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Gather - Coupon Exit Popups & Email Referrals

Gather - Coupon Exit Popups & Email Referrals

Developed by Sourcecraft

20 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Automatically grow your email subscriber list with Exit Intent Technology Coupon Popups & Referrals.
  • Track how much money you are making from customers who use your coupon codes.
  • Sync data with Mailchimp, Klaviyo and other Email Marketing apps.

What Makes Gather So Powerful at building your email list like no other tool?

  • It is the only tool that combines Exit Intent email capture popups, customer-to-customer referrals automation, and coupon distribution to boost your email list!

  • It is easy to use. You can be up and running in as little as 60 seconds

  • No coding required

  • It tells you how well your campaigns are doing in terms of the amount of orders made from customers who have joined your list.

  • It is built in close collaboration with many Shopify Merchants

  • It is engineered with best practices from Customer Behaviour Science


Get the Free Case Study: Read about how Nina added 2300 email leads to her mailing list, and generated $100,000 in orders from customers who signed up through Gather


Features that Save you Time Building your List and Driving Sales

NEW FEATURE - Session Timer

Choose a time a customer spends on your whole site (not just a page) after which the popup would appear. A customer spending a lot of time on your site could be highly engaged or unsure

NEW FEATURE - Notification popups

Add a notification popup to prompt a customer with a timely piece of information that would help them convert. E.g. an easy payment you have, or a compelling shipping option

It helps boost the number of your store’s email subscribers & sales

  • Email Exit Intent popups & timer triggered popups

  • Coupon delivery within the same popup

  • Autoresponder for delivering coupons to customers

  • Unique discount code distribution, one per customer

  • provide instant coupons at strategic times during a customer browsing your site

Incentivises customers to refer their friends to your shop's email list or newsletter

  • Best practice Behaviour Design principles used

  • Customer to friend referral for joining your list

  • Customer to friend personal message option

  • Customers can receive a list of Gmail contacts and refer directly from their contact list

  • Referrals via Facebook, including Facebook Messenger

  • Automated referrals emails sent on behalf of your customers

  • Automated referrals management: shows who referred who

  • Referral metrics dashboard

  • Referrer retargeting via email

Allows you to design your Popups and Overlays

  • Choose form a number of themes

  • Customize colors

  • Design your own banner in your favourite design package and integrate it with Gather

Allows you maximise conversions by targeting customers

  • Popup display rules

  • Target customers according to the page they are on

  • Target customers according to referring sites

  • Target customers according to whether they have something items in the cart [one of our favourite features]

    Sync with Mailchimp, Klaviyo & more

    • Syncs with email marketing apps that have Shopify support

    • Email address syncing

    • Intelligent data syncing such as page on which customers opted in, country, discount code received

    • Email list CSV export

    Prevents abuse and fraud

    • Saves your profit margin from being eaten away by coupon codes added on external for all to use

    • Unique 1 use coupon code distribution, one per customer

    • Referral Fraud Detection system

    • Prevents duplicate email signups

    Intelligent data dashboards

    • Store website impressions

    • Popup overlay impressions

    • Number of signups

    • Shows you the amount of money made from customers who signed up - [One of our favourite features!]

    A team that cares and wants to be your friend.


    Join Many Shopify Merchants who have generated $900,000 in orders from customers acquired through Gather.


    Plans and Pricing

    All paid plans include a free trial

    You will not be charged until your free trial is over and you choose to continue with the app.

    Click here for Pricing Details

    Why we Built Gather

    Over 2 years ago, I built the initial version of Gather to first help a friend grow their ecommerce business. They could not find a solution in the market that met their needs.

    Upon their success with Gather, my team and I continued developing Gather to serve the needs of the wider business community. Since the inception of Gather, we carried through a unique way of developing products. Which is: Working closely in collaboration with our customers.

    We are a team that cares. It means the world to us when we realise, with you, the continuous results you get from Gather: the flourishing of your business and the growth of one of the most important assets: Your email subscriber list.

    Iz - Founder Gather

Gather - Coupon Exit Popups & Email Referrals reviews

20 reviews
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We love that Gather it is the only app we found that provides page targeting at a fair price. We're keen on the page targeting feature because setting up a popup with copy that is specific to a page should increase our signup conversion rates.

The support team at Gather are awesome, they go out of their way to educate and share their tips and tricks.

Well done Gather!


We use the pop up to gather emails for a discount code and so far it has worked sublimely. The pop up looks smart and clean and the backend interface is great to use.

I recently had to contact support with a few questions regarding integrations with other email marketing apps and the reply was swift, polite and informative. Have since upgraded to the next plan up and would highly recommend this app.


Great customer service! Good app as well.


Good app.

Very easy. very valuable and good service.


Found a great email exit popup in Gather and at a low cost. Great and simple tool to use.


Top notch support. There were a few hiccups but that's because I was having trouble following directions. Their app works seamlessly. When I thought I had a problem with that app their support team was happy to help me understand the app's functionality. While he was assisting me he notices a few bugs slowing my page loads and Identified them for me so I could fix them and the errors had nothing to do with their app. I must say they went above and beyond in customer support. Thanks So much!


I have found Gather to be very beneficial and was just what I was looking for.


I love Gather!!! Really easy to use and to install plus the customer service is excellent. We increase our revenue by "getting" the people that was about to leave our page with sweet discount!


Amazing app! A great way to get more leads and sales!
It Really works and very easy to install.
Thank you!


Thanks for making this great app. We are able to capture 32 new signups in a month and make extra $572.66 USD using Gather app. Highly recommend to any shop owner that haven't started to install this app.

Very easy to navigate and you can configure the pop up setting via their platform. You can grow your list and funded the upgrade fee with the profit you make easily..

From $0.00 / month

Plans and Pricing Details Here

All paid plans come with a free trial.

Free Starter Plan

Starter Plus Plan

Pro Plan - 14 day free trial.

Pro Concierge - 5 day cooling-off period.

You will not be charged until the trial period is over.

14 days

Support & Sales

(02) 8007 3816
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