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UWP Access - Simplify GDPR

UWP Access - Simplify GDPR

Developed by Underwaterpistol

8 reviews
Price: $9.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Receive and respond to customer personal data access requests.
  • Easy for customers to request their personal data from their customer account page.
  • Simple, secure export of customer data in a common, interoperable format.

What is GDPR?

GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, is a new privacy law that gives EU customers more control over their personal data. And, with fines of
up to €20 million or 4% of annual revenue, GDPR is simply too important to ignore.

GDPR creates stricter rules on how EU customer data must be handled. Businesses handling personal data for EU customers must have a legally valid reason for doing so, and be able to justify this in simple terms. Meaning more transparency for EU customers, and greater protection of fundamental data protection rights.

In addition, customers have to right to have their data corrected or removed, and can request all personal data be handed over to them. EU
customers are protected from having their data collected for one reason, and being used for something entirely different.

Why be GDPR compliant?

Ultimately, online Shopify merchants can’t afford to make mistakes when it comes to guaranteeing they are compliant with this new EU regulation.
Apart from the obvious, which is avoiding hefty fines, being GDPR compliant is a great opportunity to gain the trust of EU customers, whilst meeting EU regulations.

GDPR compliance gives you the added advantage over competitors with EU customers, as it increases their confidence in your brand. Showing your EU customers that you care about safeguarding their customer data rights in an increasingly digital world is a great way to gain their trust, and can double up as a legitimate marketing tactic.

How does UWP Access help?

UWP Access simplifies access requests, making it easier for online merchants to handle personal data access request from their customers.

  • A must-have app for any Shopify store owners with EU customers

  • Reduces the scope of areas where GDPR applies.

  • Eliminates having to download and email customers directly.

  • Provides customers a simple way to request and view their data.

  • Email notifications sent automatically for all new data requests.

  • Sends customers a temporary link to download their data.

  • 30 days to respond to access requests, after which you'll receive further email notifications.

How does UWP Access work?

  • UWP Access adds a "request your personal data" widget to your customer account pages

  • When clicked, customers can provide a reason for requesting their data and submit their request

  • Confirmation of the request is sent to the customer

  • The merchant is notified of the data request

  • The merchant can process the request and email the data to the customer

Please note that UWP Access is undergoing regular development and feature updates.

For live customer service and a list of FAQs, check out our support page support.underwaterpistol.com

All feedback, queries, and suggestions are welcome!

UWP Access - Simplify GDPR reviews

8 reviews
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Great app

easy to use and makes a complicated issue very easy and manageable


We’ve installed this app to help us with responding to subject access requests and it’s been really helpful. We were struggling to come up with a process to manage them, and meet the 72 hour time frame. It was simple and quick to install and it’s an easy experience for the customer. They can log into their account, click on the access info icon thing, then fill out their email address. Then we instantly get an alert through so we know that a request has come through and we can investigate. The customer then gets an email with a link to download their data securely, which was also another hurdle for us – trying to figure out how to safely send them their data.
Sure, it doesn’t handle the entire SAR needed e.g. other channels and partners that have their info but it gets the ball rolling and handles the part for what Shopify / the web platform hold on the customer. It’s definitely ticked one thing off my list!


I am happy to have chosen this application. They have also given me an excellent, fast and efficient service about doubts I have had to integrate it into my WebSite. It has been easy to install and effective. David.


With GDPR coming into effect on the 25th of May we were a little worried about ensuring our customers could access their data from Day 1 and along comes this app.

It's exactly what we need. Easy one click installation. No integration work required and simple to use for our customers. All with an easy to use dashboard.

Thanks for all the great work on this app guys!


It appears UWP are one of only two companies I know that have actually read the GDPR spec .. All data supplied after official GDPR requests must be in a machine readable format .. This app spews out a .csv - Possibly the most portable document format in the world for anything with multiple fields of data ..
Most importantly it emails us - the store holders the moment a request goes in so you can head to the app, check the request and send the data .. Here's the important bit about that last sentence - It's not automatic, we have to step in and say yes before the data gets sent. This is all about data protection so that step is vital to stop bot driven requests .. .
I've already spoken to UWP and they are looking into all sorts of things for this - things we've not considered because to be honest there is more important stuff to do than wade through GDPR's full text . It gets 5 stars because out of the box it's actually compliant so removes a headache and allows me to put 'request your data' in big letters in my privacy policy without worrying about how I'm going to do that ..


What a great little app.
No configuration needed - just plug and play!
Delighted that I can give my customers their data without a fuss.


Support is friendly and responsive.
App is super simple to install and gives my customers the ability to get their shopify data when they want it. A must have app for GDPR.


I am frantically looking for app developers to actually come up with some decent apps to help with GDPR. No luck so far, since this app is not worth downloading either.

1. test period of 2 days is maybe designed so nobody actually has enough time to check the app before being charged...otherwise it is ridiculously short

2. For an app that only has one phrase in the first communication with my customers, I expect that it should be able to at least get it right from a grammar point of view (so guys you might want to check that)

3. I tried to make a request and the download link that my "customer" got is something no regular Joe will ever be able to open...

Def not worth my money...and I only needed 30 minutes to check all that!

$9.99 / month
14 days


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