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Geo Targeting - Notification, Redirect, & Subscription pop-ups

Geo Targeting - Notification, Redirect, & Subscription pop-ups

Developed by Simtech Development Ltd.

13 reviews
Price: Free – $9.99 / month More info
  • Sell more and lift up your conversion rate with relevant geo-targeted offers.
  • Enjoy rich settings: add text, images or videos; schedule campaigns, include or exclude locations; control pop-ups behavior.
  • Pay for only those features that you use with Custom plan.


1. Target country, state, city or ZIP/Postal code.

2. Forbid showing pop-ups for certain locations.

3. Show text, images or videos.

4. Redirect visitors from certain locations.

5. Display news, sales, coupon codes, product pop-ups, etc.

6. Display prices in local currency.

7. Run campaigns simultaneously.

8. Schedule campaigns.

9. Use custom CSS to create unique styles.

10. Run on any device - the pop-ups are responsive.

11. Measure effectiveness with built-in analytics.

12. (NEW) Use only those campaigns that you need and create a Custom plan

What is Geo Targeting - Notification, Redirect, & Subscription pop-ups?

Geo Targeting app is a tool that displays custom messages like news, sales, special offers, coupon codes, or even redirects visitors by showing attractive pop-ups to a specific location. Colorful images or videos make them more engaging and eye-catching

Why you need Geo Targeting - Notification, Redirect, & Subscription pop-ups?

Do you want to get notifications that you have nothing to do with? Not likely. The app delivers the necessary information to the right customers without annoying the others. How? By displaying location-targeted pop-ups or page redirects.

(NEW) Pay for what you use with Custom plan

Now you have an option to choose the types of campaigns that you use and pay for them only! This plan will help you to optimize spendings if you don't need the entire functionality at once. You will have not limits for the chosen campaigns. Plus, Custom plan does not cancel the limits of the Free plan. You will be able to change the list of included campaign types at any time.

Approach locations

You can target location by country, state, and city or run them worldwide. For each location, you can create different messages and run them separately at the same time. The pop-ups can contain promotions, notifications, redirections, subscriptions and many more. Run as many campaigns as you want and measure their effectiveness.

Target by ZIP/Postal code

Some of your special offers or redirects can depend on customers ZIP/Postal code. To fine-tune your targeting you have an option to show pop-ups only to visitors with certain ZIP. Ask them to enter the code and if it’s a match they will see the pop-up. If it’s not, you can ask for emails for further communication.

Display prices in local currency

People prefer to see prices in their local currency. It’s more convenient to plan spendings while shopping online. Geo Targeting app can detect customers location and automatically convert store prices into visitors currency. It also leaves a choice for the buyer to choose a preferred currency to display.

Clear the noise

Not only you can target the audience that is more likely to get engaged with the message, you can also stop irritating people with useless pop-ups that are not even close to their interest. Offering a discount to CA citizens in front of MN citizens is just not a good idea that ends up with the negative shopping experience.

Schedule campaigns

Key promotion campaigns repeat yearly. With Geo Targeting app, you can schedule them in advance and forget about a deadline rush. You can use availability period for redirections if you need to lead the traffic away from a certain page, while it’s on maintenance, for example.


It’s a good idea to create a custom look for the messages targeting specific groups. Geo Targeting app enables custom CSS styles for all pop-up types. Make your message look friendly to the targeted audience and raise loyalty.


Don’t you worry! We are doing our best to keep up with ecommerce trends and make our apps mobile-first. All Geo Targeting pop-ups are responsive and will look neat on any device.

Advanced customer support service

We integrated our support with Zoho Desk to assure the best customer service with SLA and automatization tools. We admit that we've had a negative experience with customers support lately. The lesson was learned and the actions were made. We'll keep upgrading our internal management tools to create the best service for you. Thanks for the support!

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Geo Targeting - Notification, Redirect, & Subscription pop-ups reviews

13 reviews
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  5. 1 star (1 review)

Great app! Easy to use, neat admin panel and offers lots of functionality even as a free app. Support was very speedy, clear communication and went above and beyond with helping us fix/customize campaigns to fit our needs. Highly recommended!


A really great app for creating location based redirects and popup campaigns - easy to use and quite customizable. Highly recommended!


Neat admin panel, functionality, pricing model and design


Not sure what this BOZO is talking about with slow customer service?? They get back to you super fast. The app works perfect - just as it should. I would highly recommend it - super intuitive and easy to use.


Customer Support Very Very Very Slow In Getting Back To You. The System Only Brings Up A Couple Of Your Products Other Then The FREE Trial Not Worth $10 Per Month.... NOT WORTH IT...


Best looking notifications I've seen across Shopify and works flawlessly. Tested about 4 other solutions and this one looks the best and the easiest to setup too. Got great support from Roman and even got him to add my suggestion in as a permanent feature. Highly recommended!


Really easy to use and does what it promises without hassle. Very satisfied, and excellent support from developer when needed. Thanks!


Great App and great development team! At first this app did not quite meet our needs, having only one action button allowed in the pop-up while we needed multiple. The lead developer had reached out to check on our experience and when we explained the situation they happily adjusted the app with our input! We appreciate the ease of use in the app and the willingness of the developer to work with us!


Exactly the solution we were looking for! And it works great. Interface is super easy to use and the customer support is amazing! Big ups!


Unfortunately the system allows only for 5 Stars, i would have added 50 or 500 for their help, smartness and customization.Keep the good work :-)

Free – $9.99 / month

Free plan
You can create 1 Discount, 1 Product, 1 Currency, 1 Banner and 1 Redirection campaign. Can be published at the same time.

Custom plan ($3.99/type/month)
Free + Unlock necessary campaign types and use them without limitations.

Pro ($9.99/month) Unlimited campaigns of all types. Premium technical support.

Support & Sales

Simtech Development Ltd.
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