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Gifty Dropshipping

Gifty Dropshipping

Developed by Soniram, LLC

23 reviews
Price: $4.99 / month More info
  • Drop ship GIFTS and PRODUCTS from major brands
  • Two-way, multimedia gift messaging that acquires the gift recipients as direct customers
  • Hallmark greeting card upsell mailed by Gifty or fulfilled by you

Premium drop ship products from major brands with built in gift messaging

Drop Ship Products

Gifty allows you to sell fresh flowers, gift baskets, chocolates and many other premium products through our ever-expanding partnerships with major brands. The products are dropped shipped by us and offered to you with FREE shipping in the US at wholesale pricing. You get to set the retail price in your store. There are also many great gift items to choose from. Imagine being able to sell flowers for Mother's Day, candy for Valentine's Day and other gift items for all occasions throughout the year. The Gifty app automatically handles the order processing so these products will be shipped in just 1 to 2 business days.

Gift Messaging

Gifty enables the most advanced reciprocal multimedia gift messaging available (video, audio, picture and text by both the gift giver and gift recipient). The Gifty app also handles the creation, storage and delivery of all gift messages to and from gift givers and gift recipients. This app will also install the same gift messaging option for all the products you currently sell in your store.

Grows Your Customer List

Reciprocal gift messaging acquires the gift recipients' contact info and permission to market directly to them. We send their contact information to you on a weekly basis. Gift givers will also tend to shop more frequently at your store when they receive the multimedia thank you messages from their gift recipients. Consumers create their gift message after checkout, this avoids any interruption in getting the sale.

Upsell Hallmark Greeting Cards

Gifty even allows you to upsell a real, printed Hallmark card for any gift order. These cards do not require any printing by you and are remotely personalized by the gift giver after checkout. The Gifty app has Hallmark cards for a wide variety of occasions. We will mail the cards for you or you can inventory them and place them in the box with the gift.

Gifty makes your site more Gifty!

Gifty Dropshipping reviews

23 reviews
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There are some great items to choose from and the support is quick. They seem to care about your experience!


I found this app while searching for gift options for my customers at checkout and I'm so glad that I did! Gifty Is Awesome! It is so easy to set up and has a lot to offer businesses. This app features a great selection of products for drop shipping.
In addition, (this is the feature I really like) it also allows your customers more options at checkout for personalizing gift cards with messages to make their gift extra special! All of this for a very affordable price, and excellent support if you ever have any questions.

By the way, shipping is included in the cost of the products (for US)!!


Excellent selection of products, they answered my questions fast and app adds gift messaging to our orders which was a big deal for us.


Blocks products from Facebook except for gift cards. Good integration of products to the store though.


Small selection and they force this ugly pop up on your site. What a terrible app


This app has been a game changer for my gifting startup! We focus on customized personal gifts for our clients.
My customers love that they can record a personal message with their gift. I love the Hallmark cards and pricing of course. I have seen positive customer acquisition from the gift recipients because they can send a thank you message back to the gift giver.
Gifty allows me to acquire new customers by connecting with the gift recipients. Quick support and feedback from the Gifty staff..Would definitely recommend.... Can't wait to see what they do next!!! Thanks Guys


Not as many floral and gift products as I'd imagined. Way too many T-Shirt products. I'll see how well this works. I think the app needs some tweeking and the addition of more floral and gift items.


So, I left a review that they only had about 20 t-shirt designs...WAS I WRONG! Bob from gifty quickly emailed me and let me know that there are SO MANY MORE!! YES, there are a TON of t-shirt designs!!! I had to completely go out of the app and back in after downloading in order for them all to show up (IDK if it was me or something I did) but, when they did...WOW!!! I am very impressed with the designs and how quickly Bob read and got back to me to let me know the error!! I tried to email Bob back to also let him know that for some reason in the tote bag category the pictures are not showing even when I try to add them to my store but for some reason my emails to him are not being received? Anyway, I am very happy to see that there are more products than expected!



If you're here to find lots of stuff from 1-800-Flowers, Hallmark, Harry & David, and Wine Country Gift Baskets, you're going to be disappointed like I was at first. Sure, they have those items, but the selection isn't what you'd imagine it to be. Maybe that will improve with time. I was also put off by not being able to view the product selection in advance and not getting a free trial. But, I figured, hey, I just spent $5, I may as well figure out a way to get my money's worth for the next 30 days, so I did some more searching. BEST DECISION EVER.

I started to search through the rest of their product selection. It's print-on-demand stuff: bath rugs, tote bags, oven mitts, etc, and some various types of wall art, all printed in the USA. They take about 2-4 days print time, depending on what item type, and 3-7 days FREE USA delivery. They state that they have thousands of additional wall art pieces coming soon.

But here's what really sold me: TSHIRTS.
I would totally rename this app "Gift-Tee" if I could.

I decided to add them all. Before I knew it, I had well over 200 tshirts added to my website. I was ecstatic. Not only did I not have to worry about designing a bunch of tshirts, but these were cheaper than if I had designed them myself. CHEAPER THAN SOME ON ALIEXPRESS. If you want to know the real cost, pay the $5 for this app and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed. I have no idea how they do it. And then things got even better.

Their app isn't perfect, I'm not going to lie, but patience is a virtue and I decided to double check to make sure I'd added their entire tshirt selection. They have this drop-down in the app that allows you to see which products have and have not been added to your site. Lo and behold, there were TONS I had missed.

In the end, Gifty/Gift-Tee added a GRAND TOTAL OF 1338 TSHIRTS to my website. I felt like I'd just teamed up with Spencer's.

So, what is Gifty?
1. The best dropshipping app for sourcing quality graphic Tshirts with low, low wholesale prices, printed and shipped in the US.

Forget about designing it yourself or sourcing from Aliexpress. You can have over 1300 Tshirts with room for high-profit margins added to your shop in a day. If I had to start my shop from scratch, this would be the FIRST app I'd choose. Second would be Bulk Product Edit by Hextom, because this app won't let you modify descriptions in the app, fyi.

2. Kind of like Redbubble. You'll be able to add thousands of other quality items printed in the US.

3. EVERYTHING SHIPS FREE IN THE USA. Some items do ship outside the US, but for me, the shipping rates weren't really competitive enough for me to consider it right now.

4. In addition to all of the above, they also allow you to dropship a few floral arrangements and gift baskets.

5. They also allow you to send some personalized Hallmark cards.

6. They give you the option of auto-fulfilling ALL ORDERS. That's right, you could seriously just create an entire store with their items and never have to move another finger again. FOR $5/MONTH!

7. And finally, they allow all of your customers to send gift messages on any purchase and the recipient can respond back, allowing you to grow your customer list.

Summary: BEST $5 spent ever. Just be sure to have some patience with the app and double check to ensure that things import properly. You may need to remove then add back some products if things don't show up at first. Still way faster and easier than designing 1300 tshirts yourself. You can check out the current selection on our website under "Gab Gifts". And if this review has helped you as much as this app has helped me, consider making a purchase while you're there or signing up for our newsletter ;)


We looked at several product sourcing apps as well as gift tools and were pleased when we found one that did both. Gifty has some big brands that we are excited to sell and the gift messaging concept is very different, very interesting.

With most of the drop ship apps it seemed like they were going to hit us with big shipping fees but all of the products on here have shipping included and the prices are really reasonable which leaves plenty of margin for us!

$4.99 / month


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