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ImageFinder by Data Here-to-There

ImageFinder by Data Here-to-There

Developed by Data Here-to-There

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  • Replace those annoying "image not found" placeholders!
  • Find images for your products!
  • Save time managing images while making your store look more professional!

Find missing images!

The Image Finder searches everywhere to get the best images for your products. It finds them, imports them, and lets you choose the ones you like. All automatically!

It's great when...

  • You want to improve the quality of your product displays

  • You want to get rid of those annoying "image not available" placeholders

  • Your drop-ship supplier has a lot of missing images

  • Your drop-ship supplier asks you to web scrape your own product images

The Image Finder will do the manual work for you

It uses your product data to find the best matches. It imports a set of pictures that you can choose from. All you need to do is review the images and discard the ones you don't like. And it runs all day every day to fill in the gaps when you add new products.

Image sources are retained so that you have full control over copyright management. The review process allows you to reject sources that do not allow reuse.

Some drop-ship suppliers do not provide links to their images and require you to visit their store and download these images manually. This process can take a long time. The Image Finder can do this very quickly.

Images are also given some SEO attention, giving your store an extra boost.

Why are images so important?

Shopping online is different than walking into a brick-and-mortar store. Your customers rely on what they can see on your web pages because they can't hold the product in their hands. Therefore, your product description and images are a critical substitute. They must accurately describe what is for sale. So if you have missing images your customers must guess what the product looks like. Most customers won't buy a product that they can't see. The Image Finder does the work of finding the best matching images for your products.

About us

Data Here-to-There makes E-Commerce E-asy! We provide a wide range of automation services - product synchronization, dynamic re-pricing, omnichannel sales, ERP integration, marketplace automation, and more. We automate individual stores and entire marketplaces. Visit our web site today to find out more!

Support and FAQ

We are here to help with any questions you have! Please contact us via email at info@dataheretothere.com. We can also be reached via Skype with the ID "dataheretothere" Our development team is located in Edmonton, Canada which is in the Mountain Time Zone.

Q: Which products do you modify?

A: The app looks for products that do not have any images. It ignores all of the rest because they are already beautiful :)

Q: What aspects of my products does the ImageFinder modify?

A: It updates images, adds them to the ImageFinder collection, and hides them. It does not change price, shipping details, descriptions, or other product details.

Q: How can I get it to replace placeholder images?

A: Some dropship suppliers have icons in place of product images. They are quite generic and usually have a picture of a camera or simply text like, "Image not available." Simply remove these images from your products. The ImageFinder will detect that there are no images now, then import new ones for you.

Q: Why does the app hide products after importing images?

A: Image search is not an exact science. Sometimes you will get the perfect photo you need. Other times you might get an Elephant eating crackers. We anticipate the worst case and hide the product, adding it to the ImageFinder collection so you can decide what stays.

Q: Will the app remove products from my other collections?

A: No. It adds products to the ImageFinder collection as an additional collection. Existing classifications remain the same.

Q: Does the app automatically hide the products that have no images?

A: No, only if the system imports a new image to the product. So, for example, if there are 1000 products without images and the system runs an update cycle finding 10 new images it will hide only 10 products (and move them into the ImageFinder collection for review).

Q: Does the app edit my pictures?

A: No. The purpose of the app is to find suitable replacements for the missing images in your store.

Q: Will I be charged for products that already have images?

A: No. You will only be charged for new images that the app finds and imports into your store.

Q: Can I turn off email notifications?

A: Yes. Click on the ImageFinder app icon in your admin panel and update your settings. We turn on email notification by default so you can see when images are loaded.

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Didn't find any for my imports from Oberlo in 6 hrs of searching every 15 minutes.


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