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  • Get your products in front of 40 million monthly active and engaged customers on Houzz
  • Easily list your Shopify products on Houzz to get more orders and maximize your revenues
  • Save time by processing orders and customizing product specs without leaving Shopify

The Houzz app will enable you to quickly and efficiently list your products for sale on the Houzz Marketplace, to gain more sales and build your business.

Import your Shopify products on Houzz

Put your products in front of more than 40 million monthly unique users on Houzz and maximize your revenues. Users on Houzz are passionate about remodel and design and are often right in the midst of a home improvement project.

Process orders right in your Shopify admin dashboard

Orders from Houzz users will automatically appear in your Shopify dashboard so you can easily process them like any other order.

Sync product information automatically between Shopify and Houzz

When you make a change to your product on Shopify, that change will be automatically updated in your product listing on Houzz.

Houzz reviews (5)


This company is impossible to get ahold of. Says theyll respond in 24 hours and nothing.... Unless they contact you first about an issue then youre pretty much on your own.

I had an issue with an order showing up on my Houzz account but it wasnt showing under my Shopify orders and so I didnt see it and because it was late it affected my seller score. Also it takes months for your products to show up on the website and you dont get paid right away.


UPDATE 11.2.2016 More than 2 months later and Houzz is completely nonresponsive. Shopify says they cannot do anything to speed up support. Frankly, if anyone calls this SUPPORT you probably need a dictionary and are likely to lose business with this level of non-support. Since I see another recent review commenting on the lack of support, I'm wondering why Shopify recommends this app to its customers at all. All this and Houzz never bothered to find out what the problems were to begin with. Integrate with them at your own risk at this point. I can promise you Pinterest support is lovely, as is eBay/inkfrog, and other ecomm platforms we work with. Yep, this review section is the only option left to convey what's going on.

UPDATE 10.28.2016 ZERO COMMUNICATION. ALL PRODUCTS REMAIN IN PENDING STATUS. NO IDEA HOW TO EDIT PRODUCTS WITHOUT THE EDITS BEING OVERWRITTEN, since all 80 products were already overwritten. BTW their webinars were 15 minutes long and told you how to keep your listings updated and order Houzz shipping supplies. We use other apps to bulk upload and have had none of these issues. Sad sad sad sad customer support experience.

UPDATE 10.25.2016 Hard to believe it's been 2 months since I reported all the problems and our store products still are not active on Houzz. In the process, I also discovered NO ONE at Houzz actually read my emails about the issues I was having and so have had no idea what I've been talking about and they've been treating me like I'm stupid and haven't read all of their helpful seller info pages - which they kindly suggest I refer to. Seller pages say nothing about what to do when the Houzz app overwrites all 80 of your product listing edits - keywords, sizes, titles, descriptions - and changes them back to what they were before you spend endless hours editing them. And Christmas is coming. It's a cliche for a reason.

UPDATE 10.24.2016 A month later and nothing has changed. No communication whatsoever from Houzz.

10.18.2016 We have just under 80 unique home decor products we were thrilled to list with Houzz. So I spent hours and hours and hours of my free time updating and editing our product listings. Edits include titles, description formats, sizes, figuring out the most accurate and comprehensive group of tags for each individual products on the Houzz platform so we could be found how people search, among other details. This, after playing a guessing game trying to figure out why various products were listed as having errors. Once this was completed, all products remained in pending. And I proceeded to then clean up the backgrounds of dozens of product photos to make them a better fit for the Houzz platform. I go back to our listings maybe 24-48 hours later and POOF every edit and update was overwritten and replaced with what was originally there - including things like the Houzz platform had miscategorized products, plus every edit made was to create a listing that better focused on the Houzz audience. ALL GONE. TO THIS DAY 2 WEEKS LATER. Shopify support has nothing to suggest except to assure us developers on both sides are working on this. Houzz support did not respond for 2 weeks and then suggested this was all just a miscommunication. Our listings are still just sitting there. In fact, the platform didn't update with the new pictures we cleaned up so according to their own Seller Central instructions one way to update your listing is to click and unclick the Houzz visibility box inside your Shopify product listing. So we tried that. AND POOF THE REST OF OUR UPDATED SIZING INFORMATION WENT BYE BYE TOO. But it definitely updated our photo!!!! How fun. This should have been a true advantage for Shopify store owners but it has only been our biggest nightmare of wasted time and effort and nothing we can do since anything we do to try to edit our listings and get them from pending to live will just be overwritten. SHOPIFY? HOUZZ? ANY SUGGESTIONS YET?


Why can't i leave 10 stars? Houzz is awesome our shop went from 10 orders a day to 40 orders a day. This has got to be the best sales channel until shopify finishes the Amazon sales channel. Orders come straight into your dashboard, no more looking for my orders. Once you past that "Pending" status your good to go!

They advertise your products everywhere, I use pandora and saw my stuff advertised on Facebook, Pandora, Spotify and allot more.

Thanks Again


Only available to merchants located in the USA. Went through the entire sign up process, only to have my shop reviewed, and then denied because our physical location is in Canada (although we sell in the USA).
Currently, they only support sellers based in the U.S.


I love Houzz even before the app my go to decoration website. Now that I can sale easy it is a plus. Don't know how long pending is because it is still pending but I can see it on the site the buy button not active yet so I hope they hurry up ready to sale. But this is worthy of 5 stars. Thanks Houzz and Shopify for getting married.

I did get the approval but it is still pending because they verify one listing at a time and that is not feasible with as many people coming in been over a week and my stuff still not live. What they should do is like Amazon it goes live but if there is an error Amazon tells you about it so you can fix it. Makes better sense.


15% commission on all fulfilled orders placed on Houzz.



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