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  • Get your products in front of 40 million monthly active and engaged customers on Houzz
  • Easily list your Shopify products on Houzz to get more orders and maximize your revenues
  • Save time by processing orders and customizing product specs without leaving Shopify

The Houzz app will enable you to quickly and efficiently list your products for sale on the Houzz Marketplace, to gain more sales and build your business.

Import your Shopify products on Houzz

Put your products in front of more than 40 million monthly unique users on Houzz and maximize your revenues. Users on Houzz are passionate about remodel and design and are often right in the midst of a home improvement project.

Process orders right in your Shopify admin dashboard

Orders from Houzz users will automatically appear in your Shopify dashboard so you can easily process them like any other order.

Sync product information automatically between Shopify and Houzz

When you make a change to your product on Shopify, that change will be automatically updated in your product listing on Houzz.

Houzz reviews

21 reviews
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Beyond horrible. Clunky, and unusable. I really wish this worked because I would love to have my products properly listed on Houzz. Especially my Cat Nap Pillowcases!


It doesn't work at all. It take forever to review the products.


We adopted the Houzz Seller Channel almost immediately after its release thinking it will get our household decor and furniture in front of the right customer.

It did help us to make a few sales here and there, but we didn't see the growth that we had hoped for. They were very eager to help us and get things launched when the integration was first released, but since then, their support for the seller end of things has become nothing short of disrespectful, and essentially non-existent.

Most of the items that we offer on the Houzz channel are hand-crafted artisan goods that are made to order. A customer can freely cancel their order at any point up until the order has shipped. If there is any issue after the item has shipped, please do not expect to see any help from Houzz. They will instantly and without question side with the customer and force the issuance of a refund. Houzz has cost us thousands of dollars from situations like these.

I urge anyone looking to sell on the Houzz channel to really make sure they are willing to put up with the disrespect and complete lack of care for their sellers. Buy lots of ibuprofen ahead of time. Make sure you have the margin built into your product as well as your shipping fees. They collect 15% on everything... shipping fees included.

I would really just recommend that you don't.


As small businesses, you should know that if a buyer purchases your (in our case, imported handmade) item and (we allege and dispute) damages it and then claims it arrived "damaged" - and it has now been damaged in a way that you cannot sell it upon its return because it was not sent "damaged" in this new way but this is how a buyer gets an unquestioned return with paid shipping because of course, they don't want to keep something (we allege and dispute) they damaged in a way that makes the item unsellable or have to pay to return it - you will not be able to dispute it and not only have to refund that buyer in full, you will have to pay for that buyer to ship the item (we allege and dispute) they damaged in a way that makes the item unsellable back to you.

Remember, a return of the item in its original condition is fine since you could resell it. In this case, the item isn't in the original condition you shipped it. It's now in a condition that is not saleable. You won't be able to sell the item at all now. You have lost the item and its value. You will also have paid for delivery and return shipping - in our case, that's nearly $100 including courier and packing materials.

Also, after you pay for the buyer to ship the item back - Houzz will refund them your money immediately once the courier/shipping company has picked up/received drop off of the item. There will be no waiting to assure the item ever gets back to you, or in any condition, much less the condition you were shown in buyer photos.

We realize this may or may not be something that can happen on any platform, but we sell with great experiences across several large platforms and this is the only platform where we've experienced the type of buyer who blames the seller for their carelessness, etc. - more than once. We think it's important to be aware of that.

You should also know the response time of Houzz support is extensive. This response time is based on many of our first-hand experiences dealing with a variety of issues. It seems like the only response on their end is that it is no one's responsibility and so no one responds. When we say extensive, we mean at least a week. In some cases you will think they are really investigating and going to have some insight and all that goodness, but that is not the case.

Also as other reviewers have mentioned, it took MONTHS AND MONTHS to get our account set up and products approved. And on top of that, the system/app integration kept overwriting all of our edits and had to be disconnected. In that instance, neither Shopify nor Houzz would provide a straight answer making the integration disconnection the only solution.

Be an informed seller.


Houzz takes forever to approve your products. They make it incredibly difficult to contact customers. Seller support is non-existent. I have worked with them since 2014 when the marketplace opened and everyday I say I am going to quit because their policies are just plain disrespectful to sellers time and efforts. I’ve let my sales trickle to zero on Houzz and raised my prices, so basically I just use the marketplace as feee advertising for my Shopify shop! (Houzz clientele is more wealthy than the average shopper).


it takes too long to get your products approved, i ended up looking for other sales channels....http://www.moorishlighting.com


Houzz has been a very positive and profitable sales channel for us, we work directly through Houzz instead of as a sales channel on our shopify store but the only reason we went that route was because we already had an active presence on Houzz before we opened our shopify store. Working with our contact at Houzz, we chose to keep that a seperate sales channel for now as it can be quite a process to get your items approved on Houzz but once you get through that process, it has been an entirely positive experience for our business has really increased our visibility in google searches. Overall, while Houzz and Shopify are very different platforms, both have been very beneficial to our company and building our brand


does not work. Houzz help is non-existent. not worth the trouble. I ended up just manually doing the work


Be careful when you sell your product with Houzz. When they make mistakes of listing your products, they blame on the sellers and refund customers. We have large number of orders that Houzz refund customer without our authorization. They do not understand the time frame of LTL and time it takes to handle a shipment.

Normal reputable marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart will allow the seller to take care of situation. Houzz is the middle person and they will not let you handle customer service and make their own decisions on refunds.

Please think twice before using this app. I will never do business with them again.


After waiting 4 months for my products to be approved and they STILL hadn't been as of today, I deactivated my account. The last straw for me was receiving an email today, telling me I still need 3 customer reviews. Really?! How can I get reviews when my products have been stuck at pending for FOUR months?

One would think that for a site that focuses on home decor, they would realize that home decor is seasonal, too, whether by color or by styles, so getting products up in a timely manner is important.

Sorry, but this isn't acceptable to me. I hope someday they get their act together on this as it could be a great channel to have, but certainly not in this incarnation.


Houzz fees apply - 15 % commission per sale


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