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Instant SEO

Instant SEO

Developed by NexGen

14 reviews
Price: Free – $29.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Perform Keyword Research & Optimize for SEO in 1-Click
  • Create Google Ads Directly within your Shopify Admin
  • Increase Organic Traffic & Sales from Google, Yahoo, & Bing


  1. Increase Traffic & Sales

    From Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

  2. Dominate Google Rankings

    This app helps your Shopify store rank your keywords higher on Google search.

  3. Free Video Tutorials ★

    That guide you step-by-step through bulk edits, 301 redirects, and connecting Google AdWords and Webmaster Tools. No SEO experience needed to successfully use this app.

  4. Bulk Edit SEO ★

    Edit products, collections, pages, and blog posts all on one screen. 

  5. Optimize Pages with 1-Click Tool ★

    Your target keyword optimizes the entire page with one click. Optimize pages for SEO in 10 seconds or less as opposed to 20 minutes. 

  6. Keyword Suggestions ★

    With keyword suggestions, view Google AdWords search volumes in real time when you start typing in a target keyword to optimize a page for SEO.

  7. AdWords Management and Ad Creation ★

    Create AdWords ads directly within this app. No need to separately login to your AdWords account anymore! Stay directly within your Shopify admin to create Google ads on the fly. 

  8. Bulk Broken Link Tool ★

    No more broken pages on Google! Repair and fix broken links in bulk with One-Click. This tool communicates directly with Google Webmaster Tools, finds if there are any broken pages on your site, and then it re-directs both customers and Google to the most appropriate: product, collection, page, or blog post. 

  9. Auto-Submit Page Changes to Google ★

    Page changes appear live on Google search within 60 minutes instead of 30-45 days. 

  10. Create a Call to Action ★

    Free Shipping, Brand, and Price bulk edit options for Google search snippets. When someone searches for your products on Google search, you can edit: shipping, brand, pricing, and give your customers a strong call to action right on the initial Google search result that your customers see. 

  11. Google Webmaster Tools Integration ★

    No need to pull up Google Webmaster Tools seperately ever again! Simple setup through the integrated Webmaster Tools interface.

★ = Exclusive to this App

Instant SEO reviews

14 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

Excellent app. We have used this app for 2-3 months now and our keyword rankings have drastically improved. Obviously it was not an overnight thing and it does require a little bit of elbow grease and putting in time, but compared to some of the other apps that we used this app is easy to use and it has increased our organic traffic by 127% and our organic sales by 95%. Thumbs up.


This app has done a lot for my website. Its gotten a lot more traffic with this app the turned into conversions. I was shown this app for the first time and didn't want to be live it. I gave it a try and I'm glad I did. Great job on the app guys


the program does not work correctly. Full errors, no support, cost cosmic, word picking google catastrophic. The program itself is good, but at the moment it does not make any difference. Not working with pages, falsifying the program code ... Word spam. Still need to work and there will be a super program.Did you forget to write that the program is being tested? Beta version ...
Support works, a bit slow :)
This team wants to work :)


We have been working with Martin at Constructive Roots for a few years in the shop's site optimization. Martin is very professional and responsive and has helped us a lot over the years.
We have a large catalog of 11K products and optimization was always a tedious and long task. We used the Instant SEO app for a week working only on collections and pages and saw a 10% increase in that week. This is a great result in such a short time.
If you have broken links, this will affect your ranking. This app does the redirection to your url, so you no longer have broken links producing 404 errors. This used to be a monthly task that has been simplified to a few clicks. The app allows to have all the editable fields open at once. It saves a lot of time and clicking.
So far, we could not be happier with this app!


We sell online downloadable guides, and we have had to troll through using roughly 5-6 apps for SEO and I think that we have finally found one that works well.

This app is easy to use; and I don't feel so confused as was the case with some of the other apps in the app store. Initially we started using some of the free then paid apps, but we have found that you get what you pay for.

This app is Mac and the other apps are Windows. Super enjoy working in this app. You have earned my 5 stars. Will keep on using this one 'til the end of time :)


This app has been vital to boost the Pg. 1 rankings to our Shopify store on Google search! This app is extremely simple to use; and it is much more strategic than some of the other SEO apps that we have used. I love that we can prepare keyword research and optimize our products lightning fast. We know nothing about SEO; and this app is making this complex process super easy. We highly recommend it so far.

We have been trying to rank for some specific keywords for some time now and we have gone from Pg. 2 to Pg. 1 on 5 of our keywords since using this app. Also, our organic sales have really picked up since using this app. Thanks for making such an awesome app!


5 stars, super easy to use. We had our store optimized in no time; and we also are able to manage our Google AdWords campaigns and remarketing through this app directly within our Shopify admin so that is a big plus. Just one less thing to login to as AdWords is really confusing.

I also talked to their support team and it sounds like within the next 1-2 weeks you will be able to manage and create Facebook and Instagram adds through this app. We definitely can not wait for this as we do a ton of business durning Halloween and the holidays, so our social media team is excited for this add-on.

Thanks for the great app. We will definitely recommend this app to any store owner that is clueless about the SEO process. Can't say enough good things about this app,


couldn't connect my adwords account and dind't get any response


If you're new to SEO then this app is going to feel like the best thing since sliced bread! However savvy SEO managers out there will notice, just as we did, that its functionality of adding specific keywords to titles, products, blogs etc etc is way too spammy for current Google requirements.

We used it over the 14 day trial to assess it and gauge any positives. Very disappointing to see our site drop 3 places or more for keywords we had worked so hard to achieve high rankings for, we were penalised almost instantly, which is a clear indicator Google does not like this apps functionality in loading keyword data to your listings.

The app has other functions within, however from an SEO perspective it is dated and lacking anything that would be deemed positive to your website listings.


With our new online store in partnership with Shopify, life was looking good. Using Shopify, creating our online store website was easy and a dream come true. However, trying to learn and do all the things that needed behind the scene to optimize your products and bring your new online Store to the front line of the internet world is not so easy. Especially for the novice online store owner. Taking advantage of Shopify’s partnership with Instant SEO application, we are experiencing rewards with huge timesaving functions. Optimization of our website pages and products, identifying broken links, taking care of 301 Redirects, increasing Organic Traffic and Sales from Google and others, optimization for SEO and keywords research, and creating Google Ads directly within our Shopify Administrative application, all with ease , has improved our world.
The developer of Instant SEO, CONSTRUCTIVE ROOTS is . . . well, Top Notch! They work hard to make sure that their product keeps you from working harder but easier. The Instant SEO application provides you with less complexity, less difficulty, giving you a good product by a great team.
You have suggestions - they listen. About the time you see an issue you would like to have improved or changed in some way, you just might see the next day that an update was done during night that makes you smile.
There are many good software products in this industry. However, good products do not always come with a developer that provides exceptional customer focus, attention to detail and always putting the customer first. When you find these attributes, you have found a GREAT developer. Developer Constructive Roots, with their Instant SEO product, is a GREAT combination. They set the stage that others in the business should follow.

Free – $29.99 / month
7 days


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