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Developed by Webyze

Price: $17.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Track where your customers Click and Identify what makes your customers have a bad experience.
  • Supports all Themes and can filter your customers by device (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Phone)
  • Unlimited number of Page Views & All pages are tracked.

HeatMap - Know where your customers click!

HeatMap is a Shopify App that let you track all the clicks your customers do on your store and generates a Heat Map image that shows exactly where your customers click on your store.

These insights can help you identify any problem your customers encounter while using your website such as elements that receive a lot of clicks but that are not interactive or even to find places where your customers click most and rearrange your store to fully take advantage of it potential.

Free trial period

You can install the App right now and get a 7-days 100% Free trial period. You can test the App and see if it fits your needs.

Do not require additional services

The App works by it self and unlike other available Apps, you do not need to pay another third party analytic service to use the App.


  • Simple & Easy to use User Interface

  • Real-Time Reports: Heat Maps are instantly generated so you have access to the latest insights of your store

  • Filter click data by device: Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Phone

  • Filter click data by dates and see how the Heat Map changes with time and how your store modifications affects it

  • Option to combine data of similar pages to get better insights (e.g. combine data of all product pages)

  • Unlimited number of page views & all the pages of your store are tracked!

  • Instant install

  • 100% Free Trial Period

  • No programming or coding required to install the App

  • Do not affect your store usability & speed

The HeatMap App offers you mouse tracking technology and lets you track clicks on your store for an affordable price.

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Nothing shows up...I just see a white screen


Buggy. Tracks your own movements and adds to the results. Only way to fix this is to install a certain anti-virus software.

Can't turn off the "Combine Data."

Mobile/Tablet shows zero results (other than my own) 40% of my sales are mobile/tablet.

Customer service is a bit "you're using the wrong browser" type of response and actually not very nice. Admittedly they asked for staff permission but after I found the identical results issue I just uninstalled; this app sure feels/looks like it's in beta testing to me.

$17.00 / month
7 days

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