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We provide you with customizable jewelry products and package and ship your order.

With Ideaplus, you can easily add customizable jewelry products to your store. Ideaplus will automatically produce, pack and ship the order for you when the consumer buys the custom jewelry in your shop. In addition, all Ideaplus orders have exclusive after-sales service, so you have no worries and can focus on other aspects of your business.

With Ideaplus, you can easily add customizable jewelry products to your store. Ideaplus will automatically produce, pack and ship the order for you when the consumer buys the custom jewelry in your shop. In addition, all Ideaplus orders have exclusive after-sales service, so you have no worries and can focus on other aspects of your business. more
  • Easily sync custom jewelry to your store.
  • Consumers will customize jewelry directly in your store.
  • The order automatically enters the fulfillment process.
  • View the current production, shipping status, and tracking information.
  • Customize shipping method profiles to control costs based on your situation.


July 1, 2021




Free to install

Commodity and logistics costs are charged on demand.

Free to install

Commodity and logistics costs are charged on demand.

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Edited June 1, 2023

Now I see why these people didn't have any reviews. They are scammers. They will communicate with you like clock work all the way up until you place an order with them and have an issue. Their product quality isn't that good. I received my order and emailed them on April 22nd with full details of the issues including pictures. I ordered 2 earring samples. One set wasn't plated properly and was already faded. You could see the silver underneath. The other set had two issues which made them not even wearable. One earring was missing a symbol and both earrings were not made to properly fit an earlobe. The spacing was way too small and not the normal sizing of regular hoops. I emailed them again on April 26th stating that I emailed them 4 days prior and never received a response. That email didn't have any pics or all the additional info I put in the original email so they responded back asking for pics. I emailed them once again with the same info from the original email with all the pics and I have yet to receive any type of response from them and its now May 7th. They like to play games. They will mail you their junk but as soon as you have an issue and want it replaced or refunded they will not respond. STAY AWAY FROM THEM! You will lose your customers using them as a vendor.

UPDATE: I have sent them a message with pictures of all my issues via messenger as well like they requested. We will see if this gets a response. I doubt it because all they are doing is stalling. If they fix my issue I will delete my review but I will not do business with them. This seems very shady and I should not have to contact them via messenger every time there is an issue with the product because you want to pick and choose which emails you reply to. It has been over 2 weeks and I have yet to receive a response to these issues.

UPDATE 6/1/23: This is a COMPLETE LIE! First of all, I paid $8 for the hoop earrings and $9 for the Africa earrings on your website. That was the price YOU HAD LISTED and it's the price I put in my back office my cost for those items. Now since I am requesting a refund you want to make up some lie about some mistake on your part in the pricing YOU had listed and offer me only $2. That's not what I PAID, and TBH I was about to say whatever and just take it to be done with this back and forth but since all you've done is lie in this review I want the full amount of what I paid for those earrings. This request for a refund was AFTER I gave them a chance to replace with correct earrings and they literally sent me the EXACT same thing with absolutely no corrections. I had enough with this company. The only reason they even responded to me in the first place was because of me adding this review. They DID NOT reply to ANY emails I initially sent with pictures. I have proof of those unanswered emails as well. The whole reason for the review in the first place. They deleted their initial reply to this review asking me to message them on FB messenger as well. The only thing they replied to was FB messenger AFTER my review. Yes I realized that the earring with no symbol was due to me not adding it in the order but I also told them that their instructions weren't clear enough. I thought it was supposed to be one symbol either on top OR bottom. Not both. We discussed that and I told them to send the replacements with a star at the bottom and they STILL sent the same earrings I had before with no symbol. Either way that wasn't even my main issue with those earrings, the earrings they sell do no have enough spacing in between to put on your ears at all let alone in a comfortable manner. They told me it should be 10mm and I sent a pic with measurements proving that it WAS NOT. It was half the size of 5mm so they agreed to send me a replacement of both earrings. The Africa ones came looking better than the initial earrings with better platting because the first ones were not platted well as you could see spots of the STAINLESS STEEL and I ordered GOLD PLATED earrings. The hoop earrings with the symbol came the EXACT SAME WAY THE FIRST PAIR DID. No second symbol and the same too small spacing of 5mm which makes them not wearable. I sent a video letting them know they sent me the same thing and its still incorrect asking for my refund of JUST THE HOOP EARRINGS and they tell me to fix it myself by pulling them apart and that I underpaid and they were only going to offer me $2!!! Ridiculous! First, whatever I paid is the company's fault because that's the price they had for the item and it was there for a while. If it's different now it's because they changed it. That has nothing to do with me. I want back what I paid and nothing less. Second, I told them the problem with just pulling them apart runs the risk of breaking the earrings and that I just wanted my money back. Those are stainless steel earrings and they did crack as soon as I tried to pull them apart. The customer should not have to do any of that. They should come correct the first time, ready to wear! After all of that I had to do to finally get a reply about my order I was still going to use them just not for those types of earrings that can possibly come with too small spacing but after all these lies I will NOT be selling any of their items. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Everything is fine until you have an issue, and you will, that's just retail, but they will ignore you until you leave a review and after that if you still aren't happy with their mistake they will make up a lie to not have to give you your full refund. This has been dragged out for over a month since my first EMAIL. RUN FROM THEM!

BTW... they deleted their original response to this review asking me to message them on Facebook messenger. JUST RUN!!! They are not worth losing your customers.

Heavyns Love
United States
7 months using the app
Ideaplus replied May 8, 2023

The reviewer has posted a false negative review, the reviewer took advantage of a payment loophole in which an order that should have been priced at $29.8 was only paid for $19.8. We can provide proof of payment. Additionally, one pair of earrings was incorrectly customized by the reviewer herself, and we remake two teams for her free of charge. However, even after receiving the newly made earrings, she still insisted on a refund. Furthermore, her claim that we did not respond to her emails or messages is untrue and we can provide evidence of our email correspondence.
We approach each of our users with utmost sincerity. We have never engaged in purchasing positive reviews like many other Shopify app developers, nor do we ever ask or pressure our users to give us positive reviews. As a startup team, we understand the challenges of entrepreneurship. Running a successful Shopify store requires collaborative efforts from multiple parties. Therefore, we always prioritize the interests of our customers in terms of customer service. Most of the time, even if it's not our production error, we are willing to reproduce and ship the products to the customers. We strive to provide the best support to our customers, ensuring they have peace of mind.


Ideaplus can answer any questions you have about Ideaplus:Global Dropshipping.



Kowloon, HK, HK

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