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  • Get your products in front of 40 million monthly active and engaged customers on Houzz
  • Easily list your Shopify products on Houzz to get more orders and maximize your revenues
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The Houzz app will enable you to quickly and efficiently list your products for sale on the Houzz Marketplace, to gain more sales and build your business.

Import your Shopify products on Houzz

Put your products in front of more than 40 million monthly unique users on Houzz and maximize your revenues. Users on Houzz are passionate about remodel and design and are often right in the midst of a home improvement project.

Process orders right in your Shopify admin dashboard

Orders from Houzz users will automatically appear in your Shopify dashboard so you can easily process them like any other order.

Sync product information automatically between Shopify and Houzz

When you make a change to your product on Shopify, that change will be automatically updated in your product listing on Houzz.

Houzz reviews (8)


BEWARE: THEIR POLICIES AUTHORIZE THEM TO CLAIM AND OWN "PERPETUALLY" (forever) ALL OF YOUR CONTENT. They take it and suck your SEO life right out of you - leaving you no recourse. They have literally stolen all of ours, down to 7 visitors to our dot com each day, after we've been in business over a year.

The customer traffic is great. But ever since my store went "live" on Houzz, it has taken months to have products correctly listed. I am spending a ton of time answering customer questions - which is great for customer interaction. But when the issue is, "Why does it say 'wood' when the product looks like metal?" it becomes a real headache. The problem is in the Houzz data feed.

Users beware of one major issue I've been working to correct for well over a month: If the "system" prefers your content from Shopify products over competitors' content, your actual content from each of your products (for us, almost 4000) will soon be advertising for your competitors. The data system takes one product description and uses it as the preferred one for every listing of that UPC item.

Now, if you just upload manufacturers' blurbs and go with that, no big deal. But if you painstakingly and with much cost work very hard to provide fuller text for your items on your store as part of your brand experience, Houzz takes that costly text you believe is under your ownership and will use it for competition to sell your products. They literally pirate your brand experience on behalf of your competitors. This is insanity to me.

This is a MAJOR problem for us. How does Google look at this? So much for our year's investment in brand bios, product details, etc. I've worked since January to get anyone to listen to me about this at Houzz. Not a peep in response, until I basically was told to email their legal department.

I'm just hurting all over for wanting to reach their customer base, but having the energy drained out of me due to the amount of back and forth it is taking.

Our first customer order was approx $2000. Awesome. However, refund requested. Cancellations occur with no reason after we have already started production or ordered from the manufacturer. Also, customer credit cards may not work after you have had items constructed or readied for shipment, but you are out those costs because you don't know about the credit card problem until it is time to ship.

It is so painful to have these things happen when you are a small establishment working every day to sustain growth. We literally went far backwards the first month. Then, with the 15% commission, profitability for time and energy spent, on top of the above problems, may not pan out. Sellers have almost no rights, just as with Amazon and other large channels. They say you accept the return and refund, regardless of the circumstances.

For us, the return was an item that had very questionable damage (customer inflicted?). Our policy is that you immediately refuse a large item if you receive it damaged. But using Houzz, "no questions asked," even if the customer has banged it up staircases, bumped it on thresholds, etc. Our item was so fragile that we couldn't even have it returned to us, because the customer packing would not protect it. So we had to let the customer keep/dispose of the $2000 cabinet...plus we ate the cost and shipping.

I believe in these vast channels (want to, at least). But there are many things being lost in the system here. I was formerly at the head of a $28mil eCom retailer and had a voice. As a small "guy," I have zero real voice with these problems at Houzz.

I'm so unhappy because we want it to work, so we keep investing so much time, thought, energy...bouncing back with every single problem. But I see the content "grab" as a real problem. I am not paying for, nor investing in, content development for all of Houzz retailers to benefit from it. I don't understand how they can do this and not see it as a problem. It's befuddling.

So I would definitely say beware, even though we are committed to still trying to work with the system. At some point, I will likely be kicking myself in the head for this decision. I hope not, as an eternal optimist. But I can't herniate content, product and money for very long.

Note, also that I think they stop sending you orders if you complain about something or get what they may consider "demanding." After the broken cabinet issue, it seems we were put on some sort of sales hold. That's all I can fathom. Great customer flow...then the broken cabinet issue, complaint...no orders, no orders, no orders two weeks (Feb 7 to Feb 21, so two weeks exactly)...then a burst of orders again. So this makes you feel held hostage when making a rightful complaint or claim, like my content issue. Meanwhile...while you are in a penalty box...your competitors are continuing to sell using YOUR lovely, painstakingly written content.

Just go in with your eyes wide open and expectations to lose a little in the beginning, at least. Maybe, hopefully, it gets better. But we are only at month three. I'm exhausted, but still trying.

Also...careful what you wish for and what you sell. You might want to reconsider selling fragile and expensive things. Learn from my issue and lesson.

And just for context: I've been in digital marketing since 1993, the very beginnings of the web. And yet, this is only the second review I've ever left. I'm conscientious about what I say and where, about a brand. I really just want this entity to realize that policies and data management ways/means are great, but not if they aren't working in a win-win. You can't parasite off the little guy.

Hopeful I won't be penalized for my truths. If they fix it all and stop hurting us more than they are helping, I will definitely come back and update this. It's on you, Houzz. It's all on you. Prove this wrong.
Want proof of the magnitude of this issue? Use our written text in a Google search: "Founded in 2005, Cyan Design of Ft. Worth, Texas features "beautiful objects for beautiful lives." The innovative brand is unafraid of color, fluid lines or edgy design."

Check out the listings for our competitors on Houzz. Sickening.

Want to get REALLY sick? Click on the bottom of the search "If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included." Or just click here: https://tinyurl.com/hsncn88

They are LITERALLY stealing every one of our customers from Google.
I have to append this because their legal department finally emailed me back with an empty apology and in-depth details of how to complain through their "Terms of Use." They actually said - after all the contacts I've made about this - to list all of the occurrences on their website. All of the occurrences? As in...all 10,000 or so?

The problem here is that the issue is simple:

There is a primary feed of product descriptions that descriptions for all of the same product upcs are pulled from. That one feed (algorithm, actually) propagates all companies' representations of the same product.

All they have to do to fix this is:

1) reference the four blurbs I told them are from my website
2) remove MY content as the "primary" for the brands' upcs by adjusting the algorithm
3) use someone else's content (perhaps the brands themselves????) as the primary for all of these brands' upcs
4) take the four blurbs I provided and make sure they are not still on their site

That's all it takes!!!! Literally could be fixed in minutes.

But they want me to follow their "legal claim process" after reading the "terms of use." Are they trying to fight me on ownership of my content, content that is NOT product information????? It is not even product information!!! It is not needed on their product pages.

If they wanted to do this the hard way, they could just search my phraseology on Google....then clean up every single one of tens of thousands of pages with my content on it. But I think the quick process above, to simply take 20 minutes and remove my blurbs in the algorithm as the primary feed HOUZZ-wide would be easier, right???

I am so put out. Here's what will happen: They will either stop my sales again like they did from Feb 7 to Feb 21, or they will shut me down completely...meanwhile pirating all of my pages' content.

I have been so patient, in trying to get this done. I'm so very disappointed in HOUZZ' handling. So disappointed. They pirated a full year's progress from us.

Search anywhere on the web basically for Fine Mod Imports, Cyan Design, Zuo Modern or DV Kap...you will find Houzz front and center. And click on the products...what you read is all Chez Roulez where it says "About Cyan Design," "About Zuo Modern," "About Fine Mod Imports," or "About DV Kap." And yet, Chez Roulez is not top in the search results...they sell our competitors FIRST.


Please read comments by Barnett Products in their review -- and take heed!

This is NOT an integration as there are way too many steps that require your manual processing.

Note particularly that the product returns procedure is entirely manual. The customer sends a Houzz message to request a return, you get an email from Houzz asking you to reply to the message. You reply to the customer by Houzz message. You get the items back.

You THINK you are refunding the order via Shopify, but it is not connected to the Houzz payment system. Customer messages you that they haven't gotten the refund.

After talking to the helpful guy from Shopify support on the phone, you go back to Houzz to find out how to make the refund. There is no phone support number for sellers, just customers.

You have to dig through instruction pages in Seller Central to discover at the very bottom of a long, long page of instruction on Houzz return policies, that you have to send an email to Houzz to ask them to issue the refund. Seriously?! You get an automated response.

That plus the many products that are sitting for months "pending review". Plus the manual download of product file from Shopify and the manual upload of file to get set up. Then, attempting to correct errors in category classifications on Houzz. (Can't be done on Houzz when products are loaded from Shopify).

This channel has not been an effective channel for us -- it has taken more time to support than worth it in sales generated, and customer relationships that are damaged. If you are small shop, beware!

If you want to sell on Houzz, set up the shop on Houzz separately. Upload / update your product files manually -- as that will take less time, and you will have more control over the listing on Houzz. The product feed is the only part actually supported by the integration, the rest -- customer communication, payment processing -- is handled on Houzz platform in any case. Easier to just maintain 2 separate shops.

My recommendation to Houzz/Shopify: really write a proper integration with input from users who actually have to operate the sales channel. Return this one to "beta" status.


**UPDATE** Although I haven't otherwise heard from Houzz, this morning (about a week after leaving a 2 star review) I received an email notification that 181 of my items were approved and are now live. I still need a fix on quite a few products that are showing an inaccurate "problem" flag, and I still have quite a few items that have been pending for a long time, but at least we've made some progress.**

**UPDATE** Yesterday, about a week and a half after leaving a 2 star review, I had a phone call with a product coordinator manager who solicited feedback regarding our experience and assured us that our assigned product coordinator would get our products listed within a 2 week turnaround. The other issues we find less than desirable will be reported to development team but no timeline has been given.**

--Original Review--
We would sell more of our products on Houzz, but we have been waiting more than six months for most of our products to be approved. In theory you can see a pending flag and a problem flag, but the pending items are never reviewed and the problem flags are in error. We've tried contacting customer service and technical help several times. They rarely respond to emails. If you call customer service you can usually get transferred to someone in the correct department, but none of the back and forth has resolved the problem. Despite the fact that our Houzz store is supposed to be integrated with Shopify, we were told that we need to upload our product data in spreadsheets, we did so, more than once, but it has not resulted in getting our pending items activated, neither has it resulted in a report listing reasons they may have for not approving the item (accurate or inaccurate).

Their product returns procedure is entirely manual, the customer sends an email to request a return, you reply to the customer by email to send return instructions (no template), you have to send an email to Houzz to ask them to issue the refund. We once had a situation where a customer paid for her own return; we discovered that she was due a full refund of her return shipping, Houzz refused to issue it. They told us to cut her a check. After our 3rd or 4th email they finally deducted our account and refunded the customer's shipping, but they never told us they issued it, and they did not include the deduction on our statement, so our reconciliation was off. It also appears they inflated the refund charge with some kind of convenience fee, but because it does not appear on our statement I can only guess how much of that was the customer's shipping and how much was the service charge.

Houzz also calculates the shipping wrong on all of our items, such that we have to issue partial shipping refunds of $20-$40 for almost every order, despite the fact that our Shopify store supposedly integrated via this "app". I'm sure they would enjoy earning a commission on more sales if they fixed this.

I've included all of these comments in an email requesting that they let me know what their timeline is to resolve these issues, but it's been a month and a half since I sent that email and they never even responded to say, "we regret that you've been inconvenienced" or "we'll take your concerns into consideration". If you're thinking of selling on Houzz you are better off not integrating with the Shopify App, you may have a problem syncing your stock levels because none of the multi-channel inventory management subscription services have an api for Houzz, but at least you'll get a report when your pending items aren't approved for weeks or months at a time (google it, this issue has been ongoing since 2014).


Definitely recommend working with Houzz directly.


This company is impossible to get ahold of. Says theyll respond in 24 hours and nothing.... Unless they contact you first about an issue then youre pretty much on your own.

I had an issue with an order showing up on my Houzz account but it wasnt showing under my Shopify orders and so I didnt see it and because it was late it affected my seller score. Also it takes months for your products to show up on the website and you dont get paid right away.


Why can't i leave 10 stars? Houzz is awesome our shop went from 10 orders a day to 40 orders a day. This has got to be the best sales channel until shopify finishes the Amazon sales channel. Orders come straight into your dashboard, no more looking for my orders. Once you past that "Pending" status your good to go!

They advertise your products everywhere, I use pandora and saw my stuff advertised on Facebook, Pandora, Spotify and allot more.

Thanks Again


Only available to merchants located in the USA. Went through the entire sign up process, only to have my shop reviewed, and then denied because our physical location is in Canada (although we sell in the USA).
Currently, they only support sellers based in the U.S.


I love Houzz even before the app my go to decoration website. Now that I can sale easy it is a plus. Don't know how long pending is because it is still pending but I can see it on the site the buy button not active yet so I hope they hurry up ready to sale. But this is worthy of 5 stars. Thanks Houzz and Shopify for getting married.

I did get the approval but it is still pending because they verify one listing at a time and that is not feasible with as many people coming in been over a week and my stuff still not live. What they should do is like Amazon it goes live but if there is an error Amazon tells you about it so you can fix it. Makes better sense.


15% commission on all fulfilled orders placed on Houzz.



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