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  • Sync your store with HubSpot (for free) and turn customers, products, and deals into powerful marketing signals.
  • Upgrade your marketing efforts with data driven personalization and automation, across email, ads, social, content, and more.
  • Quickly implement abandoned cart nurturing emails and start winning more deals.

HubSpot is software for marketing, sales, and customer success, with a completely free CRM at its core. This HubSpot-built integration is tailored made to help Shopify merchants grow their business.

What you'll do with HubSpot for Shopify...

Sync & Segment

Connect the integrations to sync Shopify customers, products, and deals in to HubSpot. The sync turns your store data into powerful sales and marketing signals in HubSpot and creates a single view of the customer for all your teams.

Personalize & Automate

Use the integration to upgrade your growth strategy with new tactics like abandoned cart email nurturing, smart CTAs in content, product specific re-engagement ads, and much more.

Build a brand your customers will love.

To grow today, you have to stand out but the ecommerce giants out there make that hard. Inbound provides a growth framework built around content, social media, and organic search. It’ll help you attract an audience and build a brand that stands out.

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We are using this application and it actually has very good integration with Shopify and Outlook. As far as the price, it depends on which service you sign up for. You can use it for free and get a lot from it. Also, there are Sales and Marketing Starter packages for $50/mo. each. The thing we like about it is it helps us keep our customers organized. We can track email and phone calls through it. Also, it is GDPR compliant for those of you who market to EU customers.

There are a few things we are still getting used to, but it seems to be well built. Are there some things we would change? Yes, but that is true with almost every app we use. The Sales Starter we are using (we haven't tried the Marketing Starter yet) has chat functionality and acitivity tracking. So, if a customer opens an email you sent them, you know right away in case you want to follow up. It also has trackable forms you can embed in your website.

My recommendation (and no, I did not receive any discounts or free stuff) is to give it a try.

David Stokes, Owner
Pacific Northwest Gifts


This is a hoax - they say it is free forever, but there is almost NO functionality in the free version. You have to pay 400$ to actually have some use of this app. Keep away unless you want to pay.


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This integration is free for HubSpot and Shopify users. To learn more about HubSpot's free and paid growth platform visit www.hubspot.com/products/get-started



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