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Kai by ZipThunder - Product Recommender

Kai by ZipThunder - Product Recommender

Developed by ZipThunder

5 reviews
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  • Spark a conversation. Use chat interface to proactively connect with shoppers and discover individual preferences.
  • Redefine personalization. Suggest products specific to each shopper's unique desires--a more powerful, personalized approach.
  • Sell more. Targeted product queries deliver relevant results and decrease the amount of time shoppers spend searching.

Engage customers directly from your store

Catering to a wide range of customers is essential for any online store. ZipThunder's chat widget cuts through customer variety and interacts with shoppers in a familiar format while adopting an improved approach. Using existing product data, ZipThunder initiates a conversation by asking questions similar to a salesperson at a traditional brick and mortar establishment.

Recommend relevant products

Unless your store is using individual customer data from previous purchases, product recommendations aren’t personalized, they’re aggregated, big data indicators of shopping trends. ZipThunder's product suggestions are personalized to customers and vastly superior to store-tailored product recommendations.

Enhance mobile experience

Chatbots engage users, generate leads, and promote sales, especially on mobile. ZipThunder's product personalization method surpasses traditional search/navigate options by utilizing a targeted Q&A format. Enable customers to search and shop for products intuitively on mobile.

Free to use

Install RISK FREE and discover the true value of ZipThunder. Now, your store can harness the immense potential of chatbot technology!

Kai by ZipThunder - Product Recommender reviews

5 reviews
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Awesome App. Very easy to install and customize, moreover its free. Thank you for making this great app.


This by far is one of the best apps that is available. In my experience chatbots are more hype than they are worth. This one is totally different. It is a break out star. It simplifies the whole process of navigating through a customer's desires which change on the fly. It recommends product categories, followed by price ranges, then products. It guides the customer toward what they want without fast overly complicated sales pitches and increases the chances he or she will make the purchase. Make your entire catalog of products searchable and get this app now!!!


I simply love this app. It's so neat it reveils products with a touch of a button. Its accurate on the products chosen. It doesn't take up much space on my website. Its mobile friendly. It gives price choices to search with products. And gives customers the option to go directly to product that was searched. And free. It's new so not many sites have it yet I feel like I have made a discovery. Simply love it.


Neat chatbot. Provides a unique way to find products.


Awesome product. Really helped take people down a path and improved my conversion immediately. Thanks!


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