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Google AdWords Software by AdNabu

Google AdWords Software by AdNabu

Developed by AdNabu, Inc

3 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Automatically create shopping campaigns from merchant center
  • Best practices are automatically implemented in campaigns created through AdNabu
  • Unlimited support for products and keywords in your store

Generate more sales from AdWords using AdNabu

Google AdWords can be overwhelming for a first time Shopify merchant. There are numerous best practices which needs to be followed while creating and managing AdWords campaigns. New advertisers and agencies usually miss these and end up spending a huge amount of money with little results. Managing ecommerce campaigns are harder as there can be 1000s of unique products. The number of bid and keyword changes are enormous to be handled manually. AdNabu’s AdWords Software takes care of all these and more

AdNabu has perfected the best practices with years of experience and careful testing. We are a google premier partner with expertise in Search, Shopping as well as Display campaigns. As a premier partner we have expertise in managing more than 10000 AdWords accounts spending millions of dollars a month.

Every campaign created through AdNabu is guaranteed to have all the best practices in Google AdWords. Here is a case study for shopping campaigns by one of our long time customer

Ecommerce advertisers typically see maximum performance from Shopping and Search campaigns. Here are all the campaigns supported by AdNabu

  • Shopping

  • Search

  • Display (coming soon)

  • Remarketing (coming soon)

Google AdWords shopping campaigns

Ecommerce advertisers are backing shopping campaigns more than ever. The annual growth in investment has been more than 39% compared to 9% in text ads. One of the primary reason for increase in investment is that shopping campaigns have much higher ROI on average than text ad campaigns. The image based shopping ads typically also have a higher CTR and lower CPCs than the corresponding text based campaigns. One of the biggest advantage and disadvantage of shopping campaign is that no keywords are required to start a campaign. Although this allows advertisers to easily start a campaign, it becomes extremely hard to optimize the campaign. AdNabu solves this and much more using the AdWords Software. Here are the main features of shopping campaigns created through AdNabu

  • Single product ad groups which allows advertisers to understand which of their products is doing well and which ones are not

  • Automated syncing of new products

  • Segregation of campaigns by brand, category or product type

  • Automated discovery and segregation of high performing and low performing keywords to different campaigns

  • Automated suggestion of negative keywords

  • Bid optimization at product level

  • Optimize on cost per conversion or ROI

Google AdWords search campaigns

Advertisers spent most of their money on search based text campaigns. Ability to target specific searches is highly attractive and if done well can result in highly converting campaigns. One big challenge that search advertisers face is the complexity of keywords. A good campaign should have all the variations of searches customers can make and relevant ads for them. But it is tough to keep up with thousands of keywords and their match types. Not to mention the best practices while doing so. AdNabu make all this a breeze by giving the following features

Google AdWords display campaigns - coming soon

Google AdWords remarketing campaigns - coming soon

Google AdWords Reporting

AdNabu also makes it easy to create and send AdWords reports to your email address. All you need to do is select the data needed and type of the report. One can send reports daily, weekly or even monthly. AdNabu supports all types of reports including campaign performance, ad group performance,
keyword performance, search query report etc.

Google AdWords Audit

Audit functionality of AdNabu helps you identify easily avoidable mistakes like missing extensions, ads or keywords. Audit reports are automatically run in the background and will inform the advertiser over email if anything goes wrong. Audit report also provides information about the quality score variations among the campaigns.

Google AdWords Software by AdNabu reviews

3 reviews
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The key to doing profitable business on Google Shopping is a solid feed and a stellar bid management solution. I have tried various bid management solutions, both Shopify apps and external SaaS solutions. Some with AI and some without. What they all have in common is that you need a master degree in Adwords and if you set them off in the wrong direction, out of sheer lack of documentation or misunderstandings, they will do the most stupid things on your dollar.
The along came this app from AdNabu. I let it create a Shopping campaign in Adwords without interfering with any setups. To be accurate it created 3 campaigns. I let these campaigns run alongside a legacy campaign I had created leaving Google to do its AI based bid management.
Even though Google had a good head start, all the three campaigns delivered better ROI than Google after just a few days. And that is before I started running the ROI optimization (which should not be run on any campaign until you have around 20 conversions). One of the campaigns are now giving med an ROI of 12. Never seen that kind of return on any other ad campaign I've run.
So happy to have discovered this gem. If you are into knitting yarns, please use another app. I'd like to keep this to myself. :-D



Use at your own risk! I downloaded this app and and signed up for the basic package within a day the app had listed over 40 different adword campaigns that had accumulated nearly 1700 dollars in just 2 days, if I had not caught this I would have been stuck with a bill in the 10's of thousands of dollars. We never run more than 4 or 5 campaigns at a time due to our budget, yet this app created over 40 campaigns with no set budgets on them.

Be cautious - you don't want to end up with thousands in charges !


2 days into it and sales are going crazy good with less spend. The support team is awesome. This app rocks.

From $0.00 / month

  • Free - Limited functionality - Ability to download and view reports only.

  • $69 or 7% - All features. Suitable for advertisers spending less than $3000 a month

  • $199 or 5% - All features. Suitable for advertisers spending less between $3000 and $15000 a month

  • $749 or 4% - All Features. Suitable for advertisers spending more than $15000 a month

14 days


Google AdWords

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