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Invoicing with InvoiceXpress

Invoicing with InvoiceXpress

Developed by Think Orange

Price: $1.00 – $35.00 / month More info
  • Save time by automatically invoicing your customers
  • Quick and seamless integration inside Shopify
  • Create invoices and receipts compliant with European legislation

Start invoicing your Shopify Customers

  • Create automatic invoices when orders are paid.

  • Send automatic emails to your customers with download link to pdf documents of their invoice.

  • Integrated with InvoiceXpress, a invoicing solution with, compliant with accounting legislation in the European Union and other countries.

What does it do?

  • Automaticaly create and send invoices when a order gets paid.

  • Customize the message template the email sent to your customers.

  • Create simplified invoices, cash receipts and invoices from your orders.

  • Send a copy of your invoices to any email.

  • Create transport guides from your fulfillments.

  • Supports different currencies. The exchange rate is automatically fetched online.

  • Include VAT registration numbers from your customers.

  • If you are sending invoices from Portugal without VAT, you can set the VAT exempt code.

  • Integrated with your InvoiceXpress account. Taxes, products and customers are automaticaly created from your Shopify Orders. Just give us your API credentials and we take care of the rest.

  • We have SSL Security and Backups Encryption of communications and backup of all your data.All your documents and data sent to and from InvoiceXpress are encrypted with 256-bit encryption, so rest assure your data is safe with us.

How much does it cost?

  • Each business is different so we have 3 options: a pay-per invoice created, a discounted annual fee or a one-time payment. Choose the plan that best suits your business. From prices as low as $0.08 per invoice, up to a max of $35/month.

  • All the updates and customer support are free.

  • Note: It's necessary to create an account at InvoiceXpress in order to create invoices.

What is InvoiceXpress?

InvoiceXpress is a online invoicing software, with a mission to simplify invoicing by providing a great experience to it's customers. Create invoices, quotes, purchase orders, schedules, reminders and manage customers quickly and easily. Note: We are not affiliated with InvoiceXpress in any way.

Invoicing with InvoiceXpress reviews

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App gave an error when trying to create an invoice, I never successfully could create one. Also we had no option to view our invoice with only USD pricing and they kept insisting we provide more information for VAT (that's not a thing here in the US).
When trying to cancel the subscription on both their site and on Shopify, the app was unresponsive and wouldnt load the confirmation page, so I guess we'll see how that plays out.

Very unreliable, glitchy, and hard to use.

$1.00 – $35.00 / month

Trial the app with 25 invoices.

You can pay per created invoice with price as low as $0.08 per invoice to a maximum limit of 35$/month.

We also have a discounted annual plan ($294) and a one-time fee option.

Note: You need a paid InvoiceXpress account, they have subscriptions from 12,5€ a month.



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