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Email Pop-ups with Exit Intent, Abandoned Cart Rescue & Coupons - by Gather

Email Pop-ups with Exit Intent, Abandoned Cart Rescue & Coupons - by Gather

Developed by Sourcecraft

25 reviews
Price: From $9.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Grow your Email Database: Do what top merchants do and focus on building your email newsletter list. Gather's pop-ups convert your customers to subscribers, automatically send unique discount codes, sync customer emails directly with Mailchimp, Klaviyo and more.
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment: Highly targeted pop-ups typically converting at a 10% optin rate (in some cases up to 40%!). Rescue your cart and save money on advertising. Exit Intent, Cart Integration, Coupons & Autoresponders incentivise your abandoning visitors to complete their purchase before they leave.
  • Strategically Notify Customers: Show customers highly targeted messages during their browsing, boosting conversions.

What Makes Gather So Powerful at Increasing Conversions, Building your List and Driving Sales?

  • Gather's email optin pop-ups give you many targeting options, increasing your ROI.

  • Exit Intent Technology senses when your customer looks like they are about to leave and incentivises them to optin or complete a purchase.

  • Unlike most pop-ups, Gather's solution can read your Shopify cart! This means you can make your pop-ups super targeted and increase your Return on Investment.

  • Gather's abandoned cart pop-ups typically convert to optins at 10% - 40%. This is as high as it gets.

  • Gather's pop-ups can cut your advertising and Facebook retargeting ad spend.

  • Gather is easy to use. You can be up and running in as little as 60 seconds.

  • No coding required.

  • Gather tells you how well your campaigns are performing in terms of the amount of orders made from customers who have joined your list.

  • Gather is built in close collaboration with many Shopify merchants.

  • Gather is engineered with best practices from Customer Behaviour Science.

About Cart Abandoment & Gather's pop-ups

We all Know it, cart abandonment is one of the biggest conversion killers. Up to 70% of customers who add items to the cart, abandon it. That is a lot of lost revenue. A low hanging fruit for increasing conversions is to reduce cart abandonment.

Customers abandon shopping carts for many reasons. It's not necessarily that they have changed their minds.

Cart Abandonment Emails DO NOT do what Gather's pop-ups do - How are we different?

When you think of cart recovery, tools like cart abandonment emails come to mind. However, cart abandonment emails only solve half the problem. This is why...

To send cart abandonment emails, you need your customer’s email first. Your visitor will not add their email address until they register on your site during the checkout process. In many cases, your visitor would have already abandoned the site by that point.

This is why Gather’s pop-ups rescue the cart before site registration phase. Gather’s smart pop-ups read your shop’s cart contents. If a customer has items in the cart, and they show signs of abandoning your site, Gather will incentivise them to complete the purchase by:

  • Notifying them as a reminder that they have items in their cart.

  • Offering them a coupon to complete their purchase before leaving.

  • Notifying them to opt in to your email list for updates.

  • Auto-emailing them their coupon & bringing them back to your store.

Stop loosing potentially thousands in lost revenue and put Gather's abandoned cart pop-ups to work.

About Gather and Shopify

Why does Gather have 100% 5 Star ⭐ Reviews on Shopify?

Gather was built originally in collaboration with Shopify merchants like you.

Because Gather was built for Shopify, it offers deep Shopify integration at the best price available.

We work closely with merchants, listening to their feature requests, and developing the product in close collaboration with them.

We care, and our support shows for it.

We offer a Concierge Service, where we build and maintain your campaigns for you, and share the best tips from our experience as well as hundreds of merchants.


Join Many Shopify Merchants who have generated over $2.5+ Million in orders from leads acquired through Gather.



Get the Free Case Study: Read about how Nina added 2300 email leads to her mailing list, and generated $100,000 in orders from customers who signed up through Gather


Features that Increase Conversions & Drive Sales

Boost the number of email subscribers. Grow your customer database.

Top ecommerce stores know that one of the most important things to do is grow the customer database.

  • Trigger pop-ups on exit intent, time spent on page, time spent on whole site.

  • Coupon delivery within the same pop-up. Your customer does not leave the page they are on.

  • Autoresponder for delivering coupons to customers.

  • Unique discount code distribution, one per customer.

Reduce Cart Abandonment, Increase conversion and cut your advertising spend

  • The abandoned cart pop-up allows you to offer discount codes only to customers who add items to the cart, and who show signs of exiting your store without logging in.

  • By incentivizing customers to complete their orders whilst on your site, you reduce the need to retarget them with cart abandonment emails and you save money on Facebook cart abandonment advertising.

  • Deliver the coupon code within the same pop-up; a customer never leaves your site.

  • Unique discount code distribution, one per customer.

Design your pop-ups and Overlays

  • Choose from a number of themes.

  • Customize colors.

  • Design your own banner in your favourite design package and integrate it with Gather (very powerful).

Notifiy Customers of Special Offers or Specific Information that Help them Convert

  • Notification pop-ups require no action from your customers. They notify customers of specific timely information.

  • Target customers with notifications, by the page they're on, where they came from, and if they have items in the cart.

  • Trigger pop-ups on-exit intent, time spent on page, time spent on whole site.

Understand which pages your customers are signing up from

  • Gather records the pages your customers sign up on.

  • Use Mailchimp to segment customers according to the products they are interested in. Gather sends the acquisition pages to Mailchimp.

Get Super Specific about the Visitors you Target

  • pop-up display rules

  • Target customers according to the page they are on.

  • Target customers according to referring sites.

  • Get more specific about targeting customers according to whether they have items in the cart.

    Sync with Mailchimp, Klaviyo & more

    • Syncs with email marketing apps that have Shopify support.

    • Email address syncing.

    • Intelligent data syncing such as page on which customers opted in, country and discount code received.

    • Email list CSV export.

    Prevent Abuse and Fraud

    • Saves your profit margin from being eaten away by coupon codes being shared publicly.

    • Unique 1 use coupon code distribution, one per customer.

    • Prevents duplicate email signups.

    Intelligent Data Dashboards

    • Store website impressions.

    • pop-up overlay impressions.

    • Number of signups.

    • Shows you the amount of money made from customers who signed up - (One of our favourite features!)

    Plans and Pricing

    All plans include a free 14 day trial

    You will not be charged until your free trial is over and you choose to continue with the app.

    Why we Built Gather

    Over 2 years ago, I built the initial version of Gather to first help a friend grow their ecommerce business. They could not find a solution in the market that met their needs.

    Upon their success with Gather, my team and I continued developing Gather to serve the needs of the wider business community. Since the inception of Gather, we carried through a unique way of developing products. Which is: Working closely in collaboration with our customers.

    We are a team that cares. It means the world to us when we realise, with you, the continuous results you get from Gather: the flourishing of your business and the growth of one of the most important assets: Your email subscriber list.

    Iz - Founder Gather

Email Pop-ups with Exit Intent, Abandoned Cart Rescue & Coupons - by Gather reviews

25 reviews
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Very effective app. Iz is a great help and has gone above and beyond assisting us to use this app.


We’re on the $39 Growing plan with Gather and have been customers since Gather’s launch on Shopify in 2015. We first joined Gather because there was nothing else in the Shopify app store that ticked the boxes for all our feature requirements and was also reasonably priced.

Even though there are many apps with free tiers on the store, given our traffic volume, and in order to get the features we wanted, we had to pay over $100 every month. With Gather, it is $39.

We have generated over $420,000 in orders from customers who signed up through Gather’s opt-in forms.

Gather comes with many features, but these are the ones we found the most beneficial:

- Exit Intent popup

- The Targeting Rules. We only wanted to show one of our popups to customers who were referred from Google Adwords. We couldn’t have done so without targeting rules.

- The option to display an email popup on certain pages only. We were able to create product specific promotions with this feature.

- Refer a friend program that helped us increase our email newsletter subscriptions.

Having the ability to contact subscribers via email marketing has been our single best channel in terms of conversions. With Gather, we have been able to maximise email acquisition. So for that, Gather’s value to our business is worth its weight in Gold!

Yes it has taken us over 2 years to write Gather and its founder Iz a review, but now that we are, it had to be the most comprehensive review we’ve ever written on the app store. Though we hardly write reviews, This one is a review we had to write!

Gather’s customer support has been nothing short of amazing. The number of hours Iz and his team spent with us helping us put together multiple campaigns as well as helping us with strategy, is simply unmatched.

These are some of the many things Iz and his team have helped us with: Behavioural Marketing strategy, the Business Model Canvas for our store and Email Marketing tips. For Iz’s expertise in these areas alone, Gather’s subscription feels like the best value for money ever.

Gather continues to help us grow Beautiful Because, I can’t recommend it highly enough.


App is the must have for popups & email referrals!
The support team is SUPER helpful - they looked into what my business does and what are my needs are and advised how to set up my referral campaign based on that. They also gave me good tips beyond their app which was very nice.
App is easy to install & use even if you are not a tech person:)


This has got to be one of the easiest apps I've ever set up on Shopify, and it's already running like a dream! The cherry on top? Incredibly helpful customer service. I had a question about uploading coupon codes, and Iz came to the rescue within seconds. Not only did he explain the issue at hand, he went above and beyond and completed the task for me. Exceptional experience!


Gather has been by far the most effective app we have found for customer subscription with a reward. Iz and the team had been instrumental in getting this happening for us and the fact that they are in Australia made life so much easler for us as they understand the Australian market. In such a short time of having implemented the App, we've noticed an increase in the average basket size and an increase in per order spend. THANKYOU!


We love that Gather it is the only app we found that provides page targeting at a fair price. We're keen on the page targeting feature because setting up a popup with copy that is specific to a page should increase our signup conversion rates.

The support team at Gather are awesome, they go out of their way to educate and share their tips and tricks.

Well done Gather!


We use the pop up to gather emails for a discount code and so far it has worked sublimely. The pop up looks smart and clean and the backend interface is great to use.

I recently had to contact support with a few questions regarding integrations with other email marketing apps and the reply was swift, polite and informative. Have since upgraded to the next plan up and would highly recommend this app.


Great customer service! Good app as well.


Good app.

Very easy. very valuable and good service.


Found a great email exit popup in Gather and at a low cost. Great and simple tool to use.

From $9.00 / month

Plans and Pricing Details Here

All paid plans come with a free trial.

Starter Plus Plan

Pro Plan - 14 day free trial.

Pro Concierge - 5 day cooling-off period.

You will not be charged until the trial period is over.

14 days

Support & Sales

(02) 8007 3816
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