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Price: $34.95 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Know your customers by automatically tracking a visitor's behavior from arrival through to purchase and even order cancellations/refunds!
  • Improve sales by knowing the products that are typically getting removed from your customers' carts
  • Know exactly when to send a follow up email by understanding the average time between sales for your repeat buyers


The onboarding of our e-commerce clients is indescribably easier with this app. Jim took the hardest part of the process and automated it in a way we can sell and trust.

- Derek Skaletsky, Head of Product and Customer Success, Kissmetrics


This app works beautifully! It's truly plug and play which doesn't require any modifications and pushes through all of the most important events and properties into Kissmetrics. You can tell these guys put a lot of thought into building this app!

- Mike Deiure

Why does Kissmetrics endorse this app?

Watch the August 2017 webinar now!

  • Simplicity: Simply enter your API Key from your Kissmetrics account and you're done! Kissmetrics suggests using this app on their support page and include this app on their integrations list because it makes getting started so easy!

  • Resiliency: Even when Kissmetrics has an outage, your event tracking is not lost and will be retried for up to 24 hours!

  • History: Optionally import your historical data to Kissmetrics to start using Kissmetrics reports to get insight immediately! First 200 historical orders free - contact us for additional history import prices.

Works automatically with Multipass!

When your customers are automatically logged in to their Shopify account via Multipass, their Kissmetrics session is automatically tracked to their multipass ID!

Integrate a 3rd party with Shopify and Kissmetrics!

We've already worked with other merchants to integrate with the following 3rd party services:

How can Kissmetrics help your shop?

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No more need for expensive and laborious custom implementations!

Using Kissmetrics will help you answer:

  • Average cart size.

  • Conversion rate for certain sales.

  • What each customer did while on your shop.

  • Where and why your customers are getting confused.

  • What products cause the most frequent drop-offs in your funnels.

  • What products are added but then removed before checkout.

  • Track every step DURING the checkout process!

  • How many times a customer visits your shop before purchasing.

  • Much more!

Extremely easy to integrate!

You can immediately start tracking and sending all the important data in the right way according to the Kissmetrics suggested best practices. This data includes:

  • Every visitor to your site.

  • Which domains send you traffic.

  • The search terms and engines that people use.

  • Ad campaigns using UTM parameters.

  • Who views what products, when.

  • Who adds a product or removes one from a their cart.

  • Who used a discount code.

  • The contents of a purchase and the total price.

  • Order cancellations and refunds including totals refunded.

  • Revenue is tracked automatically.

  • Customer sign ups (if your store supports accounts)

  • Something missing? Need help? Contact us!

Easy to customize!

Have a super unique addition you need to Kissmetrics? This integration allows you to customize the Kissmetrics scripts. It also allows you to blacklist certain URLs that you would like excluded from Kissmetrics tracking! This helps mitigate how many events you trigger and gives you more control over your data!

This app makes integrating Kissmetrics functionality onto your shop extremely convenient. Instead of having to mess with theme files, or paying hundreds of dollars for a developer to do it for you, simply copy and paste the API Key you get from Kissmetrics and save! If you ever want to remove the Kissmetrics tracking code from your shop, simply uninstall the app!

After installing this app, you will be able to paste your Kissmetrics API Key (found in your Kissmetrics settings) in the form provided in your shop admin at "/apps/kissmetrics". You can also add custom Kissmetrics scripts for additional events beyond the list above. It can take between 2 to 6 hours for Kissmetrics analytics data to begin showing up in your account.

This Kissmetrics integration is not built or maintained by Kissmetrics. Although this integration is approved and endorsed by Kissmetrics, the app developer is not liable for data inconsistencies due to the varied nature of each unique shop. Please contact the app developer for support.

Kissmetrics reviews

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Jim and his team implemented the Shopify to Kissmetrics sync on the weekend on a tight timeline when we needed it. Thanks team!


Thank you for fixing my customer service issue


This app is truly helpful ! Thank you !


So far this app has exceeded expectations. We were particularly impressed with the help with implementation. Jim actually imported over 18 months of data and even activated in the app. The support and help is very refreshing.

Mark S
Gld, llc


Integration was very simple and Customer Service was amazing.


Seamless integration. Great support. Invaluable metrics.


Beyond easy to install, and the funnel functionality is simply fantastic.


Great, seamless integration with kissmetrics, plus superb customer service. Not only does the app work exactly as stated, but when we had a question about installation, the developer audited our site and installed for us. Of course you can build your own integration of kissmetrics, but when this one works so well, why would you? Kissmetrics even recommended that we install the app instead rolling our own. After seeing the app's performance plus the customer service, we now know why.


Great plugin, Jim is great and always there to help. Great support!


Super easy to integrate, and Jim will help you get any customizations you need set up. If you're going to use KISSmetrics, adding the FiveThrive plugin is a no-brainer.

$34.95 / month

Price includes:

  • Kissmetrics endorsed full integration with Kissmetrics.

  • Import historical data so your Kissmetrics trial is instantly useful (first 200 historical orders free!)

14 days




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