JITBU: Bulk edit products

JITBU: Bulk edit products

by Stock Sync

Bulk edit product title, description, price, tag, etc

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Time Save with Bulk Edit

Bulk edit or update product title, bulk edit price, compare at price and more of your products in minutes.

Bulk Edit with Schedules

Arrange or plan to run the bulk edit task at a particular date and time.

Fully customizable

Bulk edit products exactly how you want it to be. Add or update multiple fields to edit for every task.

About JITBU: Bulk edit products

Our Philosophy

You know how seeing a store having a sale with different promotions for different products for a short period of time and it goes back to normal the next day? JITBU creates the same dynamic on your Shopify store.

Managing a store with thousands of products should be an easy and quick task.

How it Works

JITBU allows you to bulk edit all products or certain products by adding filters to a task. You can then add multiple fields to be edited in a single task.

Feature Highlights

  • Discount price by percentage. eg. 10% or 25% discount for specific products based on the filters.
  • Filter products to edit by collection, description, product type, price, quantity and many more. You can also apply multiple filters to specify the products to edit.
  • Most product details can be bulk edited. Such as description, product type, tags, title, cost, price, vendor and many more.
  • Multiple edits for each task making it less hassle creating multiple tasks for a single event.
  • Schedule tasks to bulk edit products on a specific date or time according to the event.
  • Adding attributes to the fields
  • After your campaign is complete, you can rollback the changes back to the original price, title or such.


While there are competitors that provide the same feature, we guarantee the most robust features for bulk editing products.

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Free to install

$0.01 per credit, for each edit. Free 1,000 products edit

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