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Instagram Feed by SketchThemes

Instagram Feed by SketchThemes

Developed by Sketch Themes

4 reviews
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  • Take advantage of the greatest photo sharing app to promote your products on the store. Promote your products like never before!!
  • Easy one-step integration process with your store. You are just one step away to show up your Instagram feeds to your valuable visitors.
  • Give your visitors real-time Instagram Feeds. Let your visitors feel the aliveness and activeness of your store.

Instagram Feed by SketchThemes is an awesome app which lets you showcase Instagram Feeds on your Store in the easiest way possible. Instagram is a flash of your colorful world, so why not use this platform to make more sales and traffic. Showcase your Instagram Feeds to all visitors and lets them shop for their favorite product.

Is it useful for my store?

Of course yes! It's always a good idea to showcase more products to the customers, so they have more options for shopping. Just connect your Instagram account with the store and the Instagram Feed by SketchThemes app will show all feeds from your Instagram account to the storefront. If you regularly post on Instagram about your products, then simply show that pictures on your store too.

TTake advantage of most popular social sharing platform, Simply integrate and see it's magic!

Whats interesting in this app?

## Hashtags! In this digital world, we all know the power of using hashtags to connect with the global stage. If you want to showcase pictures which are related to some specific topic, Bingo! We do that.

Simply, type the topic name and our smart Feed By Instagram app will fetch pictures related to that hashtags and it will show on the store. Is'nt it great?

Take your creativity to the next level !!

Showing the stock images to your visitors is not enough in the world of Instagram. Show them real-time feeds, right from your Instagram account or from the never-ending Internet by using hashtags.

What are you waiting for? Try our new Feed By Instagram app now and experience overwhelming response of Instagram feeds on your store. Don't forget to show your favorite images by the hashtags.

Instagram Feed by SketchThemes reviews

4 reviews
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only shows up in my preview and the page to contact support shows an error. SUCKS.


It worked fine for a couple of days the started to only show up in the preview of site, no longer showing up on the live site. I Contacted support a few times and had no response.

Support has fixed this issue and seems to be working again. Updated 1 star - 4 stars


Super buggy. It looks nice and is pretty easy to control how the feed would look on the website, but it doesn't even show up on the live site even though I can see it on my preview.

This would be great, if it worked.


Um... horrible set up. I can't use it.


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