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Inventory Source

Inventory Source

Developed by Inventory Source

Price: Free – $49.95 / month More info
  • Expand your Shopify inventory with wholesale drop ship products
  • Automatically loaded and updated in your Shopify store
  • Direct integration with over 80 verified wholesale distributors

What does Inventory Source do?

Inventory Source is the leader in Drop Ship Inventory Management Solutions and can help you sell more and work less.

We provide you with access to some of the largest wholesale distributors, as well as specialty niche suppliers and help you to work DIRECTLY with your wholesale product suppliers.

We monitor the product catalogs from our wholesale distributor network every day and make sure your website is automatically updated with thousands of changes to prices, inventory stock quantities, and new product additions.

We can load the products and images for the products you directly on your Shopify site, and provide you with custom data feed formats updated each day with the information from your wholesale supplier in any structure. Your product data can be managed on multiple websites and marketplaces from multiple product sources automatically.

We have developed simple push-button controls for the newest user to easily control their catalogs and updates, but with features so advanced even the most experienced power seller can improve their business and reduce the time and cost associated with their drop ship product data management on any platform or any marketplace like Google Product Search, Amazon, eBay, Price Grabber, Shopzilla, and more.

In short, we provide you with access to training, tools, suppliers and support to help you grow your business. If there is a product you want to sell and a place you want to sell it, we can help.

Inventory Source reviews (19)


Overall a nice app. Product feed is clean and easy to manage. Except for some product that we know are on the distributors website. But are not in the API stream. But we also haven't requested those individual item which probably could be reworked in. Only true downfall is their are many products with multiple pictures and video and you only get 1 picture. That would be a great improvement. Wish they had better clothing options the. Would open another site for fashion.


Inventory Source is a great service and app. I love working with them. They have made my life so much easier by freeing up time and energy I can devote to other parts of the business. I have 3500 products on my site and Inventory Source makes managing them very simple. Their customer service is great too, helpful and timely. I can't recommend them enough.


This app is excellent and highly professional. Very helpful to me. Also if i have any questions will be answered quickly by the support team. Big salute to this app and support team.


This app has made my life way more manageable. Without them I would have to upload more then 20,000 products myself...and we know that would not happen :)


Good App !
Has allowed me to quadruple my inventory without stressing about updating all of the inventory myself on my site and on other market places !
This also keeps me competitive on pricing as well. Customer service is available through live and chat which is good.


Very professional and fair people to work with.. If you dropship, look no further and start using InventorySource.com. They have been in this busuness more than 15 years.They only charge flat rate per supplier, NOT per 1000 products as with other Shopify apps with hefty overhead cost on your business. I wish I could do 6 star rating for these folks for the skilled job and amount of support they provide to our business.
Hafiez A


easy to use great value


We use them for several streams and everything has been excellent. They have excellent customer service, and quick turn around if help is needed. I would recommend them to anyone looking to simplify their life.


I waited till my first month was over, they use suppliers I would not want to use otherwise, while what they do is done well it won't mean sales.. bottom line the pricing from these suppliers just isn't competitive. More so they left over 33,000 products on y store after i changed from one supplier to another, then when i canceled 5800 more. Shopify said I had to remove manually. $50 for an experience I'll hate forever. If they had quality suppliers who had pricing where one could compete or earn a profit. Product feeds were poor, google shopping reported thousands of errors and warnings. Manually had to be corrected.

All in all. I'm not seeking automation that just caused headaches. I paid till May 6th and they closed my account the 3rd. They stopped performing services required. They have not refunded or given services paid for. Shopify should be ashamed to list them here.


I originally reserved my review until I was able to understand all of their features, use the ones I needed, and experience their customer support so I could offer a well-informed review. Well, I must say that Inventory Source has exceeded my expectations!

You see I'm all about efficiency and the more time I save doing tedious tasks, the more I can devote towards other aspects of establishing my brand. They offer a host of robust features and customization options that I didn't fully appreciate until I found I could use them to save me hours of "manual labor" keeping my survival kit website updated. I swear by their automation services to keep my inventory up-to-date, especially with multiple vendors, which is a huge time-saver since I don't have to rely on vendor emails/update lists and frequent checks to the vendor websites to see if any products are out of stock, new ones added, or prices have changed. I've also grown to appreciate their price control tool and all of its options, which kept me from having to go into every single product and manually adjust base vendor prices (flat amount or percentage markups/discounts, MAP based pricing, minimum/maximum prices...just to name a few). Can you imagine how long that would take if your site had hundreds, or a few thousand SKUs?

By choice, my own customer support questions have always been via email, and the answers to my questions were always courteous and prompt (usually withing a few hours unless I submitted it in the middle of the night). So no problems there. I've also noticed that they've introduced a brand new interface for the back-end of their site which is MUCH more user-friendly than what they had before.

Overall, very deserving of a 5-Star rating.

Free – $49.95 / month

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