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Developed by Intuendi s.r.l.

Price: $149.00 – $999.00 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • Get accurate Demand Forecasting and discover your future sales.
  • Optimize your stock levels and prevent out of stock and excess inventory.
  • Get real-time Purchase Orders Suggestions, powered by Machine Learning.

Smart Decisions for Successful Businesses

Intuendi provides a Machine Learning based solution for an accurate and effortless Demand Forecasting and Inventory Optimization.

Cutting inventory costs while increasing sales is really possible: with Intuendi you can identify your optimal stock levels, know what, when and how much you need to reorder. Maximize your ROI by preventing lost sales and reducing excess inventory.

World-class Inventory and Revenue Forecasting

Do you have to manage a lot of SKUs? Maybe you're searching for something automated and smart. Something that can collect your data and gives you forecasts in few minutes. Something that saves you from endless manual forecasts and from errors.

No need to waste time with poor and tedious forecasting tasks, we'll do it for you. And we'll give you the best: you have to be confident when forecasting your demand, that's why our machine learning engine will guarantee high quality. Few months of sales or long time series, sparse or dense data points, it doesn't matter. Intuendi's demand forecasting puts quality everywhere.

See your units and revenue forecasts by using our multi-level catalog breakdown: categories, products, regions, and channels for a complete overview of your business.

Inventory Optimization

Find the right balance between inventory costs and service level, discover your optimal stock levels and meet your customers’ demand with lower inventory investments.

With our Real-Time Understock Report, we ensure your business always has the right level of inventory at the right time to improve stock availability and prevent out-of-stock.

Intuendi's Overstock Analysis identifies items in overstock: by taking into account future demand, lead times, desired coverage and available stock, Intuendi will raise service levels while reducing your inventory costs.

Inventory Replenishment and Purchase Orders Suggestions

Demand forecasting gives you insights on what is going to happen. Then, our replenishment engine tells you when it's the right time to replenish: take the predictions, mix in lead times, stock on hand, days of coverage and you'll get your purchase orders.

Discover what products need to be re-ordered, know when it’s time to replenish and how much you need to stock in order to prevent lost sales and reduce excess inventory.

Discover how much your categories, products, and channels contribute to your future revenue and make better decisions in order to push your sales.
Forget spreadsheets and poor inventory management tool, your business deserves the best.

The Insights on Your Business You Really Care About

All the inventory information you need at a glance, so you’ll always know how much optimized your stock levels are. See the global understock and overstock status and discover the next steps for growing your business.

The Ready-to-Use Solution for All Businesses

Intuendi is really ready-to-use: we automatically take your data and generate forecasts and purchase orders in a completely automated way.

You don't need to be an expert, and you don't need to pay additional expert fees or setup costs.

Intuendi suits your needs and gives you what you're searching for: high-quality insights and dozens of saved hours.

Forget about lost sales, we take care of your inventory. And of your time.

Premium Support

An innovative and effective solution like Intuendi requires a top level customer service. Our Data Science & Engineering team is available to help and support our customers.

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$149.00 – $999.00 / month

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