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  • List and sell shopify products with bulk product upload on Jet
  • Seamless order import and one step fufillment on Jet
  • Realtime inventory Synchronization


  • Bulk upload products on Jet.com

  • Handle Jet.com’s order from Shopify store

  • Seamless order import and single step fulfillment

Jet-Integration allows you to easily & quickly upload products in bulk on jet marketplace. It enables orchestration of orders, inventories and orders, and enables management of Jet.com orders on Shopify store.

"MAXIMIZE your sales, SELL on Walmart"


  • Synchronizes price and inventory of your Shopify Store with Jet.com

  • Shopify shipping system is customized in accordance with Jet.com.
  • Product listing is synchronized between Shopify & Jet .
  • Merchant can close(Archive) & reopen(Un-Archive) products in bulk on Jet.com.

  • Auto fulfillment with Shipstation and Shipwork

  • Timely free updates to ensure flawless operations and best value for services.

Jet-Integration Benefits

1. Bulk Products Upload

With Jet Integration customize product details as per Jet.com directives and upload bulk products on jet. It avoids custom CSV creation for bulk upload, thus saves time and efforts.Smart Work!

2. Products Custom Pricing

As Jet.com normally charges 12-15% commission ,therefore merchants are free to moderate price (different pricing from shopify store) on Jet.com.
Using Jet-Integration app, easily set prices for each products to be shown on Jet.com.

3. Powerful Synchronization and notification

Get notified immediately through Jet-Integration app for every change that occurs on the store ( change in price, quantity, product title or product description etc) and notification through e-mail is sent for the new order placed through Jet.com.

Why Choose Us ?

1. Personal Account Manager

Once app installed , one of our skilled account manager cum friendly developer will work with you and

  • will make you familiar with jet.com's operations and processes

  • will guide you through Jet API activation process and help you to enable Jet Live API

  • will provide assistance with configuration setting , product critical data , product upload process untill you successfully complete a live order

  • in simple words , we extend our support untill you start flying with Jet.com

2. Our Dedicated Support

  • Quick new upgrades once new updates/features are dispatched by Jet.com.

  • Got queries ? support team just a mail away click here

  • Start instant chat by adding our skype id live:cedcommerce

Required Product Details

  • Unique SKU for all products and for all it's variants

  • Product type for all products

Impressed!!, try it FREE FOR 30 DAYS.

Mobile App

In our quest to impart quality service to our beloved clients, we have launched the Cedbridge app – for Android & iOS. This app enables you to get ALL the information – regarding the performance of your Shopify Store products on Jet.com, Walmart.com and other marketplaces – critical to the seamless functioning of your business on-the-go. Monitoring becomes easier. Power to you!

Jet-Integration reviews (32)


I have been using the jet integration for about 2 months now. CedCommerce has done a great job in helping me to get up and running + continuing to make enhancements to their app. The app works well and I would recommend others try it out.


I am very impressed with this app. It's allowed us to sell on Jet.com which surprisingly has brought us quite a few new orders daily. Their support is also very responsive.


If you use Amazon fulfillment service, don't waste your time on this app. IT DOESN'T WORK!!! They said it is amazon's problem, and ask me to contact amazon....Then why should I pay monthly fee.
Here is the problem.
When Jet has an order, they can acknowledge and place an order to shopify store. BUT it won't be fulfilled by amazon automatically even you already set up everything. You will need to manual fulfill it. They cannot fix this problem. Customer service is so bad. I asked for refund, then never reply me message.


this is the 3 rd time i leave 1 start review since i was force to remove or they will not service the account, this time it be left for good
what i wrote earlier was nothing to what happened to me later, they failed acknowledging few of my orders on time, jet emailed me several times and than on November 14 they took me off jet , i was not aware of that till 11/25, cedcoomerce, never took responsibility and blame it on me, while the manager at at jet told me that , this was the result , and when they found the reason they put my account back up, while my product stayed on cedcommerce as archived , i had to beg them to fix it, i lost over 5K for this period with jet sales
i take all the blame on me since i should have left from day one, EVERYTHING they stated was a lie, nothing was true, (see below) most customers that using them is because of the "CHEAP PRICE" what a price i paid to save moeny, i could have been with channel advisor for 6 months
i am not here to promote another app, however there is an app that i moved to and from 2300 that i was listed with this company , they managed to increase it in a matter of 3 days to 4000 skues and with walmart from 4900 to 11,000 skue live , do not go near them unless you selling 2-3 item a month


original i gave 2 start , than when things start going worse and change it to 1
at this point they start answering my replies right away , the whole time they was pressuring me to change my review , saying if i don't , thire people will not be motivated to help , i changed it 4, since i saw they are really tring to fix the problem, after i changed my review , the problem got worse , they promised inventory sync to every 15 min , i found out it was not true, they said yes they had to change it to once every hour since it was too much load on thire server, after that i found out that its being synced twice day ????? many of my products still not listed on jet and walmart , they keep saying i ahve problem with my variant, or i have issues with no UPC, and its all worng i changed prices on uggs that i had i on sale 2 months ago , till now they keep being sold at the old price , losing over few hundred dollar , great cheap app if you selling 1-2 products a week, keep in mind ist not 24/7 support the way they claim its more like wait till we feel like answering you, they have an attitude as well , if you dare being upset, if i could put 0 i would


They keep asking me to put a good review. I did for exchange for getting better customer service.
below was my past review ( i am here to say that the APP does not works at its best and the customer service is very bad they do not follow up with you with any tickets. They are based in india they do not have any phone customer service and they always pass you around saying someone else will help ( NO one helps to get your products on jet.com correctly )
Negative 5 Star all the way. This people DO not look after you and your company are not willing to go the Extra Mile to make sure that everything works file with the APP.
The Customer Service is NOT excellent good luck getting your product life on JET.com correctly


Great support, app is still evolving but gets the job done. Support got back to me very quickly through the chat within the app its self.
(Highly recommended over emailing them and waiting for a response).

Had a few issues with orders not getting acknowledged in time and support took care of it and updated the app. Orders are processing just fine, products have been setup properly, and business is flowing. You'll definitely need patience in the initial setup process to make sure you're following every step carefully, but it's worth it and working fine for us in the end.

FYI - There was a comment about being approved by Jet before setting up, that is correct, you have to apply within Jet.com to be a seller, submit all of the company documentation necessary to be approved, then receive a final approval with your partner credentials that you will use within the Jet Integration App to complete the setup.

Hope this review helps others experiencing difficulty.


HORRIBLE! They act like they are Jet but they are not and when there is a problem they refer you to Jet but do not give you Jet contact information.
I set it all up and then you get instructions on how to manually (yes you have to be a programmer) set Jet up in this app. But no one tells you that JET needs to approve you first. So you try to log in and set it up and nothing works... cannot log in, you write to them they give you run a round. BUT NO ONE TELLS YOU THAT JET NEEDS TO APPROVE YOU FIRST AND THAT IS WHY YOU CANNOT LOG IN. HORRIBLE!


So far this app has been a 2 star in that it still has a lot of bugs that need to be worked out. Before they move on to other functionalities they need to make sure whatever they have works right now. I will update my review depending on how well they are able to solve my issues.


I am changing my rating to a 5 star. My reason is this: I have over 3000 products and every issue I have has been answered, whether it is theirs or Jets. I use apps all the time, I am a developer and never have this type of support. Support is what makes an application and these guys are the best! Their app just works and that's what an app should do. Thank you guys!
Original rating:
Love this app. Support is very responsive. App is easy to navigate and easy to use once you learn it. The learning curve is not that steep since support will work with you all the way, even using Skype to walk you through. Since the beginning they have resolved a lot of issues and are continuing to work on making this a much better application. Still a few issues on import/exporting feeds but they have been working on that to smooth it out. Otherwise I would give it a 5.


These guys are simply amazing! They are in it with you all through the process. They are easy to get a hold of and always looking to resolve your issues within a short period. I'll keep using this software and taking advantage of their amazing support team

Free – $30.00 / month
30 days

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