signup more than once. This prevents wasted coupon codes.

    Allows you to customise the look and feel of your popup

Select preset themes, change colors and add background images to match your shop's branding.

    Keeps your finger on the pulse

The app monitors the performance of your campaign in terms of your revenue. You can also track your site's page impressions against the number of signups you receive.

    Syncs your signup data to Mailchimp through Shopify

Because Gather integrates with Shopify, the app can automatically sync the signups to Shopify. This then means your Shopify integrated email marketing app, like Mailchimp, would also be in sync.

I will work closely with you to continuously improve the app and increase your store's growth potential.


Iz, founder of Gather.

Plans and Features

All plans include a 30 day free trial

You will not be charged until the 30 day trial is over and you choose to continue with the app.

    Starter Plan:

    Features included, as follows:
  • Email signup popup with Exit Intent Technology

  • Choose from a number of themes

  • Deliver coupon codes to customers

  • Customise popup view settings

  • Measure popup effectiveness in terms of orders made

  • Verify a lead had not signed up before

  • View campaign data

  • Serves up to 15,000 page views per month

  • Free

  • Option to include the following addons:

  • Sync emails with Shopify (and Mailchimp if you have the Shopify Mailchimp app).

  • Deliver unique coupon code to each customer

  • Target customers form Google only

    Pro Plan

    All features included, as listed in the Starter Plan above
  • Unlimited addons

  • Serves unlimited page views per month

  • $29/month

Gather - Coupon Email Exit Popup reviews (14)


I have found Gather to be very beneficial and was just what I was looking for.


I love Gather!!! Really easy to use and to install plus the customer service is excellent. We increase our revenue by "getting" the people that was about to leave our page with sweet discount!


Amazing app! A great way to get more leads and sales!
It Really works and very easy to install.
Thank you!


Thanks for making this great app. We are able to capture 32 new signups in a month and make extra $572.66 USD using Gather app. Highly recommend to any shop owner that haven't started to install this app.

Very easy to navigate and you can configure the pop up setting via their platform. You can grow your list and funded the upgrade fee with the profit you make easily..


Works well! Picked this one because it allows unique discount codes. We have had some misuse of our codes using a static code. Great support, quick responses. Would highly recommend it!


Great app, 50+ sign ups in a month of adding to my shop. My old mailing list sign up was not getting the job done. I recommend this app if your mailing list sign up is lack luster


Very easy to use and set up. I particularly like the ability to use unique discount codes when folks sign up. Support has been fantastic as well. I look forward to learning more about email marketing, growing our list, and using more of the features offered by Gather.


After experimenting with numerous email capture tools (SumoMe, Beeketing, list management software pop-ups, etc) for our store, we decided that offering an immediate on-screen discount in exchange for an email address might have more appeal to customers than other promises/offers.

Boy, were we right.

Within the first few days of using Gather, our daily rate of email capture improved significantly. Almost immediately, we've gone from generating multiple captures per month to multiple captures per day. The immediate discount also helps to convert sales from 1st time visitors at a higher rate.

We like that the app performs a single function very well for us - we ask for an email address, we reward with a one-time-use discount code. Unlike similar apps here in the store, it doesn't require that we offer social sharing as an alternative to email capture...and we much prefer it that way.

It also displays the discount code on the screen for users immediately upon sign-up...no waiting for a special email to arrive or need to switch apps for your users to get their reward (even though sending email to them upon signup is certainly an option).

Also, we've sent some questions about the software and feature requests at various hours throughout the day, and the creator, Iz, has been very responsive and helpful.

Highly recommend if your goal is to gather emails via your store and help your customers feel good about submitting.


Gather is a good app to create discount coupons for your customers. It is easy to setup and use. Customers are always happy to receive a discount for their shopping


Gather is one of the best and most useful Shopify apps that I have used. It does exactly what it promises and it does it effectively. Setup is quick and you are gathering leads in no time. The Support for the app is great and the developer is constantly adding new features. If this was a paid app, it would be definitely worth the money!

From $0.00 / month

All plans come with a 30 day free trial. You will not be charged until the trial period is over.

    Starter Plan:
  • All basic features included

  • Serves up to 15,000 page views per month

  • Free

    Pro Plan
  • All features and addons included

  • Serves unlimited page views per month

  • $29/month

    Agency Plan

  • Custom build features available

  • White labelled

  • Private app option

  • All features included

  • Unlimited page views

  • Developer time for additional features

  • Email us: hello@gathercustomers.com

30 days

Support & Sales

(02) 8007 3816
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